The Mark of the “Z” and His Star-Studded Cast…

Thursday evening of last week we headed down to the big city of Salt Lake City to check out a US premiere musical at the Hale Centre TheatreZorro, The Musical!  For those who’ve been summering with the Amish… Zorro is obvs the baddest sword-yielding dude wearing all black in all the land.  Apparently, the show has played in England and for some odd reason we little folk here in Utah happened to buy the rights to premiere the musical in the US.  Watch out New Yorkians… Utah is totally the new Broadway… except with less alcohol in our beverages.

The Hale Centre Theatre from the outside at night.  It was a beautiful building.

I’d never been to a production at the Hale Theatre before… heck, I didn’t even know the place existed!  Sue me and then take away my geekical (musical geek) card.  It was a pretty cool theater because it was on the smallish side, so it gave it an intimate feel and I was totally able to get a big ole whiff of the pervasive stench of body odor wafting through the corridors… dead serious… I thought for sure the dude in front of me forgot to wear his Lady’s Speed Stick, but then Lindsay said she could smell it 3 seats down, so I’m pretty sure it was a group of folk who forgot the Old Spice.  Blame it on my sensitive smeller.

The theater in the round.  But boy did they get good use out of the smallish space they had.  They had stages coming up from the floor boards and from the ceiling and jutting out from the sides… I was pretty sure any moment a stage would grow out of my head and I’d have some dude wearing heeled boots La Cucarachaing on my noggin.  It didn’t happen… maybe they’re saving that for closing night.  They also had all sorts of special effects… fire, running water, fire, dudes sword fighting literally under my nostril.  I ducked several times they were so close when they were fighting.  I thought for sure they were going to trim my nose hairs for me.

Nephew, Christian, Shayne, and Lindsay checking for BO.  Several times throughout the production, Madre leaned over to inform me of the star-studded cast we were witnessing.  By her estimation, Marc Anthony, Josh Groban, Meatloaf, our neighbor Roger, and the chic from SNL with the tiny arms were all starring in this here musical.  Um… NO… and in fact, as soon as she got in the car, I was on the horn scheduling her an eye appointment.  I told her the economy was bad, but not so bad that all them folks needed a night gig.  As if!!!

The headless versions of Zorro and his lady fair.  They sang better with heads… FYI.  My only complaint was that the dude playing Zorro on the night we were there (there were supposedly 2 casts… a MWF cast and a TTHS cast) did not resemble anywhere near what I pictured Zorro to resemble.  He was on the shorter and less muscular side… but the boy could SANG… so he had that going for him.  Actually, I didn’t really have many complaints on the singing… they all uniformly did a nice singing job and I really liked the music too… some beautiful songs and some fun songs.  The leader of the gypsies was my favorite… she really embodied the role like she was a real life gypsy.  Hats off to her!

Zorro?  Two thumbs up… and a knee for good measure!  I’d definitely see it again.  Although, next time with an air freshener taped underneath my nose… and maybe a pile of deodorant samples to pass out.

Question of the Day:  Utahans, did you see Zorro?  Have you ever been to the Hale Theatre?  Non-Utahans… what’s the last musical you saw?  


For those interested, here’s the Zorro promo advertisement!



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8 responses to “The Mark of the “Z” and His Star-Studded Cast…

  1. Natalie

    I went to a place like that last year! Only it came with a buffet! Yikes!

  2. Avster

    The last musical I saw was a high school’s production of Cinderella. They did a pretty good job.

  3. cl2

    Nope–haven’t seen it. Didn’t know the Hale theater existed. I’m trying to think of when I last saw a stage play. Does Cirque de Soleil. Does Disney on Ice count? ha ha I’m really not one for plays. I’m rather BORING.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I love your new profile picture–you look beautiful!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Question of the Day: Non-Utahans… what’s the last musical you saw?
    I am trying to remember the last musical we saw…

    Probably when we took the family to see Lion King (musical ) at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis. We took my MIL also since she hadn’t been to see anything like that before.

  6. jen

    The last musical I saw was the one in bear lake I saw with your family. Before that Les mis. Your style of writing is so witty and humorous. Loved this post.

  7. Karen

    heard mixed reviews on Zorro. Audrey’s cousin loved it and Frank Prince was less enthused. Not on my radar. Does your other want Donnie and Marie Christmas show? I never see your blog for days. Still enjoy.

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