The Blimp That Ate Easter…

I’ve blogged previously about having trouble with my weekend eating routine and/or pretty much any day I do something out of the ordinary.  Out of the ordinary includes anything that doesn’t happen on a regular routinely daily basis (i.e., wake up, go to work, exercise, make and eat dinner, have a conniption fit, injure myself in some shape or form, knit whilst watching TV, bust a move, shower, write a blog and edit pictures and pick my nostrils, etc., etc., etc.)   So, when a wrench is thrown into that routine, I fall apart at the eating seams.  Usually it’s the voices up in my head telling me that it’s a special occasion… you’re going to the DMV… eat craptastically.

Madre says I need to be more flexible… plans don’t always need to be in place.  I’m big on plans, though… it’s how I live my life of late.  I think I’m afraid that if I don’t have a plan, things will slowly unravel until one day I’ll wake up weighing 500 pounds again and having to hire a hand truck to get myself out to the car.  So, I plan.  I plan my day out to the hour.  I sit down on Saturday or Sunday night and I plug in a week’s worth of meals in my MFP database.  I plan when I’m going to exercise, what I’m going to do, how long I’m allowed to do it, when I’m going to cook (I never plan for the recipe preparation estimate… I always end up doubling that estimate… always!).  It’s a ridiculous process and yet, when the plan falls apart, so do I.

As is proven on the weekends.  It’s impossible to plan for the weekends because there is no routine and it would be ridiculous to make a routine because weekends are supposed to be chill and laid back… not regimented and Army-like.  Slow the flow, you psychotic broad. This past week and weekend I felt particularly out of control.  Thursday evening I went to Salt Lake City (will blog about the happenings on another less psychotic day) and because that put a wrench in my carefully planned schedule, I ate like a turd rocket that night.  I’m not exactly sure what a turd rocket is, but I’m pretty sure I ate like one.  Eh… special occasion… pig the crimeny pants out.  Then came Friday and Saturday and Sunday with visitors and more pigging and less keeping track of said pigging.  Slap a snout on me and call me Wilbur.  It’s just an out of control feeling and I do not like it.  Not one bit.  I know for a fact I have a stick lodged so far up my patookus, they’d need to do surgery to remove the sucker… and sadly I feel a lot more secure with that stick in place.  Which at the same time is so stupid.  Socialness is something that I need to do on occasion (and I do do it), but I feel it comes at a cost to my “lifestyle change” and I feel like I’m constantly having to start fresh each time I am social.  Ridiculous, right?  My stick agrees…

Question of the Day:  Are you a planner?  How do you deal with a break in routine?


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17 responses to “The Blimp That Ate Easter…

  1. Natalie

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could replant in our heads “special occasion food” instead of “special occasion to pig out on food”? Husband keeps trying to plant the pig out voice in the little girl. Or the eat in front of the TV voice. It’s hard to replace!

  2. Avster

    Me? Plan? Um… yee-ah, somewhat. I don’t mind something interruption the schedule if it’s an understandable interruption… :b

  3. jen

    I am like you. I am a planner. I like schedules and routines and struggle with spontaneity. I am learning to relax because Cruz hasn’t been sticking to any form of schedule lately. Just when I think I have it figured out, everything changes.

  4. Yes, I like plans and rules too! I like black and white, clean and clear. However, I’m learning that in order to recover, I need to learn to broaden my parameters and take comfort in a bit of flex within them. It’s a learning process. 🙂

    • Definitely a learning process… and unfortunately as long as they keep requiring we eat food to stay alive, I’m thinking it’s one that’s going to be sticking around my house for a lifetime!

  5. Jenalee

    I’m the exact same way! I go way overboard on weekends and I’m just terrible when it’s a holiday. Right now I’m trying to eat all of the Easter candy, so I can get it out of my house.

  6. Deanna

    I am exactly the same Whitney! I am an over-planner that handles social situations that include food terribly. I almost always overeat, by A LOT and then feel guilty about it. I wish I could change my feelings about the entire situation too – like, why do I overeat? Even if I do enjoy the food, why do I then beat myself up about it?

    Same here – this is why I plan every bite far in advance. Wrenches in these plans always lead to trouble for me.

    • We are totally twinsies, Deanna! I do the same thing you do, overeat and then even if I enjoyed it, beat myself up about it. It’s a vicious circle! Ugh… one of these days we’ll find that happy medium!

  7. I am soooo not a planner. If you asked me what I was making for dinner right now, I would say, “I don’t know—it’s like 2 hours away.” However, I still have a problem with eating out of control on holidays. I use the holiday as my excuse to make all the yummy things I can think of, and then of course I have to eat them all. 🙂

    • I need to be more like Alena… so I’m going to need you to come and visit and teach me your ways of flying by the seat of your pants! For serious. Also, we are totally the same with the holiday eating. They made holidays to eat fattening food, didn’t they?

  8. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomOfTwo

    Yes, I am a planner.
    I am not quite as much of a planner as you are, Whitney when it comes to my MFP food diary.
    I am a planner in other ways though. What we were all wearing to Easter brunch. What time we had to leave to get there in time ( 3hrs away ).
    Snacks and water that we needed to take in the vehicles etc.
    I did give it some thought as to how best to approach Easter brunch and I did real well staying with protein, fruit, and veggies.
    Stayed away from all carbs ( potatoes, rice, rolls, pastries ).
    I did let myself indulge in a piece of Death By Chocolate Cake without any guilt b/c I knew we would be doing some serious calorie burning moving boxes and loading the trailers at the farm, after brunch.
    I started my TurboFire program today and it was KICK BUTT.
    I am hoping to see some real changes not only in weight but inches with this program.

    • Big high fives, Louisa! Way to go on planning your brunch eating in advance. I need to do that more often when I know it’s coming up… now how to figure out the spontaneous things that pop up!! Yay for liking Turbofire… you’re going to get buff!

  9. Susan

    Hi, my name is Susan and I’m a planner! What are my 12 steps? Hubby and I went away to the lake on Saturday. I had already looked at the menu for the restaurant at the lodge and picked my dinner for Saturday night and my breakfast on Sunday. I find that planning those meals helps me to avoid sudden urges for fried chicken or French toast.

    But when we arrived at said lodge, the restaurant is closed for “the season.” Hello…this is Texas….we don’t really do seasons. Okay, we do (ice, hail, Good grief it’s hot, and it’s hot) but not enough to close a restaurant. Anyway, on Saturday night, I found myself in tiny Pilot Point, TX with choices such as Sonic and Church’s chicken. Fortunately, I had a power bar and some fruit in my bag just in case…..

    I try really hard to make good choices regardless of the situation, but there are those days when it is tough.

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