I was riding my bicycle, Rumpita tonight… and I was a bit ornery because I’m having major allergies right now with the congestion and the watery eyeballs and the headaches, etc., and so I was probably scowling whilst I was riding along, especially since I was riding up a particularly steep hill. I usually blame my scowling on having to wear such a hideous thing on my brainium… kind of like a bonnet for a hippopotamus… you can see why I scowl.

So, anyway… I was scowling and pedaling up this hill and all of a sudden I hear someone yell… SMILE!!!  Who the crimeny pants is yelling such obscenities in the middle of the street… have you SEEN my hell-met!  Up ahead, there was an older dude standing on his lawn… just standing there heckling the bikers, I suppose!  So, I bit and told him it’d be easier to smile if I had a motor on my bike… and he proceeded to tell me how much he hates riding his bike up this hill… and how he sometimes gets off of it and pushes it up.  This whole conversation happened whilst I was still pedaling along… and I was smiling… smiling because some nice man took a few seconds out of his day to commiserate with me about my hills and hell-mets.

And you know what… he was right… smiling made all the difference during my hill conundrum.  Thank you, heckling stranger for the pick-me-up!

Question of the day:  What did you smile about this week?  

*** NOTE:  I will be taking Monday off from blogging for Memorial Day.  Y’all have a fabulous weekend with family and friends… remember those who have passed and make some memories with those who are still here.  




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7 responses to “Smile…

  1. Adrienne

    I smiled because you were out on your bike, riding up a hill-way to go!!

  2. Susan

    I smiled because this post made me smile.

  3. Avster

    I think the better question is, “What doesn’t make you smile?”
    Yup, I’m one of those annoying people who is constantly smiling about something. My coworker commented to my boss, “Remember when she first started I had to keep reminding her to smile and now she doesn’t stop!”

    Have a nice weekend, Whitters, and look out for Ursula!

  4. jen

    What a cute old man! And a good reminder to smile and make others day brighter too

  5. Louisa

    Oh – pretty green fields …love it.

    Question of the day: What did you smile about this week?

    I have smiled quite a bit this week.
    I think I smiled the whole bike ride we took as a family on Sunday afternoon ( with my new bike ).
    My kids and my Dh make me laugh and smile a lot.
    We have been practicing my son’s baseball throws and catching each day and that inevitably causes fits of giggles and laughter.
    My 14yo daughter is doing more babysitting this summer. It has been FUNNY to watch her deal with bad behavior & disciplining a very spoiled 2 yr old. She has caught me smiling and even laughing at things this week ( while watching them interact ). I have to report though that my daughter is winning the battle. The 2 yr old is becoming a very nice little girl with MUCH better manners ( at least when she is with us ).
    The baby chicks make me smile too.

  6. I smiled when reading this post. Thank you!

  7. Mary Ann

    My grandchildren make me smile!

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