Up The Crick With A Visa…

Last weekend after all the tulip stalking and the BUBBLY garden eating, etc., Lindsay and Madre had to balance out the thing that I wanted to do (gawk at nature) with something that is their most favoritest thing on the planet, CreditCard.  What was it you may ask?  Hunting pheasants… as if… they do not make fashionista in the color, camouflage.  Believe me… if they did they’d already have the outfit.  Those of you who know Lindsay or Madre, I won’t even have to tell you what it was because you will have already totally guessed it right.  But, for those of you who don’t know them from Beyonce… SHOPPING.  Shopping, shopping, shopping, and shopping.  Shopping for pretty much anything is their favorite, but at the top of the list is the clothing/shoes/jewelery shopping.

I don’t know many fuller-figured chicks who enjoy the art of clothing shopping.  I certainly don’t.  It’s like throwing a lion into a cage lined with steak and telling him he can’t eat any of it.  In the past when I was a teenager and younger, I’d go with themto a mall and then we’d split up and I’d check out the CD an DVD stores and book stores and then pig out at the food court before we’d meet up again 87 hours later.  Either that or I was the bag girl… follow them around from store to store and hold their purses and bags while they tried clothing on.  I was like a butler… except with zero pay and a raunchy attitude.

Salt Lake City has this new superhero mall-like structure they like to call City Creek… but when you live in the sticks, you call it City Crick EIEIO…. donkey.  It was my first time seeing this other worldy structure with a convertable-top roof so that they can open and close it, weather permitting.  The day we went they had it closed… too cold, windy, and some rain.  Of course, as soon as I stepped foot into the Crick and took one picture… my camera battery immediately died.  Stupid camera… this quality pitcher is the only one I was able to walk out with… which is a shame since there was so much to see and so much to make fun of!

Is it irony or fate that the only picture I got that day was of the Cheesecake Factory portion of the massive structure?  Fate… definitely fate!  The Cheesecake warriors were smiling down on me on that fateful moment!

Time was not on our side, so the shopper-holics were only allowed to go to two stores… count them… TWO!  The first stop of the day was to H&M… which is pretty much their collective favorite store… on our vacation Back East this past October, we had to stop at some random mall just so Madre could go in an H&M.   This new one was MASSIVE… like 2 floors’ worth of clothing.  It was kind of them to have one small corner dedicated to the plus-sized clothing… so I did get to shop after all.  And by small corner, I really mean tucked back near Bolivia… blink and you miss it.  I walked out with a silky shirt and a cardigan… pretty sure I bought the shirt because it reminded me of tricot… pretty sure I bought the cardigan because Lindser said it was all the rage.  Pretty sure I won’t wear either of them… and since I’ve already washed them… returning them is out of the question!  Oh, get over yourself, Whitney.

The next stop… Forever 21.  Forever 21 kind of baffled me.  It was large and packed from floor to ceiling with stuff.  They had the music up so loud, you felt like you should just grab all the clothes and buy them before someone else walked over and did  it.  Lindsay said she felt frantic.   It was like a discotech (do they have those these days?  I’m talking square dancing in a ruffled skirt is about as wild as I get).  Forever 21 was also massive, at least 2 large floors of clothing.  They also had a small corner dedicated to the plus-sized folk, but for folks like me who prefer to blend in with the crowd rather than stand out like a sore thumb, was it weird!!  When I was walking through the normal people section I saw several pieces of clothing that I would have tried on… the plus-sized section included a collection of Michael Jackson t-shirts… no joking around… hooker dresses… again, no joking around… and skinny jeans in the colors of the rainbow.  Have you seen a full-figured chic recently?  The next time I be wearing me a pair of colored skinny jeans, I might as well also rob a bank or something equally as cray cray.

I did walk out of Forever 21 with at least one purchase… y’all seen those things that look like a giant claw that you use to massage your own head?

See how happy she is!?!?!?!  I bought one kind of like this sucker but it was smaller and folded up and was only $1.50.  Totes what the fashionistas of the world use… and you thought I was a hopeless fashionista!  Next time I think I’ll stop by Forever 87… totally more in my wheelhouse!

Question of the Day:  Where is your favorite place to shop for clothing?  Utahans/Idahoans… anyone been to City Crick yet… what did you think?  



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17 responses to “Up The Crick With A Visa…

  1. Avster

    Looks to me as though she’s grimacing. Maybe she’s afraid of spiders?

    Skinny jeans… yuck, yuck, yuck on anybody. I’m thin and I very, highly doubt I would be able to get them up past my knees. Skinny legs I do not have.

  2. My favorite place to shop is Lane Bryant. I love that I can fit into every single thing in that store (unlike many other stores – I’m working on that though, 1 lb at a time.) Lane Bryant is the only place I have been able to find good fitting, supporting bras too. They are expensive, but go to their website and print a coupon before you go. Lane Bryant has the perfect blend of modern clothes without being too teeny-bopper-ish. They also don’t have anything old-lady-ish. It seems like most plus size departments cater exclusively to the over 60 crowd. It is sometimes hard to feel young when shopping for plus-size clothes. I think the closest Lane Bryant to you is in Ogden (Riverdale.) That is the location I shop at most. Good Luck. I hate buying clothes too. I long for the day when clothes shopping is fun and I can find something easily in ANY store! Someday…

    • AMEN!!! The old lady comment is exactly my biggest pet peeve when shopping in the plus size section. Do they think just because we carry a bit of extra weight we want to look like we’re 80 and gave up? Seriously! I enjoy Lane Bryant too… I just hate the prices!!

