May Day, May Day…

It’s May Day… I cannot even believe it’s May already.  NOT possible.  What happened to February through April?  I must have been unconscious through all of March and most of April… zombie chic or something.  I can’t even remember what I did during those months… either I must have taken the grizzly bear practice of hibernating my way through them or else I’m displaying signs of Alzheimer’s disease in my early 30s.  Yogi totes approves!  Either way, rain, shine, sleet, hell hail, snow, or all of the above, I need to do something in May… yessiree Juan!


Part 2 of the Thanksgiving Point adventure included lunch at the cutest/fanciest/quaintest cafe at the “Point.”  They called it the Trellis Cafe and it sat overlooking a portion of the bee-uuuteeful gardens we had just perused through.  It was too cold to sit out on the deck, so we hibernated inside where they had goblets with stems to drink from and real tablecloths and napkins.  Much different than eating at my regular Subway or Grist Mill haunts back home where they set up plastic lawn chairs when they run out of booth space.  The hostess said our waitress would be the DELIGHTFUL and BUBBLY Josephine (I made that name up since I don’t want the real girl to come across this post some day down the line and learn that her coworker found her BUBBLY).  I’m not sure where the bubbles were but she was nice… more shy and reserved than bubbly… but maybe she was plain out of bubbles that day.

Madre and I trying not to look too wind blown.  Lindsay spent most of the time whilst taking this picture trying to get a good angle on the fake flowers in the jar.  Obviously they were the stars of the show… and if there had been room in her purse, I’m sure Madre would have stuffed them in next to her stolen pansies.

The menus was unlike anything I’d seen before at a sit-down restaurant.  There were not really any fried foods or foods laden with fatty sauces.  Instead it looked like a dagnabbed garden.  Fresh fruits and vegetables and just… fresh!  Of course, anything is going to have fat and calories, but I was mighty impressed that it looked like this place didn’t just open up a package, throw the contents into the fryer, and then serve it to you with a pile of napkins!  There was the option of sweet potato fries with the sandwiches, but even then I think those may have been baked and not fried.  We rarely start with the appetizers, but we couldn’t resist getting the fresh fruit and cheese plate to share.

Lindsay commented that it looked like a squirrel puked up it’s stash… but it was tastee!  I had to skip most of the cheese since I’m not a fan of things that taste like raunchy feet…

The BUBBLY Josephine then brought out our entrees… Lindsay and Madre opted for the salads…

Lindsay’s Greek Chicken salad, that accidentally came out with red onions even when she requested NO red onions.  Such is the life of an onion hater!

Madre’s Trellis Salad with brie, fresh berries, and raspberry vinagrette dressing.

What did I go for?  The Quarter Pounder with cheese!  NOT!!!!!!  Stop it.  Having discovered my new found love of veggie burgers, I ordered that just to see if the first one I had tried a month or so back was a fluke or not.

The veggie burger on a whole what bun with veggies galore… no cheese, and the sauce?  Why it’s a healthy lime-cucumber-yogurt dressing.  I’d give it 2 thumbs up… and on the side I had a glorious grape tomater, cucumber, onion, and basil salad tossed with a light dressing.

You couldn’t get fresher if your gramma slapped you upside the head space!  I tell you what!  We were too fulled up for dessert, but they had some delicious looking delicacies on that menu too!  All just as fresh, I’m sure!  Trellis Cafe… you done good.  I’d totally come back for more!

Question of the Day:  Are you a fan of smelly cheeses?  What is your favorite soft and hard cheese?


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17 responses to “May Day, May Day…

  1. Natalie

    That looks good!

