Short and sweet tonight since I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours typing and erasing the same 2 sentences… empty brain syndrome… it’s real y’all.  I’m having a fundraiser for the sufferers of empty brain syndrome.  Basically, you can forget to come and forget to donate and it would be just as acceptable as remembering.  I’ll most likely forget to host the fundraiser and then forget I left the stove on… yet again!  Don’t be surprised if one of these days y’all see me flying through the air after having been blown out the roof of my house via gas stove leak explosion.  All in the name of science, Einstein.

Another scientific conundrum… the other day a car full of gaggling teenagers somehow managed to run the fence into the field across the street.  It’s not winter, so the roads weren’t slick… it wasn’t raining, so the car wasn’t hit by lightening… and the car did not malfunction since the driver was allowed to drive the car away after the policemen assessed the situation.  The only other possibility… she was swerving to miss Justin Bieber in the middle of the road and/or something about a cell phone… just a guess.

Moral of the story:  Distractions rarely ever turn out to be a good idea.  On this journey, pay attention, forge ahead, and for goodness sakes, keep your paws off Bieber Fever!!!


Question of the day:   Do you consider yourself easily distracted?






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13 responses to “Distracted…

  1. My best guess…. texting….. was the culprit.

  2. Avster

    ha ha ha ha! Yesterday I told my mother that you make a Justin Beiber reference once a week in your blog.

    Yes and no to being distracted… I can have great focus… but I can also allow myself to easily be distracted. It really all depends on my mood. If I have something I should be working on, but don’t feel like working on I am very easily distracted. If I have something I need to work on and I want to work on I won’t become distracted.

  3. Louisa

    Love the lush green pastures and rolling hills in pic #2.

    Question of the day: Do you consider yourself easily distracted?

    I have to stay on task and keep my kids on task everyday with school & activities, so I am pretty focused. They are, after all, kind of like herding cats!
    I can become very distracted though in large crowds and then I get overwhelmed and want to get in and get out. I am better if my Dh is with me. His confidence in crowds helps mine.

  4. Karen

    I really like the picture with the cow. Cute, if a cow can be cute

  5. cl2

    Need you ask? When the cop asked me–were you upset? No. Were you in a hurry? No. Are you on any meds? Not any that effect my mental awareness. You’ve been driving a long time–are you tired? I stopped in Brigham City, Evanston, Lyman, Rawlins . . . He didn’t ask if I was distracted. Was I distracted when I hit the deer 2 weeks before? Actually–no. Just landed in front of me. I was thinking about you talking about thoughtful eating? Was that it? I’m NEVER present in my world.

    • That sounds about like me… maybe that’s why we’re both so dang clutzy! I’d say that deer was totally distracted when it ran right out in front of you… nothing you could do about it!

  6. jen

    Texting and driving is so dangerous. I bet that’s what they were doing. Glad it will be illegal in Idaho soon.

  7. Yikes!!! I live distracted–I’m pretty sure I can’t even finish one complete thought without several tangents forming in my brain.
    I love the cow picture–that is the kind of thing I could hang on my wall!

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