Et Tu, Kid-nay?

Cliff Notes Shakespeare and I go way back.  I think he’s the uncle of my cousin’s friend’s brother’s schnauzer’s banker’s psychic’s table… 5 times removed.  Obviously we’re very close.  So, I like to whip out the smart Shakespeare talk whenever I want to sound intelligent like… for example… Out damned spot! works great every time I spill my dinner on my shelf… and by shelf I really mean the tube socks on my upper portion… too much information?  Did it again!

I wasn’t going to blog about this… didn’t want to sound all ranty and harpy and pathetic, but I’m going to do it anyway in hopes that it will be a way to let off some steam so that I don’t decide to eat everything and the kitchen sink in desperation.  I’m discouraged with the scale… but mostly my kidneys.  As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, the years I had diabetes did a number on the kidney portion of my body… and I now have diabetic nephropathy… even if I no longer have diabetes, the harm was already done and now my kidneys don’t work as well as a normal person, which means water retention is a real issue up here in this joint.  I’ve usually been able to manage it fairly well on diuretics and watching salt and water intake… which has really put a crimp in my salty seasoned salt salt and more salt dinner menu.  Frailty, thy name is woman!  See what I did there!?  Take that Einstein!

The last 3 weeks, however… not so much.  Last week I weighed in with a gain of 8 pounds… this with exercising and staying (for the most part) within 1500 to 2000 calories per day.  Not possible that it’s 8 pounds of fat gain… culprit… KIDNEYS!!  I’m used to seeing the water weight… it happens regularly… but usually give it a week and it eventually goes away.  This morning I got on the scale and saw it go up another 5 pounds in 1 week… making that a gain of 13 pounds in the space of a 3-week period!  WHAT THE LOSERS OF ORANGE COUNTY!?!?!?!?!  Now, I’m a sensible gal and I know all that is is retained water from my less-than-stellar kidneys.  I keep a very tight harness on my food diary.  But I’m also human… and that pretty much whipped me upside the head and then threw me in the gutter for the sanitation engineer (see how politically correct I am?) to pick up.  It also didn’t help that the number on the scale had a 3 before it again… for the first time since August of last year.

I don’t know where I’m going with this story and Shakespeare has blocked my number on his cell phone… Et tu, Shakey?  I’m going to the doctor for my regular checkup at the end of the month.  I guess it’s time to consider a stronger diuretic… or steel kidneys!!!  How awesome would that be?  Causing a ruckus every time I went through a metal detector at the airport!!  Just what I love to do, call attention to myself!  Listen up, kidneys… I’m fine with maintaining my weight… I welcome it… but leave the gaining to the sumo wrestlers… they would welcome it!  A plague on both your kidneys houses!

Question of the Day:  Are you a fan of Shakespeare?  Favorite work?  




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21 responses to “Et Tu, Kid-nay?

  1. I may not be a big fan of Shakespeare, but I am a big fan of yours. Please know that I am praying for you and your body’s health. I’m sure that is discouraging to see that scale go up, but what makes you so special, has little to do with your current weight. Yes, I’m very proud at what you have accomplished, but your inner beauty is so brightly reflected in not only your writing, but your photography (which is stunning). Your precious clean thoughts, good intentions, eye for beauty, and refreshing honesty make my day brighter each time I read your blog. So to me, Shakespeare means little, but “you” and your health hold a lot more value. I’m glad you are taking care of yourself. Please don’t wait til the end of the month to talk with your doctor… just to rule out anything other than your kidney’s… like heart disease or a bacterial infection. You influence so many in a positive way… please just make sure it’s a routine issue with your kidneys.

    • Julie… that is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a while. Thank you for being so kind. I will for sure go to the doctor earlier if I feel like it warrants it. Have a fabulous weekend, sweet lady!

