Curiosity Does Not Kill The Cat…

“They” always say curiosity killed the cat.  “They” say it a lot and so, being the scientifically-enhanced scholar that I am, I set out to prove or disprove “them” right or wrong.  One night last week, I loaded up my camera and headed outside to search for the alley cat, Lucy-Fur.  She’s an alley cat now by her own choice because as long as it isn’t raining, snowing, or below 35 degrees, she’d rather be outside.  I also seem to have adopted an annoying stray feral cat, whom I’ve never touched, but who has lived underneath the deck for a few years now, has grown fond of me (aka my food), and follows me whenever I try to wander down the canal bank… I call him George Jefferson… because he’s loud.

I found Lucy-Fur lounging by the deck stairs.  She wanted to listen to my iPOD and became irate when I refused to share… but… she did not die.  Not looking good “they” people.

She then decided to sulk and began to climb the woodpile, the woodpile of the Parable of the Wheelbarrow, and even though I had stacked the logs unevenly… again… she didn’t die.

That lasted all of 5 seconds and soon she was off for more curious adventures… I noticed that she sat on everything she sniffed… which is everything…  There was this tree stump:

And this patch of grass:

And she did not die…  I’ve come to the conclusion that curiosity is a good thing and will most certainly not kill you unless you decide to be curious in front of a semi or down a manhole cover.  I need to be more curious… view things with fresh eyes and a desire to learn about them.  Life’s too short to be so regimented.  Thank you, Lucy-Fur and George Jefferson for the lesson.

Question of the Day:  Are you curious by nature?  





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10 responses to “Curiosity Does Not Kill The Cat…


    I’m curious to know how you get such great pictures.

  2. Avster

    Yes, I believe I can say that I am curious by nature. I think I’ll leave it at that… I think I can hear a snarky comment forming… :b

  3. Very cute! Love the kitty!

  4. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Awe look how much Lucy has grown. She is out of her cute kitten stage and looks all grown up.
    Still a pretty kitty.
    Nice that she can be inside and outside both.
    Love the pics – especially the last one.

    Question of the Day: Are you curious by nature?

    I guess I am. If the kids ask me a question and I don’t know the answer, I am not satisfied just saying “i dunno”.
    I say, “let’s look it up”.
    I know a lot of other parents that just say “i dunno” and they are fine with that answer & the kids have learned to accept that and not pursue it anymore.
    Personally, that makes me crazy. My kids know it too. They look at me and if I know the answer, I share it. If I do not know the answer, then we search out someone who does know. If that doesn’t work, then I tell them to remind me and we will look it up when we get home.
    Just this morning as a matter of fact, while my son was doing his schoolwork ( he is learning about China ) he asked me if China is in the same season that we are.
    Say it with me ….
    “Let’s find out!!”
    Turns out that China’s seasons are the same as the rest of the countries in the Norther Hemisphere. Therefore, they are in late Spring just like we are.
    Now you know!

    • Lucy has so grown… she is barely under a year and still has her high-pitched mew and kitten curiosity. I love that you look it up when you don’t know the answer. That is the way to do it. It always frustrated me as a young’un when people would say they don’t know and then drop it or make something weird up to shut me up!

  5. Susan

    Yes, very curious (some might say “nosy”) by nature. I spent the last 9 years working as a compliance auditor and fraud examiner, so I got paid to be curious!

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