Give Me Two Good Reasons…

I have been torturing my brain trying to think of things I’m going to accomplish health-wise this year like it ain’t no thang.  While I’m sitting here plateauing and not losing any weight, I might as well do something besides count the 3 hairs on my scalp and talk to the voices in my head.  Oh, hey… hair number 2 is in dire need of a deep condition.  I know I’m trying to take the lazy route when every time I think of something, I immediately shoot it down as too much effort.  TOO HARD!!  I don’t want to!!  They’re having a Saved By The Bell marathon on channel who cares!

Last year I had a couple of things going… one was to hike more than ZERO times during the summer.  Seeing as I had always hated hiking and exertion and steep mountains and dirt and bugs and sweating, I went on very few hikes before last summer… and by very few I really mean only the ones they drug me on at Young Women Girl’s Camp as a teenager.  I think it was because it totally jarred me out of my usual comatose state of couch sitting… and my heart beating out my chest was not a pleasant feeling for a comatose individual.  Long story short… I did about 5 hikes last summer… moderate hikes, but hikes nonetheless… which is approximately 150% more than the 15 years prior.  I also vowed to bike at least 500 miles outdoors, which I also accomplished.

What next?  I can’t wrap my brain around a half marathon yet because I can’t run very well… stupid flapping bane of my existence totes makes sure of that (TMI… see how good I am at informing of the TMI parts AFTER I’ve spouted about them… you can thank me later).  I guess I could make my own route and walk my own half marathon on my own time.  I brought up that I wanted to do a 5K, but then Lindsay brought up the point that that isn’t much of a stretch when you regularly walk at least a 5K most days of the week.  If I do it daily… how is that an accomplishment?  I kept trying to tell her it was about the feeling of having wogged (walk plus jog, but really walk more than jog) it in an official setting, but I don’t think she bought it.

Questions of the Day:  So, those of you who are 5Kers in readerville… give me a couple of reasons why a 5K is worth it?  Any ideas for a physical accomplishment I could set as a goal this summer?  What are your goals, health wise?



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    I’ve never done one, but I’m thinking of doing the one Mandy has in her town Thanksgiving week-end. I think there is just something about crossing the finish line with others cheering you at the end. It makes you feel like you have really done something. What does it matter that you do it everyday. Do it when people can cheer and “you get a number!!”

    • Very good points, Aunt D! That would totally be a great idea to do the one with Mandy on Turkey Day weekend… you could eat more pie!! Or at least that’s what I would use!

  2. jen

    I did one 5k. The distance may not be a challenge but you can work on your timing. Competing with others will push you to go faster making it more intense.

  3. jenny

    I’m not sure about the run with the “bane”… but how about lifting weights? Or… cross fit (for beginners?)…or some sort of boot camp? Things you can do at home until your comfortable enough to hit the gym. Tapes. Shake it up a bit. With the cardio of course. 🙂

  4. Avster

    There are a lot of nice trails in my neck of the woods. =) So… I think that walking from there to here would be an awesome form of physical exercise. You could even bike it too! I’m not picky.


  5. Karen

    Surprisingly I have done some 5K walks and even a really fun one called Bloomsday in Spokane WA that is a 12K. Tens of Thousands do it and many run and many walk. The goal is the unknown T shirt that you only get if you finish. That could be a goal for next year–and your Mom and I could “walk” it with you. Second week end in May. Promise great fun plus a road trip.

  6. I’ve never been in a race 🙂 I think it would be a different feel than just wogging it by yourself though. I say go for it!
    I love the picture–fabulous angle!

  7. cl2

    I’ve just gotta walk regularly. Do you remember Andy from the office–she walked I think a half marathon or something here in Logan a few years ago (or trained to do it–she lives in my neighborhood). My daughter is going to copy a zumba thing for me (a lady in this ward teaches classes adn made her a DVD)–and I’m going to try that!!!! Alone in my house with nobody watching.

    • Go, Colleen! I think you might like Zumba. I’ve done it before (definitely in the privacy of the basement) and it can be pretty fun! I do remember Andy! Too cool she did that!

  8. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Love the pic of the tulips. Did you have to stand on your head to get it…? LOL

    Questions of the Day: So, those of you who are 5Kers in readerville… give me a couple of reasons why a 5K is worth it? Any ideas for a physical accomplishment I could set as a goal this summer? What are your goals, health wise?

    I think it would be a fun experience for you ( and maybe your mom or sis would do it with you b/c it is more fun that way ) to do a 5K and a 10K this summer.
    Yes, you get a number. Yes, you get a free t-shirt if you register early enough.
    It is more than that though. It is fun, exciting, and motivating. You will see all kinds of people out there. You will see runners and walkers and woggers. You will see kids, moms, dads and sons, elderly too…you name it. People of all ages and sizes, really competitive ones, people just starting out on their journey, people in everyday workout clothes, and those that have to have the latest workout/runner clothes. Can you tell I like to watch people? LOL
    My daughter & I did our first 5K last September. We only walked it but we both came in 3rd in our respective age categories and got even got a medal. That was unexpected but really nice. We talked and laughed and encouraged eachother the entire way. Lots of people passed us but everyone was really nice and kept telling us how great we were doing and to keep it up.
    We want to do it again this coming Sept.and this time run it.

    Here is a link for you, Whitney. Ok , it’s really two links.
    Both are calendars and you just put in your state and city and it will pull up races around you. You can even narrow it down further by month or length of race ( like Juine – 5K … ).

    GO FOR IT!!

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

      I forgot to put in my goals for this summer.
      1rst – I want to get under 200
      2nd – I want to get in a size 14
      3rd – I want to finish TurboFire and see results even though I will also be my husband’s right hand helper building our barn this summer.
      4th – I want to continue to eat clean and incorporating more and more clean eating family meals.
      5th – I want to restart C25K ( even though my daughter & I graduated C25K – we haven’t run since Jan. ) so I am ready to run the 5K in September that we walked last year.

    • Haha… yes… totally stood on my head… it was a yoga move! You may have talked me into the 5K. I’m a people watcher myself… that’s the only reason I go to the county fair these days! Thank you for the links. Will definitely have to check both of them out!

      You have some great summer goals! All attainable. You can do it!

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