  2. cl2

    I was thinking the same thing–why don’t you go to the doctor sooner, but that coming from me?!? I keep putting off my doctor’s appt because I just love going so much, but am doing well right now. That would drive me crazy getting on the scale and gaining–no matter what the cause is (which is why I haven’t weighed since about Christmas because if I got on those scales and have gained which I’m sure I have, I’d be on a binge of vast proportions–though I have been anyway.)

    Shakespeare–not so much. I did like “comedy of errors” when I saw it YEARS ago. Maybe I just haven’t given him a chance!

    Keep us posted.

    • Doctors are not my favorites!! I still go every 3 months and they charge me for a battery of blood tests that seem to tell me I’m fine every time. Glad to hear you are doing well right now!

  3. Avster

    Anon methought, the wood began to move! A horse! A horse! A kingdom for a horse! Doil, doil, toil and trouble. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him.

    Not really a huge fan of Shakespeare… it’s okay… but… eh…

    I’ve been in a venting mood lately so feel free to join the club!

    I’ll be praying for you, Whit. 🙂

  4. Lindsay

    What great comments! What great support! You have great people encouraging your success so hang in there!

  5. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Oooo – pretty pic and that fountain is really cool.

    I learn something new about you all the time.
    I am glad you decided to blog about this.
    I too think you should make that trip in to see the doc a bit sooner than planned.
    You are right, it could be the ‘ol kidneys but it could also be something else entirely. It would be worth it to find out.
    None of us hop and skip our way in to see the doc and hear what they have to say…but I think you should really find out what is going on.
    So, go get on the horn and find out when they can get you in….go …do it now.

    Question of the Day: Are you a fan of Shakespeare? Favorite work?
    Just what I had to learn to get through school & college. A fan, eh…not so much.

    • Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

      Oops – I meant to add this link for Ribbon Kyuri Salad with Asian Dressing to see if you might like to try it.
      I thought it looked absolutely delicious.
      I will have to give it a go here soon.

    • Thanks, Louisa!! I’ll definitely get an earlier appt. if I think it warrants it. I feel pretty normal except for the water weight gain and I do go every 3 months, so was just there 2 months ago… yes, we all love us a doctor appt.! Have a nice weekend and thanks for the link to the yummy salad!

  6. Christie H

    Maybe you could just figure out how to wring out your body like a kitchen sponge? No? Seems simpler than diuretics and kidney function…. ;P

    • I can always count on Christie to come up with the great ideas! I have no idea why we can’t just wring out the extra water… for serious… I think they had a flaw on body making day!

  7. Oh Whit, how discouraging–I’m sorry! You are in my prayers, my friend.
    I think I would like Shakespeare better if I understood what he was saying. When it is performed by talented actors, then I find it enjoyable (just reading it to myself, I am completely lost).
    Another fabulous picture!

  8. Wow, I haven’t gotten on the scale for several months now. I would think that I probably have gained some – and it probably is not water weight. I keep exercising, but my calorizing has been severely lacking lately. Maybe it’s the stress from the move? Or work? Who knows – but I really need to get it under control 😦

    I love reading your blog posts! You brighten my day every time!

    I would check with the Dr soon too…. You are super important and inspirational to a lot of people!

    • You have had a lot of stress lately… moving alone would do one in, but add in all the rest of the stuff… family and work and it’s no wonder. I hope you can get settled in and back to a more normal routine. Less stress does wonders, I tell you what!

  9. kittywampus

    For literature the Bard is not my friend;
    I’m glad my schooling is at an end.
    My reading these days
    has a lowbrow turn of phrase.
    Alas, how my humour hath descend!

    • Kit-Speare… is that you!?!?!?!?!? The long lost cuzzin of the shnauzer’s uncles’ brother’s table’s friend of Shakespeare! I think you may have missed your calling, Kit! 😛

  10. Adrienne

    How discouraging..! I know you’ve had some great non-scale victories (like going out to a nice restaurant and making smart choices), but we are so hard-wired to look to the scale for “success” measures.
    Keep taking care of you for your health’s sake – the rest will follow. You’ve got this!

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