Sodium… Thy Name is Mud!

I’m a cheap wad most of the time.  There are certain things I always buy name brand of because generic ain’t gonna cut it… toilet paper… hand soap… nose picking floss Kleenex.  That last one was uncalled for… I see that now.  So, when I saw this book in a bargain bin at K-Mart for $2.00 a few months back, I didn’t give a crimeny puff that I had zero people children and zero family or that it had the grotesque “D” word I despise on the cover, I bought it anyway because at $2 it matched my cheap wadly status nicely.  I mostly bought it to peruse the recipes and because I was curious what kind of magical plants she could make into donuts… crossing my fingers that recipe is totes in the book, y’all!

Eating clean refers to eating from the land, i.e., food in it’s natural state.  I’ve mentioned before on this here rambling site, that sodium is my arch nemesis.  I hate it… it hates me and we all live  peaceably in the land of  make believe.  The biggest sodium hog?  Processed foods… forever and ever and ever AMEN!  Cooking with processed food is so much simpler, though.  I’d rather go buy a box of crackers at the store than slave for 8 years making homemade… and for those kinds of things I draw the line.  Reading this book just made me want to go take a nap… the lady makes EVERYTHING she eats… from scratch.  Cheese… for crying outloud!!  The lady buys some yogurt from a yurt in Bolivia, coddles it next to her chest for 4 days, drains it using the organic cloth of a monk in Budapest, and somehow it turns into cheese after she makes a pilgrimage to the land of honey and wheat.   OH MY LANDS ALIVE!

That might not be totally accurate seeing as I fell asleep during the cheese-making process chapter!  That aside, because of this book and my aforementioned water retention issues, I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat less processed stuffs over the last few weeks.  Get my sodium intake per day well below the 2500 mg mark… and if possible well below the 2000 mg mark.  It has required careful planning and finagling and a lot of extra cooking.  For example… this past weekend during my usual marathon cooking session in which I make all my meals for the entire week, I had 12 recipes… count them… TWELVE recipes to make… for one person to eat over 5 days.  I’m also a serious refrigerator space hog… but that just means I care whether or not I get Salmonella poisoning.

I’ll probably go into the recipes that worked and what didn’t throughout the week, but clean eating lady… you got me on one point.  I’ll buy my dagnabbed cheese from the store, but you’ve inspired me to be less lazy when it comes to cooking.  I’ll give you that!

Question of the Day:  Do you buy generic or name brand?  Are there certain things you won’t buy generic?  



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8 responses to “Sodium… Thy Name is Mud!

  1. Avster

    It really varies on the product. On the whole, I don’t buy generic… if it’s for a recipe that requires a lot of ingredients- especially pricey ones- then I will go for generic.
    For example, I almost always purchase generic cream cheese. When one is saving a dollar per package and one needs four packages…. oreo cookies I buy generic as again, it’s generally way cheaper. ( The oreos are for recipes.)

    I would never purchase generic meat… it’s generic for a reason.

  2. Deanna

    I would love to hear which recipes worked out for you! Sodium and I have a rocky relationship as well. I retain water very easily and am always looking for ways to cut it down. You and I make good recipe buddies, ya know that!?

    Hilarious description of homemade cheese making by the way! 🙂

  3. Susan

    I buy a mix of generic and name brand. Butter, cheese – generic. Peanut butter is always name brand. I learned that lesson the hard way!

  4. Louisa

    Another gorgeous photo, Whitney.
    Yes, I am finally back to the living and replying to your blog.
    It has been a tough couple of weeks. This week was Scout Camp with my 11 yr old. Oh my heavens!! It was insane but every year we do this I see my son grow more, come out of his shell more, gain more confidence, and our bond connection gets even stronger. He learns so much and he does such wonderful things that it gives me that little glimpse into the man he will one day be.
    (sniffle )
    I’m having a moment.
    The week before that was my son’s 11th birthday week and we filled it with so much stuff that all he could say was “this is the BEST birthday E V E R !!!”
    (that is what every mother wants to hear….right?)
    We are ready to sleep – in tomorrow.

    Question of the Day: Do you buy generic or name brand? Are there certain things you won’t buy generic?
    We used to buy everything generic ( at Aldis mostly ) but since trying to change over to clean eating, we have been buying a lot less canned items and boxed items and convenient items. We aren’t buying anything processed anymore ( that I can think of).
    We have switched to whole foods, fresh frozen foods, fresh produce and growing more of our own food in our garden.
    My Dh still has to buy Central Dairy ice cream He doesn’t like the other stuff.
    That is all that I can think of though. Keeping in mind that my head is mush and I am exhausted…

    • Sounds like y’all need a nap, Louisa!! Thank goodness the weekend is right around the corner. I hope you get the relaxation time in. Your son sounds like such a sweetheart.

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