Hermie Burger…

First things first… I just wanted to clarify Monday’s post.  Rereading it made me convulse into a pile of embarrassment.  It sounded like I think I’m in “shape.”  Oh, helium balloons NO!  Sometimes I get to jabbering without the use of my brain and don’t explain things correctly.  What I meant when I said “conditioned” is that at least now when I bend over to tie my shoes I don’t need a defibrillator and CPR.  So, better than fit to sit on a couch is “more conditioned” than I was.  There… that makes me feel better.  You know I’d still faint at the first sign of run a mile in middle school PE.

Mooooving on!  Bwahahahaha… that will be more funny the further we get into this post… but first you will all need to get drunk and comatose.

Since I became vegatable-inarian nearly 3 years ago, I have not eaten a hamburger.  Not a cheeseburger or a bacon burger or a triple lard and lard sauce burger… absolutely ZERO burgers.  Which is totally fine because for years before that, I’m pretty sure they had to slaughter a heifer a day just to keep me in the fast food burgers.  I was putting the Mickey D big wigs on the map!  That doesn’t mean I haven’t craved a burger here and there… certainly not very often… and certainly not very much since the whole pink slime fiasco came to light… seriously!?!?!?  Slime!?!?!?   I’ve tried a few different varieties of the frozen veggie burgers and the bean burgers to try and make up for that craving… and blech to all of them… though that was a few years ago, and my taste buds have certainly expanded some since then.  I eat vegetables on a daily basis now for crying outloud.  For those not familiar with a garden/veggie burger.  Basically, someone takes a bunch of vegetables mushes them up into a ball and then flattens them out… voila… instant burger.  That sounds so much more appealing than slime… er… okay, not the way I just described it!

Saturday afternoon, we headed to the newest restaurant in town for lunch.  If you lived in Cache Valley, you would totes understand the excitement that surrounds a new restaurant.  We just don’t have that many nonchain, unique restaurants to choose from.  For that you’d have to go to the big city… and there certainly aren’t many vegetarian options around this place… thus the reason I only eat out on Saturdays.  What I can make at home is so much better than my choices around these parts.  I know… y’all can’t believe it due to my cooking non-prowess, but it be the truth!

What was I saying?  Oh yes… the new restaurant… It’s called Herm’s Inn and is located down on the “Island”.  Herm’s isn’t that appealing of a name for a restaurant.  It might be okay for like a gas station or a lawn and feed store… ooo… or a pet store.  Hermit the Hog is totes the owner!

First Chance for Great Food… we’ll see about that!  This place is only open for breakfast and lunch, so of course we showed up 10 minutes before closing time.  Who closes at 2:00?  I was surprised that the menu had so many vegetarian options… and a little bit in heaven.  The first thing I saw was the Garden Burger… and despite the fact that I had had no success in the past with Garden Burgers, I ordered it anyway… telling myself that I’d just pick the burger off and eat the vegetables and the bun if I hated it.

Success!!  I actually really enjoyed it… and no it was not just because it had cheese on it.  It was genuinely pretty tasty.  I’ve found my place to get a hamburger fix.  Hermit the Hog, tell Kermie I said hi.

Question of the Day:  Where’s your favorite place to get a burger  Have you ever eaten a garden or bean burger?  What did you think?  Any suggestions of places with good ones? 



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19 responses to “Hermie Burger…

  1. Whitney, that photo is amazing! Are you a professional photographer? If not, could you be missing your calling?

    I eat all kinds of food and I am not at all picky… I like almost anything and I’m not a really good judge of tastes… I’m so bad with tastes, that I have a hard time telling if a soda is diet or not, or even if it’s Dr. Pepper vs. cola… let alone Pepsi vs. Coke!

    • It was totally a lucky shot!

      Man… I need some of your nonpicky eating genes! Seriously. I have the pickiest taste buds… but I’m learning to be less picky! Hope your finger is doing okay!

  2. Natalie

    Now if I can find a favorite burger place again! Your place is a little too far!

  3. Avster

    Kill a heifer for hamburger? You city slickers are funny.

    As one who works at a restaurant, I can assure you how frustrating it can be some days when people come in ten to two. 😉

    My favorite place to get a burger is home. Because my father raises *steers* we have our own beef. When you raise your own beef you really don’t want to order beef when eating out because it just does not taste real.
    As for the veggie burger… I don’t know… it sounds kind of gross, but could probably be interesting.

    • We city slickers eat anything we can scrape off the road… and that you can tie a bow around!

      As for coming in at 10 to 2… I think it was more like 12 to 2… 😛 JOKES! We gave them a good 30 to 45 minutes.

      Homegrown beef would be how I would go if I ever ventured back to beef land!

  4. cl2

    I’ll have to try the place out this week–but it won’t be a vegie burger. I haven’t ever had a vegie burger.

    What I find interesting is some friends of mine live in SLC and they come up here to eat at the unique restaurants. They say nothing compares to Cafe Sabor. I used ot love Copper Mill, but they aren’t as good as they used to be. I like Elements–the sweet potatoes! And I used to like Iron Gate Grill when they had that wonderful broccoli salad! They aren’t the same anymore since they moved.

    • The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill!! That’s funny. I haven’t been to Iron Gate since they moved. I went a couple of times when they were in that building our office is in, but never since. Glad to know I’m not missing much.

      I have only ever had the salad bar at Copper Mill.

  5. jen

    I am glad you found a good burger. Everyone tells me the veggie burgers at the hospital cafeteria are good. I don’t dare try one yet.

  6. dessawade

    I really like In and Out Burger for a good old fashioned hamburger. I don’t mind veggie burgers at all.

  7. That looks super yummy! I would very happily eat that right now!

  8. Deanna

    I eat meat, but I have tried a few faux meat products in an effort to reduce the amount of meat that I eat. I have had the Black Bean burger by Morning Star. I actually really liked it. I am not overly picky about food though, so unless it’s plastic I am usually content. 🙂

    • LOL!!! Pass me over some of those nonpicky genes of yours! I tried the black bean burger a few years back and didn’t like it. I’m going to have to try it again since my tastes have “matured”.

  9. Jacque

    So my new burger fix is Five Guys. I ask them for no bun and load it with grilled onions and mushrooms. They wrap the whole thing in a bunch of lettuce leaves. It’s a little bit of heaven for about 260 calories. That’s my new splurge.

  10. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Question of the Day: Where’s your favorite place to get a burger Have you ever eaten a garden or bean burger? What did you think? Any suggestions of places with good ones?

    I don’t have a favorite place to get a burger because if I go out to eat, I want almost anything BUT a burger. I purposely don’t go to burger joints.

    We grew up with fresh home – raised beef & pork.
    We still raise our own beef and we are going to be hatching some chickens next month as a school project and we will raise and butcher them also.

    Beef and pork patties when ordered out just don’t taste the same. They don’t actually have much flavor and that is why they load so much stuff on them and add so much sodium etc…

    I have not eaten a garden or bean burger.
    I have tried a veggie-hot ( a meatless hot dog ) and it was like rubber.

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