  2. Avster

    ha ha ha! Thanks for bring back thoughts of working with my ex-coworker… I worked with her on Mondays… and lot of times I would have a grilled cheese with brick on marble rye.
    She was thoroughly disgusted by brick cheese. “EWWW! I’d rather suck my big toe!”
    Of course I had to make a big show of eating the cheese. 😀
    Before she quit she did try a small sliver of the cheese and said, “Hey, that wasn’t half so bad.”
    I believe the earth shook that day. 😉

    Ooh! I love your mother’s outfit! 🙂

    I have the tendency to agree with Lindsay on the squirrel hoard… seems as though they could find a better way of arranging that…

    hmm… my co-worker has referred to me as delightful and bubbly… maybe it’s a joke… :b

    • See there… she didn’t even know if she liked it or not!! I can’t remember if I like brick cheese or not since it’s been so long since I’ve had it… not if it tastes like feet, though! NO SIREE!!

      Maybe you could give them fruit tray arranging tips… I’m sure they’d appreciate the nonsquirrel version!

  3. cl2

    I did find I liked that crumbly stuff I assume is on Lindsay’s salad–can’t remember the name of it. So–have you ever had mithizra cheese spaghetti at The Spaghetti Factory. I LOVE that stuff. Discovered it back in 1978 when a friend and I went to SLC for the weekend when we worked at Thiokol. We just decided to try it on a whim–and good for vegetarians! Everyone I introduce to it LOVES IT. Now I want some.

    • Feta cheese, right? The crumbles… Now you made me all curious about this mithizra cheese dish. I don’t think I’ve even ever heard of that cheese! Must be good though since everyone loves it! Added it to my list! I don’t think I’ve ever even been to the Spaghetti Factory!

  4. kittywampus

    I had a roommate in college that hated ramen noodles because of the smell. Apparently they smelled like gym socks. As an avowed carnivore, there are some good veggie burgers out there. But since i’m eating them for the taste & not the veggieness i like to add bacon on them.

    • LOL!!! You just ruined the veggie burger, Kit… RUINED it! 😛 I can see how the ramen noodles would smell like gym socks… especially paired with smelly feet cheeses!

      I’m thinking your bunnies would have totally dug every last one of the meals we ate at this place. Totally rabbit food!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Your lunch looks like it was a good time and some really good food choices. That is terrific that the cafe’s menu was so clean. I hope more places like that catch on.

    Question of the Day: Are you a fan of smelly cheeses? What is your favorite soft and hard cheese?
    No, not so much a fan of smelly cheeses.
    I love Havarti cheese – lots of different kinds and it isn’t hard but it isn’t soft either. Probably considered a soft cheese though. It is moist and Oh so gooood.
    I haven’t had any in a few years.
    I love real American cheese – not the artificial stuff ( barf ).
    I like Baby Swiss also but not to just eat plain in slices or cubes. I prefer it thinly sliced on a sandwich or shredded in a salad.
    I like Parmesan cheese also the same way, in my meal.

    • I know… they need more healthy choice restaurants/cafes out there! Seriously!

      I had a dill havarti when I was in New Hampshire in October… SO dang good! I’m a fan of all the cheeses you mentioned as well. Gotta love a good cheese!

  6. What a fun girls date you had. The food looks delicious. I have really come to appreciate fresh and healthy foods more than greasy fried stuff.

  7. I don’t think my last comment saved, but I said I really love fresh and healthy food these days more than the greasy fried stuff. Looks like you 3 had a fun girl’s date.

  8. Lindsay

    Man you forgot to take a picture of the yummy yummy homemade bread they brought out! It reminded me so much of Amber Dewey Rabar mom used to make after school! SO SO SO dang good! No one has come close to the bread her mom can cook up!

  9. Oh my, that looks delicious! I love cheese! Havarti dill or a garden vegetable Havarti I tried recently are on my top ten list. I also love pepper jack, good ole fashioned cheddar, and I love me some fresh curds! Wow, I could go on way too long. Probably the only “smelly” cheese I like is blue cheese.

    • Oh my laws… I had a dill Havarti for the first time when we were back East in October… so dang delicious!!! Now I’m going to have to search out this garden vegetable Havarti you speak of. We even tried a chocolate cheese at the same place they sold the dill havarti. It basically tasted like fudge, but they swore up and down it was cheese. I’m so totally a cheese fangirl!

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