It’s Like Mary Had A Little Lamb, Except Not So Much…

Lindsay and Shayne came up on Saturdee afternoon to go on a pic-nic with Madre for her Mother’s Day gift.  All together now… awwwwwwwww.  It was mostly super nice of Shayne since he’s like a gimpster on crutches at this very moment.  Poor dude had a dirt biking accident and broke his ankle and after the surgery, they basically stuck him in this stylish knee high boot in size Godzilla (for those who’ve never had to shop at the Woman’s tent store and are wondering what size that is… it’s totally the size of a fashionista woman’s purse).

The “stylish” knee high boot.  I think they really need to make them in better colors… grey is so 2011, y’all.  Plus it totally camouflages in with the cement.  While they were here, Shayne adopted a new furry friend named, Lucy-Fur… she was like his little lamb, except the cat variety… they became bestest napping buddies!

I speak fluent cat-ese… she’s totally saying… bring me a fan, some grapes, and a pool boy, I ain’t no fool!

Back to the pic-a-nic… We know my mom is totally her mother’s daughter because grandma and her pic-a-nics were legendary in Idaho and most of Lexenburg.  Ask her what she wants to do on a warmish day… PIC-NIC is up there next to win a billion dollars and eat chocolate.  Lindsay brought lunch up from this place in Bountiful called Plates and Palates, which totes confused me because I’d never heard of it and so I thought they sold wooden palettes… disgusting!  I make bread sometimes that tastes like a palette… why do I need to pay someone to make one for me?  Then, medical transcriptionist of the year, realized the spelling meant the palate in your mouth and that made a lot more sense… wooden food… for serious, Whitney.  Lindsay brought me the Roasted Veggie sandwich…

It was good, but it would have been more delectable if they had paninied the sucker up.  She also pulled out this bowl of pasta salad enough to feed 6, they said… but the bowl was more equipped to feed an army of 200 hungry men.  

They raved about this sucker… I’ll take their word since there were chicken pieces in it and I was in no mood to play Where’s Waldo the chicken piece!  Pic-A-Nics… totally a summer thing.  Bring it on!

Question of the Day:  Do you pic-a-nic?  Where do you go?  

…. HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!!!  This year will totally be your best 29th birthday yet… and if not, there’s always next year and the year after.    Have a super fantastic day and remember what I’ve always told you… it’s definitely NOT better to burp and bear the shame than not to burp and bear the pain.  Just trust me on this one.  Love, your daughter!



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7 responses to “It’s Like Mary Had A Little Lamb, Except Not So Much…

  1. Avster

    I’d forgotten that our father’s birthdays were so close together.

    Nope, can’t say that I pic-a-nic nor do I picnic… maybe that’s a result of living in the country?

    I hope you offered to autograph the boot. 😀 When my nephew broke his wrist I offered to autograph it and he said, “No.” Then I offered to draw a Peep on it and he said, “Great, I’ll have a Peep and two other signatures!”
    Poor kid was under the impression that only his crazy aunt would want to autograph his cast.

    • Avster

      As for yesterday’s comment… I did have permission…. maybe. 😉

    • Did your dad turn 29 this year too? It’s amazing how fast they grow up! LOL… I’m sure your nephew would have been the coolest kid in town with a Peep on his cast!! I think Shayne purposely didn’t get a cast one could sign so that wouldn’t happen!

  2. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    Question of the Day: Do you pic-a-nic? Where do you go?
    We have a picnic table out here in our backyard and the kids love to picnic out there quite a bit. Most days when it is nice enough, I let them picnic for lunch.

    We will be picnic-ing a lot this summer while we are building our barn. I will load the cooler and we will leave early, work until lunch and then take a break to picnic. After we are done and things are put back in the cooler, we will start working again. Some days we will work from dawn until dark, other days we will work from dawn to mid-afternoon.
    Either way – I have to have enough food, snacks, fruit, and drinks to last all day.

  3. dessawade

    Love, love, love picnics mostly for the fact that we get to be out doors in nature and the food always tastes better that way. My favorite picnic spot is 2nd dam up Logan Canyon. Thanks for the fun day!

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