Too Much Information… Seriously…

Memorial Day weekend… most importantly, a time to remember the brave and selfless folk who fought for our country and lost their lives so we could have our freedom.  Also, the unofficial kick off to summer… if your summer includes cold, rain, hail, and more cold.  I’ve always said that the reason Memorial Day weekend always has such crappy weather is because God is weeping for those who died too soon.  The weather may not have been ideal, but there were plenty of other things to do… like…

Sleep… note:  this is an unauthorized picture and Lindsay will most likely murder me in my sleep… if that’s the case, can y’all get my story on 48 Hours:  Mystery… lifelong dream at hand.

Play games… it’s pretty sad when a 6- and 4-year-old can smoke me at pretty much any game that doesn’t require being tall to win.

Have a fashion show wearing Madre’s muumuus… don’t Jen-Jen look dee-vine?

Hang out with adoradable 2-1/2-month-old baby, Cruz.  I told Jen, I wouldn’t post any of the bajillion and a half pictures I took of the cute little guy on the interweb and I’m a gal of my word… so instead I’ve taken the liberty to draw an exact replica of me holding baby Cruz… FYI:  the arms and legs to torso ratio are accurate and to scale… plus as you can plainly see I’m having a mah-velous hair day… Move over, Picasso!  For serious!

Go to a fancy schmancy restaurant and eat things cooked in wine and decorated with weird sculpturey thing-a-majigs sticking out of them.  Hi… I just came from Mayberry… durrrr…   This was also the point where Lindsay proceeded to embarrass the poor young waiter dude by asking him if we could have a box so that Jen could go and breast feed.  Y’all should have seen the poor dude’s face.  He was all like, shutupshutupshutupshutup!  It was only after the fact that Lindser decided that may have been TMI for such a young’un… he must not read Time magazine.  There you go, waiter dude… next time bring a notebook and we’ll go over the topic of PMS and woman hormone hoarding time.  You’re gonna LOVE it!

Question of the Day:  What did you do for Memorial Day weekend?  How was the weather?   😛



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19 responses to “Too Much Information… Seriously…

  1. jen

    I didn’t know Lindsay said that. How funny! Wish I could have seen his face. Cute drawing by the way. About yesterday’s post (which I just now read), we have a Sony cybershot that has worked well for the past few years with no problems.

  2. We went to our neighbor’s backyard pool party, and enjoyed a nice cook out with all our neighbors. Then we played the game of “Clue” with our kids and my in-laws.

  3. cl2

    I was alone in Colorado–Mike was in Canada visiting his daughter (long-time planned–I was supposed to be home before now). No car. I worked. It was NICE here. Where was that you were eating?

    • Friday!! That’s tomorrow. Travel safe, Colleen. That’s a long drive! That was Elements!

      • cl2

        I won’t be driving home yet. I’m going to supposedly drive it around here for a few days to make sure it is running okay. Now–tell me how I’m going to drive it from Laramie to Longmont, CO? The traffic is horrible in some areas. I’m having huge anxiety about it. I think someone should drive out here and get me!!! (ha ha)

        Now–why didn’t I recognize Elements? I love the place–the sweet potatoes!!

  4. cl2

    I must add–my car is supposed to be fixed by Friday. YAY!!!!! Now–let’s see if I dare drive.

  5. Avster

    I hung out with my nieces and nephews… roasted some Peeps over the fire… mowed the lawn… moved some hay wagons… laughed at my niece for falling into the creek and proceeding to lose her shoe in the mud… her mother wasn’t very amused though. 😉

    • Avster

      As for yesterday’s blog, which I somehow missed reading (yes, you may give me a whack for that)… I’d go with either a Canon or a Nikon. They’re the top of the line for a reason. Fuji and Panasonic-Lumix should be okay as well… but Canon and Nikon are my favorites.
      Definitely do not go for a Sony.

      As for me, I’m awesome at breaking electronics as well. Growing up, if any electronic broke I was always the one blamed for breaking it- even if I didn’t touch it. Apparently all I had to do was walk by it. :s
      I have my mouse buttons reversed as the left button randomly double clicks, making it very frustrating to use!

    • Oh yes… the infiltrating the Peeps to the nieces! She probably will rue the day she ever fell into the crick!

      Nikon and Canon are definitely on my list. My big camera is a Nikon, I’m venturing to guess that your favorite of the two is the Canon! 😛

  6. Louisa

    Question of the Day: What did you do for Memorial Day weekend? How was the weather?

    We took the horses to get their hooves trimmed.
    Visited with friends.
    Babysitted the neighbor’s 2 yr old on the trampoline and the sprinkler.
    Played baseball.
    Took a family bike ride.
    Cleaned and set up the pool.
    Played in the pool.
    Vacuumed out the vehicles.
    Washed the driveway and front of the house.
    Built a movie cabinet for storage.
    Built shelves in our garage.for more storageHauled & sold a dining table, washer, and vacuum at MIL’s flea market store.
    Fertilized the garden and flower beds.
    Played with the baby chicks and moved them outside.

    The weather was HOT – in the mid 90’s here in Missouri. No rain. We did have a nice breeze though so that was a blessing.
    We all got sun.

    • Now that sounds like a day filled with some great accomplishments and fun all rolled into one! I used to love jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath it! Oh to be a kid again!

  7. The weather here was nice on Memorial Day (or Oreo day, as my 5 yr old called it), if not a bit humid for my tastes. We went on a family hike. We actually found enough of a hill to make it a hike. It was all very pretty and green.
    Great pictures! I especially love the drawing 🙂

    • Look at you all active family time and such! This hill you talk about sounds intriguing! Also, I will not believe that your middle dude is already 5 years old… I swear the last time I saw him he was like 2! I’m going to need pictures at some point!

  8. Lindsay

    Yes I WILL KILL YOU! Thanks for posting unauthorized pics! Yes that was embarrassing only for the waiter though…. oh and you whit!

    • All I ask is that when you’ve killed me you make up a great sob story for my episode of 48 Hours… I might want to record some tapes before then, so give me a heads up on the day.

  9. Deanna

    It sounds like you had a nice weekend, other than the weather. The family time sounds lovely!

    My weekend was less than thrilling. We had recently adopted a cute little 15 pound terrier. He has strongly disliked me and since my husband was working overnights this past weekend, it was me versus dog. All…weekend….long. He really hates me. For real.

    • Oh no!! Well, isn’t that always the case. For all the generosity you gave out by adopting him, he hasn’t seen fit to return the kindness yet!! I really hope that with time he mellows out and warms up to you… because that would just be miserable!

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