Uhhhh… Yemenites?

So, someone from Yemen hacked into my Facebook page today, which would be cool and all, except it’s not cool and if you’re reading this right now, stealer of identities from Yemen… BACK AWAY… I’m a woman and I have hormones… and there’s not a piece of chocolate for miles!  If I replied to one of your posts with a weirder than I normally am weird saying, I apologize… blame the Yemenite!

In the meantime and due to lack of any form of brain function… a few things I found funny/inspiring…

Just so you all know how they lost weight back in the olden days.  It’s kind of like how we do it today, except with soap.  I wonder how this smelled… like sweaty cheese curds?  Wet dogs in a blanket?  Either way, I like to be clean and I like to reduce fat, so this stuff is right up my alley.

Another reason me and Maxine are long lost sisters of a different mister!  Also, family… I rest my case!

Crabby is the new awesome!


To end this sloppily put together post…  Lindsay stayed over at the house a few weeks back… she had to get her hair did the next morning.  She is the only one who allows animals to sleep next to her in the bed.  I don’t touch that with a 200000000-foot pole.  A few minutes after she shut the lights out, I hear a scream… and then Lindsay yelling at me to come and get this cat off of her.  Apparently, any time Lindsay would move her feet underneath the covers, Lucy-Fur would attack them like she was a Mountain Lion hunting gopher babies.  I did not rescue her… instead I went to get my camera.  That’ll teach you people to let animals in your bed!  For serious!  Lucy-Fur… you got some splaining to do!



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5 responses to “Uhhhh… Yemenites?

  1. Avster

    ha ha ha! I have a cat who does that- in the middle of the night!

    I can think of one person who would hack into your account…

  2. kittywampus

    I was wondering why you kept insulting my shoes. My shoes are not ugly!

  3. Love the post! I’ll bet Lindsay got a great night’s sleep 🙂

  4. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    LOL too cute.
    I loved it when Lucy would POUNCE the moving bumps under the covers…{giggling}

    We used to have a cat that loved to pounce & attack & bite your hands or feet while watching tv under the blanket. Her eyes would get all big like she was hunting.
    Once she tired of the game for the night….If you poked your foot out from under the blanket ( barefoot ) she would lick your toes. TICKLED SOO BAD

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