It’s Not Easy Being Green…

The Farmer’s Market is totally open for business for the year, which is totally cool because it’s been a long time since I’ve been around so many hairy arm-pitted chics wearing tank tops.  Nothing wrong with that, except, please leave your arms to your sides at all times… or at least until I’ve left the premises.  I went to the market on Saturday… the first time this season… and what did I see.  A LOT of green.  There isn’t much growing going on here during the winter and spring months, so all they really had to sell was green lettuce in 52 different varieties and various vegetable plants… for planting… duh.

I’d say at least 75% of the booths looked like this… which would be cool and all, except my green thumb fell off years ago… can you believe I worked in the Garden Shop at K-Mart for at least 5 years?   This might be a good time to let Madre know that I’ve already managed to kill at least 35% of her potted plants.  And before you get all pissy, I am following your watering schedule to a T!!!!   I think they all just hate me and are on strike.  Either way, I gave them all a blessing and hopefully they magically revive by next Mondee.

Oh look… some purpley green stuff!  I can’t tell if that lady in the background was putting a voodoo spell on the weird chic with the camera or if she was posing for my 2013 Calendar… Ladies of the Lettuce Leaves.

Now that I’m looking at this picture, I totally want to go back and buy that poor little lonely flower on the far left.  He was probably the runt of the litter.

And then there was this guy… not exactly sure what one does with a horn that long… but that didn’t stop him from playing his one note for like 20 years.  He’s a one note wonder!  The best part of the day, discovering this flavor of popcorn:

Oh, heavenly lemony stuff!  It was super yumtastic… and it totally went well with my sour attitude… get it?  Oh laws, I just can’t with these puns today… a bunch of lemons, if you ask me!

Question of the Day:  Have you been to the Farmer’s Market yet this year?  Any fun purchases? 




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9 responses to “It’s Not Easy Being Green…

  1. Natalie

    I need to get to the farmers market! I haven’t yet this year!

  2. Avster

    You and your lemon flavored things!

    Oh, that’s a Swiss horn. They used them in the alps to communicate with one another. I believe each horn had a different pitch. They also had a pattern if there were an emergency.

    I’m not positive if I’ve ever even been to a farmer’s market… not much reason to go when one grows the stuff in their own garden.

    • It only plays one note… what kind of a horn is that supposed to be… ONE note! Okay, I’m over it. You could pass some of your green thumb this way and that way I could keep the plants alive over here!

  3. Deanna

    I have yet to hit up a Farmer’s Market – at all. I really want to though! That is my goal this year – to finally get out there and check it out.

  4. Yummy looking popcorn! And I love the daisy picture! I haven’t made it to the Farmer’s market yet this year–maybe Saturday 🙂 It has a bit of a different feel here, than in Logan, but full of yummy fruits and veggies nonetheless.

  5. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Have you been to the Farmer’s Market yet this year? Any fun purchases?

    Those pictures bring back memories…
    I used to work at the Farmer’s Market up north of us. The lady I worked for ( in the spring and summer months ) grew all kinds of berries. In the spring, I would sell her asparagus and in the summer, all her berries and her honey.
    People would come and stand in a line that stretched out and down the isle-way for those fresh items.
    She used to say I was her best seller and I could sell anything but her product sold itself – I was just friendly and efficient and fair.
    I miss doing it but I don’t miss the crappy truck she had be drive and the set up and break down of the stand – ugh!
    Took me 5yrs of complaining about the junkie appearance before she would buy a couple nice sturdy tables and a pop-up tent for shade, and a decent sign advertising her company name. Still had to drive the beat up old farm truck though with no radio, windows that cranked down only sometimes, no AC, a big hole in the seat, and no muffler and a tail gate that was held on with a tie-down strap.
    After 7 years, I had enough.

    I really haven’t been back to the Farmer’s Market since. I have driven by, slowly, at the one in the city ( just east of us ) and browsed. It is a lot smaller than the one I used to work up north. Only about 6 stalls of things for sale. Mostly flowers, hanging baskets, some baked goods, and some fresh produce.

    I guess I just like my veggies I grow in my garden and as for the flowers and plants…I like to trade and get stuff for free or starts to grow myself.


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