It’s The Most Psychotic Time Of The Year…

It’s the most psychotic time of the year
With the raining and snowing and psychos are telling you
Just drink a beer
It’s the most psychotic time of the year.

It’s the craz-craziest season of all
With those golf ball-sized hailstorms and 80s with sunshine
It makes me appalled!
It’s the craz-craziest season of all  

There’ll be tornado windstorms 
and ducklings in good form
And freezing your garden galore
There’ll be jackets and parkas 
And nekked bikinis
Oh, what do I buy at the store? 

Y’all… for serious… what’s Irving Berlin’s phone number?  I gotta ring him up and have me arrested by the lyric po-leese!  Call me, Irvy!

So, it’s that awkward season between winter and spring that I like to call Sprinter… which basically means you have to have all of your summer clothes AND all of your winter clothes stuffed in the same closet to be prepared for the violent mood swings Mother Nature passes out until at least July.  Good thing for me I have no clothes.  Nude is the new beige.  I apologize for that… I sincerely do.  It was not my intention to paint that disgusting picture in your noggin on this lovely Friday the 13th!  Just don’t walk under a ladder holding a black cat… double whammy.

So, Friday morning, it looked like this:

Then, Monday after that Friday, it looked like this:

And it was in the 70s and  I went on a bike ride in shirt sleeves at 7:00 at night…  Then, came the Wednesday after the Friday after the Monday, and it was like 40 degrees, so I skipped the bike and decided to go for a walk, except the wind started blowing and then the rain started pouring and so I grabbed my umbrella from the trunk of my car and as soon as I  opened the sucker up this huge gust of wind came around and broke the thing.  So, now I’m walking down the street holding an umbrella over my head that looks like a giant upturned cup catching the rain water and doing absolutely NOTHING to keep me dry… and then I’m wrestling with it, trying to get it to close but the wind was more interested in making me look like a dim-WHIT wrestling with a broken umbrella.  I swear to you the city bus driver even stopped his bus in the middle of the road and looked at me asking if I wanted a ride.  Too prideful to look him back in the eye, I just pretended I was catching rain water for the thirsty children in Hawaii, and kept walking.

So, it’s supposed to snow this weekend again.  Sprinter, you’re just like me during friendly hormone hoarding week… except with more violent outbursts!

Question of the Day:  Happy Friday the 13th!!  Are you superstitious?  



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14 responses to “It’s The Most Psychotic Time Of The Year…

  1. Avster

    Nope, not one iota. Pardon me while I pick up my black cat and give it a huge hug.

  2. cl2

    No–I don’t think I’m superstitious. Yep–Cache Valley in spring is interesting (let alone Utah). It snowed the week I graduated from high school years ago. I went for a walk yesterday, but just wore a hoodie. It was SOAKED through when I got home. I did have an umbrella do what your’s did years ago. A guy i worked with was able to make it pop back the other way and I used it for a long time. It continued to do that off and on. So–for Christmas one year, the office gave me a nice umbrella. I just happened to run across it the other day while cleaning my closet.

  3. Liz

    We are having the same crazy weather as you of course. I wear my down jacket to work and then go home with no jacket. Oh well. Spring in the mts!

  4. Hi Whitney! Just finished reading this weeks posts – Thank You! My Friday needed a smile – the racquetball camp I had signed up for just got cancelled 😦 Oh well. I guess I’ll have to learn it all on my own.

    We moved just a few blocks from where we were. We might be even closer to your house than we were before – although we are in a different ward now that meets at the stake center. We live in the little subdivision that is just west off of 1200 E and just north of 1400 N – so I guess we kind of live on the same block as you – just kind of on the opposite corner. We have fields behind our back fence and will have a lovely view of the fireworks this year without having to go anywhere! 🙂

    Not superstitious at all. Everything happens for a reason in my book – it’s all part of this journey we are here for and has nothing to do with the number 13 or black cats.

    We are having troubles with our sweet almost black cat though. He’s having the hardest time with the move. He’s an outside kitty, although I have him on a towel on the couch right now. When he’s outside – he goes back to the other house. When he’s in the garage – he finds the best place he can and just parks himself there and hides. At least we got enough of our junk moved here that he doesn’t hide in the car engines anymore 😦 If you have any great pointers on how to get our cat adjusted to the new place – please share! We love our cat!

    • What a bummer that they canceled your camp!! Is there a chance somewhere else will do one over the summer? Crossing my fingers for you!

      I probably ride my bike right by your new house. That’s my favorite about living over in this neck of the woods. Prime seating for the firework show. I know it’s a different experience inside the actual stadium, but the crowds I can leave.

      Poor little kitty. 😦 I don’t have any advice, but this link has some excellent advice for you:

      My kitty was young enough I guess to not have a problem. She moved from wherever she was born to my house to Brigham City back to my house all within about 6 months, so I guess she was used to the moving thing. I hope your kitty gets accustomed. That link says it should, though… so just keep on persisting!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Question of the Day: Happy Friday the 13th!! Are you superstitious?

    Funny about the weather. It is strange here too. Cold one day, hot the next. Windy but clear one day. Rainy and nasty the next. It has been all over the place this Spring.
    No, we aren’t superstitious here.

  6. Weather has been strange here in NC too! Wearing sweatshirts one day and shorts the next. The flowers bloom and freeze. Very sad. I totally forgot it was the 13th…. Now that explains why my garage door wouldn’t go up until I got out of the car and pushed in the code 4 times. It was weird.

    • Oh no… that is weird… and I bet you 100 doll hairs it was totally the Friday the 13th weirdos messing with you! That’s what’s a bummer about the weird Sprinter weather… killing the flowers. That’s why we never plant anything until at least mid June.

  7. Love the song! I like the name Sprinter for the season–gonna have to adopt that 🙂

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