Yee Haw, Cowboy!

I asked my dad where in town he’d like to go for his birthday dinner, knowing full well the answer would be anywhere he could eat a mooer with a bell still attached to it’s neck… y’all!  Which is basically like a vegetarian’s dream come true if by dream you really meant torture chamber!  I have nothing against mooers, but even when I ate meat, I was never a big fan of steak… it hurt my teeth and I couldn’t stand the plate full of blood that came with it.  Do cows have vampires in their people?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… the chosen place of birthday dinnering:

Darn tootin’, Gomer!  I wanted to ask how much of a discount one could get if they brought in their own roadkill, but I refrained.  You can thank me later, family.  I bet it would be substantial… especially if I “accidentally” hit a beefalo or something exotic.  What does a psychopathic vegetarian chiquita order from a steak house?  SALAD!!!!!  Except, and this was the awkward part, my dad, Mr. Mooer with a Bell Still Attached, was so full from a full day of eating birthday goods, he ordered a freaking SALAD… which made it like tres awkward when I was next up and also ordered a salad… he probably was all like… Go to Wendy’s you weird buckets.  Dad let it slip that I was a veggie-monger, so the waiter dude put on his best salesman chaps and would not let it go that there was a vegetarian option on the menu… 3 sides.  I was all like, no… I’ll just have my salad… so he left, but then he came back 5 minutes later and was all like, you might as well just order the veggie plate because it’s only 2 more dollars than what you are ordering now and I’ll throw in a country line dance on the side.  Right…  Because saying no can only happen 4 times in a row for me, apparently, I finally said yes… and this is what I had for dinner… at the steak house:

If you look reallllllllyyyy closely you can see my dentures hanging out on the side over there!  😛  I should have asked them to puree my vegetables!  Next time, Clint Eastwood… next time.   They also just have these buckets of shelled peanuts sitting on the tables and you’re supposed to eat them and then throw the garbage on the ground like it ain’t no problem having garbage on the ground.  I couldn’t bring myself to do it, so piled my shells neatly on my plate.

Lindsay and Shayne were there:

I also made a note to self that if I ever decided to have a birthday dinner on my birthday at this place, I might as well take up streaking the streets of town afterwards.  Apparently, if you eat there and are having a birthday they make you ride a saddle whilst 52 waiters all yell things like Yee Haw and Ride ‘Em Cowboy… and Hey y’all cowpokes!  

Dad was busy here asking which direction the nearest saloon was.  I reckon it’s up the road aways… take a turn at the rattler and giddy up till ya’ come to porcupine pass.   I was waiting for them to bring out the hat and the spurs.  Maybe next time, Clint Eastwood… maybe next time.

Happy Birthday, Dad… pardner it up and order a steak next time!

Question of the Day:  If you could choose, which restaurant would you go for your birthday dinner?




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16 responses to “Yee Haw, Cowboy!

  1. Happy b-day to your Padre! IF it were my birthday, I’d go to the Mellow Mushroom and order the avocado sub sandwich. Very tasty!

  2. cl2

    So–were those mashed potatoes? I love TRH mashed potatoes with cream gravy! I think they have good salads, too, and love their rolls. I actually usually get “road kill” when I go there. I wouldn’t mind going there on my birthday–except for the crowds–and I would never ride the saddle. I hate it when someone tells the servers it is my birthday and they sing to me. Last year, I went to Red Lobster–had never been there before. I thought it was “okay.” Personally, I like somewhere like Spaghetti Factory or, in Logan, Elements, used to like Iron Gate–not so much anymore–or I do really like Cafe Sabor. I love breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

  3. Louisa a.k.a. ProudMomToTwo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( Whitneys’ Dad) !!
    Loved the pics…lol.
    Looks like fun was had…and memories were made.

    If that was all they brought me, Whitney, three little sides – I would have had to consume that whole bucket of peanuts myself. Totally not sharing with the people that actually got a meal! They should have SOMETHING for a vegetarian …yeesh. Meat eaters don’t only eat-out with other meat eaters for heaven’s sake.

    Throw those shells on the floor by golly! LOL – no really we have a steakhouse here called Colton’s that does the same thing.
    While everyone around us it pitching their shells to the floor, there was my little family piling them neatly on plates. LOL
    The waiters face was hilarious.
    I wanted to see if the kids were going to be as neurotic as my husband and I so I told them they could sweep their piles off onto the floor like everyone else. I had to laugh at my son b/c he just looked at me so strange. Then because I laughed, he thought I was kidding. I laughed harder at that which just made him give me that smirk that says, “yep- she’s gone ’round the bend.” By then, I am in tears laughing so hard. And so it goes…

    Question of the Day: If you could choose, which restaurant would you go for your birthday dinner?

    Oh gosh, I don’t know …
    I guess probably the local Mexican restaurant or the Rusty Jug down in Eldorado Springs. I would be happy with either one.

  4. Avster

    I’m not certain where I would chose to go out to eat… maybe mom’s kitchen. :b

  5. Deanna

    I love that place, but really? THey couldn’t just let you order the salad without pressuring you to get something else, huh? I don’t know about that. Seems kind of rude of them if you ask me. Happy Birthday Whitney’s Dad!

    I would go to Cheesecake Factory. For the obviuos reasons. Healthy, no. Delicious, YES! Although, I am currently on a sugar hiatis. So far, so good.

    • Go, Deanna, go with your sugar hiatus. You are a braver woman than I am! I have never been to the Cheesecake Factory… one of these days I’m going to have to remedy that. As for the waiter dude, he was nice enough but yes it was annoying that he wouldn’t just let me get what I ordered. I’m sure it was so he could get a bigger tip with the bigger bill, though. I just have to learn to not be such a whimp!

  6. dessawade

    That’s a hard question. I would probably choose Elements in Logan since it is just super nice and they serve up some creative things. However, I love Plates & Palates in Bountiful, Paradise Bakery, Zuppas, and Kneaders Bakery.

  7. Phil

    Maddox for a 2lb steak (rare)and a seafood cocktail.

    • I thought folks went to Maddox for the fried chicken… at least that’s what I used to go for. You and my dad need to rival each other for who can eat the cow with the loudest bell on it!

  8. Lindsay

    Cute pics! Glad you got one of mom & dad together! I would go to an indian cuisine place or . . . . Cucina Tuscano (Italian) in SLC that is my most favorite of all and have homemade ravioli!

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