  3. Karen

    I’ve been to City Creek and it is a great place to sit outside and people watch. They were giving out fudge samples at the chocolate factory. Do not like skinny jeans even on skinny people. That’s my opinion of the day.

    • Mmmm… I must have walked right past the chocolate factory! Next time. I share your skinny jeans opinion! Do not ask my mom that question, though. She disagrees!

  4. cl2

    Don’t you just love waiting for people to try clothes on? Especially thin people. I hated going shopping thin–to try things on. I learned to just take them home and take them back if they looked bad. Nothing looks good in a fitting room. Haven’t been to City Creek. I’ll go someday maybe for the Cheesecake Factory.

    What shocked me was Hollister–which I spent some time in around Christmas with my daughter. DARK and LOUD MUSIC (no plus size that I saw). How could you work in that store for 8 hours without wanting to walk out and shoot yourself?

    Okay–where can you buy plus sized clothes that are even halfway decent? I’m looking for summer shirts. HA HA HA Nothing. At least in winter, I can throw on a hoodie and be done.

    • LOL!!!! Exactly. I never thought of the workers having to listen to the music that loud all day! I’m a fan of music and sometimes I crank mine up pretty loud as well… but that’s only for a few minutes. Not hours on end! I wonder if they have hearing problems because of it!

      Hmmm… plus-sized decent clothing… Old Navy is my favorite place lately. Lane Bryant has some good stuff, but they are too pricey to shop at very often. I would not recommend JC Penney (gramma clothing), Kohl’s, or Dillards.

  5. Wish you got more photos of city creek. I’ve been dying to see it. I really like to shop at Macy’s. They have pretty good sales and nice stuff. Maybe someday I can come down and shop some more with you girls,

  6. Susan

    When I got to the point that I could only buy clothes from Catherine’s and the local tent-maker, I bought the heck out of shoes, purses, and make-up. Size doesn’t matter!

    But now that I’m working my way down, I’m enjoying clothes from Old Navy and Lane Bryant. I don’t want to invest much in a wardrobe right now because my future includes smaller sizes.

    • Another former shopper of the local tent maker store! Old Navy does have some fun stuff! I like shopping there because I can fit into an XL on occasion! 😛 Amen about investing in a quality wardrobe!

  7. I’m not really a big clothes shopper–Now grocery shopping is another story 🙂
    I have always thought those giant claw head massagers look awfully tempting. I am curious if you like it.

    • I always spend way too long in the dang grocery store too! It’s an addiction!

      As for the head massager… I give it 2 thumbs up… it scratches and tickles and massages all in one cheap doo hickey. I only paid 1.50 for mine, so I would go out and buy a 50 dollar one or something!

  8. Hi Whitney 🙂

    Have you seen this blog? Her story and theory on life, exercise, and food reminded me so much of you! Very inspiring. Her exercise history is a really great read.


  9. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Sounds like an interesting outing, Whitney.
    I love to people – watch too….lol.
    The low rise jeans trend that is so popular drives me absolutely batty. Can’t find a decent pair of jeans or shorts with out them being low-rise. I hate it that the pockets are messed up and down on the back of your thigh. Whose idea what this anyway?
    Not to mention you can’t bend over, stoop down, or sit in a chair without everyone else seeing your butt crack. Who thought THAT was attractive?
    The ones for us gals are bad enough with the 2inch zipper, and give you a square looking backside…seriously!! AND you have to buy panties that are low rise too or you have that showing as well. Nothing classier than a gal with a thong up on her hips and her low rise jeans down below her business….NOT!
    THEN….THE GUYS!! Oh boy – th guys wear them 4 times too big and hanging down past their butt and have to keep their hands in their pockets to keep them up. Awful! Sorry guys but that does NOT look good and if you wife or girlfriend is telling you it does – she is wrong. Literally they wear boxers or boxer briefs and that is the what you see until you get to their lower butt – then the jeans start. Wearing them like that puts the pockets at the backs of their knees and the crotch even lower. Really – it looks ridiculous.
    They deserve to have them fall down – that’s what I think. That way I can point and laugh. Have you ever seen them try to go up stairs like this…LOL – absolutely hilarious. And they think its cool. OMG.
    I have to tell you this story…
    I was flipping channels one night late ( everyone else was in bed ) and I landed on the show COPS. You ever seen this show? Well you know the types that get on there without me saying if you have. Anyway, this guy did something stupid and the cops were after him, he runs ( lol ), the cops chase, the guy is wearing the above mention type of pants and he has one hand holding them up and trying to outrun the cops. Needless to say, he got caught when he couldn’t run fast enough and hold up his pants so he let go and they came down, tripped him but good, and sent him sprawling.
    I laughed and laughed and laughed until my ribs hurt and I had tears rolling down my cheeks.
    The only thing more stupid is the person that thought skinny jeans looked good. NOT! They look horrible on everyone – with our without skinny legs. If you have any in your closet, do yourself a favor and burn them. That is how bad they are.

    Question of the Day: Where is your favorite place to shop for clothing? Utahans/Idahoans… anyone been to City Crick yet… what did you think?

    Since you didn’t stay favorite store, I will tell you my favorite place to shop is at second hand stores, rummage sales, and flea markets. I can find nice clothes, in style clothes, clothes with tags still on them, and they are affordable and look very flattering.

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