Need An Unclogger With That Artery?

Friday night late, I came across an article about a new flavor of pizza that Pizza Hut in the UK was unveiling.  Y’all folks in the US may need to think about taking a trip across the ocean just to get in on this exclusive new flavor because I hear the US is not planning on unveiling it any time soon?  Why the crimeny puffs not US?  We’re frying butter on a stick for crying outloud… don’t pretend we’re all healthy wealthy about life now.  What is this new flavor of pizza?  Pizza with a hot dog-stuffed crust… because 2 artery clogging specimens are better than one!

So, basically all of Wilbur’s relations were involved in the making of these pizzas… his pepperoni friends AND his dog friends… or is that China?  If you’re craving a hot dog and a piece of pizza at the ballpark and you just can’t decide which one… heck friends… they have a solution for you!  I’m holding out until they come out with deep fried cotton candy.  It’s only a matter of time, my peeps!  The sad thing about this is after I read the article on Friday night, I had this craving for pizza.  So, I went and had some on Saturday night.  This picture should have done the exact opposite!  Ain’t nothing wrong with a piece of pizza or a hot dog now and then… that’s my motto… but there may be something wrong with eating both at the same time.

Take this invention for example…

That there would be a fried and glazed donut hamburger with bacon, cheese, egg, etc., etc., etc.  Guess how many calories are in this thing?  I don’t think you will even come close.  1500 freaking calories for ONE donut burger… ONE!  That’s like my whole day’s worth of calories and I haven’t even eaten the french fries yet.  I ain’t going to lie… it probably tastes heavenly… but at this point in my lifestyle modification, I couldn’t even get to the point where I’d entertain eating that thing… even on a binge-ish day.  I guess that’s progress if there ever was any!

If you’re a curious sucker… check out this link for even more disgusting food inventions… like some dude decided it would be a great idea to invent deep fried Kool-Aid balls.  Firstly… what is your problem… secondly… seriously?


Question of the Day:  What’s the grossest food invention that you’ve tried?  




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16 responses to “Need An Unclogger With That Artery?

  1. Avster

    Yuck and yuck!

    The grossest thing I’ve tried is a Hawaiin dish that my s-i-l made… it looked like lard and tasted even worse. ~shivers~

    • Gonna need your SIL’s digits. I’ll ring her up and give her advice on what she needs to add to the dish the next time she makes it… chocolate, peppers, onions, eggs, and to top it off… more chocolate. You can thank me later.

  2. cl2

    I guess it is not an “invention”–but I thought it was pretty shall we say TASTELESS. Pho–some kind of vietnamese soup. I call it Rock Soup.

    Check out the Yahoo page today–and the K-E diet.

  3. Phil Berger

    Smoked eel sushi and chicken foot soup. Both discusting but delicious.

  4. dessawade

    I used to eat heart, liver and tongue from our cows on the farm when I was growing up and it wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t bring myself to eat chicken feet soup in Thailand though. The toenails would have been a little too crunchy for me. YIKES!

  5. jen

    That pizza actually sounds kinda good if you like hotdogs. So far I have stayed away from those weird food inventions because I am picky. Too many things are being fried these days.

    • Maybe that’s why it sounded gross to me… I hated hot dogs even when I ate meat! They can fry anything, Pen! Just you wait… they’ll figure a way to fry Pepto Bismol.

  6. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Question of the Day: What’s the grossest food invention that you’ve tried?

    I have one for you! They are called TurtleDogs. Here is the link so you can see what I am talking about (even a before they are cooked pic and an after they are cooked pic )

    No, I haven’t tried them…nor would I but I just had to show them to you…lol.
    I wouldn’t order that pizza with the hot dog in the crust for anything…ICK! Not to mention I don’t like hot dogs to begin with.
    As for that donut-burger that is just GROSS. No way, Jose! I am not a fan of donuts anyhow…

    I will have to go look on that site to see more gross and disgusting combinations…LOL

    • LOL! Those turtle dogs were NOTHING what I expected them to be. I was prepared to go to the link and see them putting an actual turtle between two pieces of bread. Holy meat, Batwoman! Even if I still ate meat… that’s a heckuva a lot of meat. I can’t imagine that the fat content is through the roof!

  7. Deanna

    Yuck to both of those nasty inventions! I don’t know that I have anything remotely close to this that I could admit to having tried. Not that I haven’t eaten my fair share of unhealthy food. I am not picky, just haven’t tried anything this crazy.

  8. The pizza might be a good idea for a family meal. My kids could eat the hot dog crust and I could eat the pizza (however, I do have to say that normally the crust is my favorite part–but definitely not with hot dogs in it). I wonder how those foods smell? Ooh, I just heard about bacon chocolates–I think that sounds pretty gross, but would fall into a similar category.

    • Ha! What a great idea… family meal where everyone is happy. I’m sooooo with you on the crust being the best part. I always hoard my crust for last.

      Bacon chocolates!?!? Pass… I love me some chocolate, but leave the pig on the butcher block!

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