Electronic Equipment Queen…

I sometimes like to play a game where I guess how long the piece of electronic equipment will last when I am in charge of it.  I swear to you I have like a magnet installed somewhere under my fat flabs that skeewampuses up the equipment and all I need to do is sit back, wait, and rake in the money when I inevitably guess the correct amount of time.  And no… I don’t try to do it on purpose… it just happens.

For example… after I broke my camera on my almost half marathon a few weeks back, I ordered a new one, got it in the mail and already, less than 2 weeks in the lens won’t close all the way when I turn the camera off and the video records in a lovely bluey-purpley-greeny color.  Which is cool and all, except last time I checked my gene pool did not include Papa Smurf or any of the dudes (things?  aliens?  weirdbutt contraptions?) from that movie, Avatar.

Nextly this same week, I broke my desktop mouse in the middle of work… it just up and quit moving… and yes I did try plugging it back in and shutting the computer off, and throwing it at the wall, and crushing it with my Tonka truck… still didn’t work.  So, I had to leave work to go and buy a new mouse… the countdown has started for how long the new one will last!

Thirdly this same week, I’ve somehow managed to break the mouse in my laptop only a few weeks after having taken it into the shop to repair the weirded out Windows system and paid 150 bucks to get it repaired after them telling me it was a perfectly good laptop and would be worth the cost to repair.  To top that off, the place I took it to be repaired (this is a drinking game… 2 swigs of Ovaltine every time I say the word repair oooo… did it again… swig, swig, swig) just went out of business approximately 1 week after I picked up my computer.  There goes the lifetime warranty they offered when I bought my desktop computer from them.  Maybe I put them out of business with my all-things-electronic queenliness.  Call me Queen Electrified… kind of like Queen Latifah, except really different… and a much lamer thing to be queen of.  So, anyway… when I click the left side of the mouse, it brings up what it would bring up if I clicked the right side of the mouse… and when I click the right side of the mouse, it brings up the number for the Behavioral Health Unit.  JOKES… it doesn’t bring up anything, but that would be really beneficial if it did bring up the BHU number… I’m telling you!

All this to say… if I disappear from blogging land for a few days, you will know what went down in my Queenly Land of Loserville… meanwhile… anyone have a TV or something they need me to break?

Question of the Day:  I’m looking for a quality point-and-shoot portable camera… it needs to rock my socks… what kind of camera do you own?  Do you like it?  




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11 responses to “Electronic Equipment Queen…

  1. Louisa

    Question of the Day: I’m looking for a quality point-and-shoot portable camera… it needs to rock my socks… what kind of camera do you own? Do you like it?

    OOh – pretty pic!! I love all the colors…

    I have a FUJIFILM FinePix S1500
    Here is a link if you want to see it – http://www.amazon.com/Fujifilm-FinePix-Digital-Stabilized-Optical/dp/B001QENO7A

    I got it for Christmas ( from my Dad ) a few yrs ago and it is still doing great.
    It is easy to use and my kids ( age 11 and 14 ) are even excellent at taking photos with it. My husband, however…..lol. No, just kidding. He can take a pic with my camera too. What he has wrong has nothing to do with the camera! {snicker}

  2. Sorry to hear about your camera… I don’t have a nice one, but the Cannon PowerShot Elph 300 HS, Panasonic Lumix DMCFX78, and the Panasonic Lumix DMCZS10 were rated the top three Point and Shoot Digital Cameras by “Top Ten Reviews”… see http://point-and-shoot-camera-review.toptenreviews.com/ for more info.

    • Thanks for the link! Will definitely check those out, Julie! The one I have is a Panasonic Lumix, but I must have gotten a bum one because I too read the reviews were shining!

  3. cl2

    Mine is an Olympus that Mike gave me for my birthday about a year ago. I had never owned a digital camera. I don’t use it a lot, but it still works after a year. Knock on wood! My daughter goes through one digital camera a year. I’d have to find my box to tell you what model or whatever they call them. He has been an photographer for 40 years or so–in terms of he has done it professionally before–so I know he researched this camera before he bought it.

    Ask Rachel how many things go wrong with my electronic equipment. Some days I want to scream–but no matter what I do, it never ends, so sometimes I just accept that it will always be this way–so just roll with the punches?????

    • Will have to check out the Olympus crew! I’m with your daughter… I go through the little cameras like water it seems. Roll with the punches sounds about as good as it’s going to get!

  4. kittywampus

    You know that Windows lets you alternate the primary &secondary button on mice right? Did you make sure your setting is correct?

    As for digicams I have a Nikon which is ok. I’m contemplating getting an Olympus but i’m in no hurry. Many smartphones these days have pretty good cameras too, though i think all those Instagram & Hipstamatic filters are way overused.

    • Now I’ll have to Google how to change the settings to see if that is the issue. I don’t recall changing them but I could have scraped over a button when I was cleaning it the other day. I’m good at that too! Thanks for the heads up, Kit!

  5. Adrienne

    For point and shoot, I love Canon.

  6. Adrienne

    PS – Not knowing exactly what socks you are rocking, this is the most specific I can be. 🙂

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