I am feeling less than inspired to write anything tonight, so I’ll save you from my raunchy attitude and cut this short.

Let’s play a little game… I’ll give you some words and you tell me who I’m talking about.

– Bratty
– Spoiled
– Entitled
– Ungrateful
– SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!

Give up?

Answer:  ALL this year’s Biggest Loser contestants!



What a disappointing group of people.  I haven’t been watching this season’s episodes very closely.  I’ll DVR it and then fast forward through most of it.  Why do I even bother doing that?  Because sometimes it helps to kick me in the butt… get me up and exercising… and I need all of that I can get.  But, this past week’s episode I watched all the way through… mostly because my jaw was on the floor the whole time and I couldn’t move my finger to find the fast forward button.

Let me get this straight… the remaining 5 contestants who have been provided with free top notch trainers, free food, free gym access, free nutrition advice, free doctors, free EVERYTHING that most fat people would rob a Golden Corral to get, decide that it’s not enough and want to walk off the show because the producers have decided to do what they do EVERY season and bring back past contestants.  Seriously!?!?  Are you all joking me right now?  You signed a contract… it stated in the contract they were bringing back past contestants… you have no leg to stand on.

To me, that’s like the billion dollar lottery winner complaining that the dollar bills he got weren’t crispy enough… or a guest at your house complaining that the towels aren’t fluffy enough.  REALLY!?!?  Sit down… shut up… and be grateful for this gift you’ve been given.  Quit kicking the gift horse in the mouth!

Question of the Day:  Do you watch the Biggest Loser?  Thoughts on the most recent development?  

PS – I will be taking tomorrow off of blogging so I can adjust my attitude.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  


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9 responses to “Blah…

  1. Mandy Schalk

    I stopped watching a few years ago. The main reason being I feel that they are sending out a bad message. That message being it is ok, safe, great,normal, whatever, to drop crazy amounts of weight EVERY week and when you don’t you fail. Losing the weight that they do is not safe, yes they are supervised but when they go home they are not… There was some crazy stat that said something like 80% of the contestants gain all if not more of their weight back within 1 year of the show…. I feel the concept of the show is great but the ways that they have to “hollywoodise” it make the show just STUPID!

  2. Yes, I watch the show… However, I haven’t watched this episode yet. I DVR it too. Let me get back to you on it. However, I wanted to mention the photo. Could that evoke more emotion? Here’s my caption: The laundry line is finally cleared, the green returns to the sleepy grass blades. Life’s slowed down enough to notice the tree buds have bloomed and the majestic mountains have been there waiting all along.

  3. cl2

    Kind of like the girl who won the lottery and continued to use food stamps?

    I haven’t watched it in a long time now.

  4. Avster

    Would you like me to help you adjust your attitude? 😀

  5. dessawade

    Ya, they are brats basically. Don’t watch it anymore than I have to. The sun will come out tomorrow Whit, as Annie would say. The 70 degree temps this weekend are bound to adjust your attitude 😉

  6. jen

    I also hope the good weather puts you in a good mood too. I can’t wait to enjoy it.

  7. Jenalee

    I know! I couldn’t believe that episode either! One of them said they were going home for their morals. Really? Your morals are you can’t let an eliminated person come back on a television show? Also, they kept saying how hard they had worked on the Ranch, and that is why they deserve to be there. I would say it’s much harder for the people who go home. They are probably working just as hard, and it’s harder because they are at home. Ridiculous! I still love the show though. It totally motivates me.

  8. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Another fantastic photo! You are just full of ’em.

    Question of the Day: Do you watch the Biggest Loser? Thoughts on the most recent development?

    I don’t watch the show. I don’t like the message it sends out.
    I have never watched more than 5 minutes of any season.

  9. Feel better. I always admire your attitude 🙂

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