The Top 10 List…

Top 10 Reasons I Cannot Write a Post Tonight:

10 – The word starts with an L and ends with a Y and I’m pretty sure there is probably an A and Z somewhere in the middle of those.

9 – For the love of gambling, Union Rags took the Belmont Stakes by a nose hair!!!!!   (FYI:  I have never in my lifetime been into the horse races, but for some unforeseen reason I sat on my couch and stared at that sucker for like 30 minutes on Saturday… most likely drooling… no… I take that back… for SURE drooling… but most likely foaming at the mouth.)

8 – I burnt my dagnabbed arm on the dagnabbed oven door whilst making my dagnabbed sugarless muffins tonight… Dagnabbed thing.  If you’re going to make an oven door, it needs to be heat proof… errr… child proof?  Whitney proof?  Whatever it is… it needs to dagnabbed be one of those things!

7 – Did I mention that one L word that ends with a Y?

6 – If I did write a post, it would most likely consist of these words:  Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon… since I have that wonderful (insert sarcasm) song from the 80s jabbing at the back of my eye sockets like a dulled rusted out knife.  Boy George… is that you?

5- My tooth hurts… time to call Clear Choice dental implants for all my implanting dental needs!

4 – Union Rags is not a name (see #9)… it’s like clothing the union people wear.  I’d name him something like Mr. Ed or Fluffy (IRONY IS HILARIOUS) or Wins the Race By A Nose Hair.  Union Rags my rear pancreas.

3 – No, I have not had any more caffeine since Thursdee night… why do you ask?

2 – I just sat and stared at my computer screen for 15 minutes thinking of what #2 should be… there… there’s your #2.

1 – I can’t remember which day is which day… that’s what happens to me every time I work the week and the weekend… the days just all blur together into one gigantic MEGA DAY!!!!!!!   They should make a day named that… that’s a cool-sounding day, right there!!

Question of the Day:  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  




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12 responses to “The Top 10 List…

  1. Avster

    hmmm… Ooh! I know! Lucky! That’s the word!

    Lets see… Saturday I worked… and watched the Belmont… and attempted to solve a confuzzling problem…. even genius bro. couldn’t figure that one out.
    Sunday was church… and then some more work on the confuzzling dilemma.

    • Lucky would be the word, but I still don’t see an A or a Z in the word lucky… unless they are silent letters? Who knows… could totally be true! I hope you solved your confuzzling dilemma. Does not sound fun to have to spend 2 days trying to solve it… and even genius brother couldn’t help? What do you pay them for!?

  2. Deanna

    Hehehe!!!! Silly! It’s alright. You can come up with something brilliant tomorrow! 🙂

    My weekend was busy, but full of fun. Saturday was spent on a boat, on a lake with my son and our close friends and family. My son (5 years old) even decided that he wanted to try tubing for the first time. Note to those who try this for the first time since the teenage years. My chest muscles and biceps are STILL killing me! OUCH! That’s tough work. I wasn’t sure how to log this into MFP though. HAHAHA! It was about 95 degrees on Saturday too and not a cloud in the sky, so the sun just drained us. I was planning on a 12 mile bike ride on Sunday morning before the heat kicked in, but I was too exhausted from the previous days escapades in the sun. I cleaned up the house and hit Zumba in the afternoon on Sunday, got some grocery shopping done and then dinner with my boy.

    Phew! Sheesh. I just broke down every minute for ya there, didn’t I? Sorry about that!

    • What a fun weekend, Deanna! I so need to get out on the water some time this year. It’s been so long since I’ve done that. I do not blame you for skipping the bike ride on Sunday from soredom! Your muscles needed a chance to recuperate!

  3. dessawade

    Hey Whit, it’s good to be back home so I can read your blog regularly. I spent the week in Canada and had a great time but there is something to say about being home and back on a schedule.

  4. cl2

    I got a new toaster/convection oven at Christmas and it has a surface close to the door “pull”–what is it? (Wait until you are 55 and then your mind will really be dead!)–but I burn myself every time I use it. I spent a lot of time working, too, but did make it to see “Men in Black 3” and I never even saw the first 2. I liked this one a lot more than I ever thought i would.

    • Ugh… see, Colleen? Ovens are horrid!! How do you like your Convection oven? I’ve always wanted to get one. Seems like a great idea, especially in summer so that the big oven doesn’t heat the house to death. Glad to know MIB3 was good. I was considering going to see it!

  5. Dena

    Ok, Whitney, so this has nothing really to do with your blog except that I thought it was a strange coincidence that I, too, have never been to a horse race, and never watch them on TV but for some reason I was glued to the Belmont Stakes race. I was glad I watched it in the end….it was pretty exciting!

    And that’s all I had to say. 😛

    Oh yes, and your picture today is lovely! 🙂

    Have a great day!

    Carry on…..

    • LOL, Dena! See that there… great minds totally think alike! It was pretty exciting when all was said and done, but I couldn’t believe how much build up they had before like a 30-second race! It was comical, actually!

  6. LOVE the picture! I hope your arm is okay.

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