I Was Going To…

So, I was going to write a post about how I went on a walk/jog last Friday evening.  I was going to, but I’m too tired.

I was also going to tell you about how while on my walk/jog I found a penny… and it made me smile but I left it on the ground for the next person to smile about.  I was going to, but I’m exhausted.

And then, I was going to tell you about how when I was walking/jogging I passed a group of kids with butterfly nets, fishing moss out of the pond.  I was going to, but I don’t really feel like it.

But then I was going to tell you about how when I was jogging, my too-big-for-my-britches pants fell down and my feet got tangled in the pant fabric and I tripped and went nearly flailing face first onto the sidewalk, but instead I caught myself and pretended it was on purpose… my jiggling move of the hour.  I was going to tell you that, but eh…

I would have told you about how when I was on my walk/jog after I nearly killed myself with the fabric of my pants, in the momentum of the near fall my shoe strap broke and my shoe went flailing across the sidewalk with nothing to hold it in place.  I was going to tell you about that, but…

I was also going to tell you about how when I was on my walk/jog after nearly killing myself with my pants’ fabric and flailing my shoe across the sidewalk, I had to limp all the way back home because I had on one rocking horse shoe with a super thick sole and one sock with a not-so-super-thick-sole… and people driving by most likely thought I was some one-shoed transient wearing a diaper.  I was going to tell you all that, but you know the drill.

Basically, the moral to all of this non-story non telling:  smile at pennies and butterfly moss and for goodness sakes… whatever you do…  don’t wear pants and don’t wear shoes… they only cause grief, pain, and transientness.  I think I made that pretty clear.

I was going to tell you all happy weekend… so… HAPPY WEEKEND!!  And thanks for being my transient pals.


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11 responses to “I Was Going To…

  1. Avster

    I was going to tell you that Ursula was on the loose, but I was afraid it would frighten you.

    So… since you found a penny and didn’t pick it up does that mean that all day you’ll have bad luck? 😉

    Sounds like an ordeal, but I’m glad that the requiem with the pavement doesn’t sound as brutal as the last time.

  2. cl2

    Did you really fall??? Now please tell me your pants didn’t fall down!!! I fall all the time–so I know how much fun it is to do so! I fell at a rest stop on the way to Colorado in early March. I was carrying my 5-1/2 pound dog and tripped on an edge of a sidewalk that was uneven. A bunch of semis were parked there sleeping or something–and I hope nobody saw me. I tried to catch my balance for about 10 forward running steps and then fell. I was able to reposition my dog in that much time. It was like a slow-motion nightmare.

    So–I realized after I read your blog yesterday–did you lose 40 pounds over the winter!!!!! Way to go! How much have you lost now and how far to go (if you don’t mind sharing). I need to get with it!!

    • Oh no, Colleen!! I’m glad you didn’t get hurt too much when you fell… although it’s always a cut to the ole pride bone! My pants didn’t fall all the way down, but they fell far enough to get tangled up into… I have a special talent!

      Re: the 40 pounds… not over the winter but at least that much since this time last year… it’s a slower loss for sure, but I’ll take every ounce I can get! I’m at 241 pounds lost and about 105 or so to go.

  3. jen

    Funny stories Whitney. Especially the pants one. Hopefully you found new ones that fit better.

  4. Thanks for the laugh today Whitney! I needed it 🙂

    We’re in between houses currently – half here and half there. And the kids are out for spring break. As much as I would love to be able to say that they are great helpers when it comes to moving – it would be a total lie. Hopefully we can get things done faster next week…

    And my beloved racquetball racquet broke today! Do you hear me crying? You live close enough that you might if you listen real close. The stupid snowstorm we’re having might make it harder to hear me though – I’m sure there are other people crying today too. The upside is that I think it might still be under warranty – I’ll be investigating that one soon.

    Hope you have a super weekend! And I’m soooo glad you got your computer fixed! I sorely missed reading your posts!

    • Taralee… I did not know that you guys were moving! How stressful… is it still somewhere in North Logan? Sending you speedy moving thoughts… it always feels better to be all the way done rather than the confusion of being between 2 places!

      And what a crappy racquet!! Does it not understand that it’s main gig is to hit things and stay intact! I’m crossing my fingers for that warranty. That seems like something that should NOT break… EVER! Snow was not on my happy Friday list at all… but I guess I’m glad it melted.

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    I see you haven’t yet replaced those britches of yours…

    Me? Well, yes I did just get my order of new warm-weather workout tops and shorts! I got 4 tank tops – two are blue, one purple and one pink.
    The shorts you ask? Well they are gray, black and navy.
    They go really well with my newish bright gray & pink walking/jogging/Zumba tennis shoes.

    Glad to hear you got Rumpita out of storage and are giving her some quality time.

    I got my TURBOFIRE program delivered today. I have been waiting….and waiting.

    Have a happy Easter, sweetie and God Bless.

    • LOL, Louisa… you would be right on that!

      How fun that you got your new workout gear for summer! I think it’s a total workout boost when you have something new to wear while doing it. And yay for Turbofire! You’ll have to let us know what you think!

      Happy Easter to you too!

  6. Well, bless your heart!

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