Three Is Totes More Than One… and Two!

For the mini lesson above… you are welcome.  Take notes because there will be a pop quiz next week!  I might even throw in a sneaky question like… If one is less than two and three is less than seven… what is eighteen less than… and also, just for kicks and giggles… why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?  All together now… just like me they long to be close to you!  Good ole Karen Carpenter with the vocals of silken velvet.  (That’s probably not a fabric, but I just made like it was one.)

Moving on… I get Weight Watchers magazine… for motivation purposes, recipe purposes, and all around success story purposes.  When I think about it, they should be sending me their dagnabbed magazine for free.  I put every last one of them worker’s children through college being on that diet since the age of 7.  I’m writing up a petition as we speak!  So, I’m perusing this newest issue when I get to an article about triathlons… mini triathlons, of course… we WW magazine subscribers ain’t gladiators up in this joint.  And you know what the first thought that came to my mind was?  That sounds fun… I’m totally going to do it!   Back the insanity wagon up!!!!  Did I just turn into that annoying bouncy exercising specimen I so used to hate to be around.

Annoying Bouncy Exercise Person:  Let’s go on a hike!
Cranky Whitney:  Why, so I can push you off a cliff?  

That never happened and you can’t prove it!  For those of you unfamiliar with what a mini triathlon entails, it’s swimming for 0.5 miles (vomiting for 20 minutes), biking for 12 miles (playing dead for 30 minutes), and running/walking for 3.1 miles (all the while trying to call the ambulance) all in the same few hours.  Biking for 12 miles… easy… I do it daily.  Walking for 3.1 miles… easy… I do it daily.  Swimming for 0.5 miles………………………………………………………….

That must mean I have to get over my crushing fear of germy pool water, wearing skimpy clothing in public, and did I mention germy pool water and wearing skimpy clothing in public?  By skimpy clothing I really mean shorts and a t-shirt because ain’t no way this chiquita is going to be wearing any form of swimming suit.  PERIOD!  I can’t remember the last time I went swimming, though as a kid I was practically a fish in water… a whale, but a fish nonetheless.  Buck it up, Whitney.  You’ve decided you were doing it and come slurpees and moonbeams, you will!!!!  I just need to find a vacant, child-free, fairly clean swimming pool whilst living in Utah.  Quit laughing… it’s totally possible!  Kids sleep sometimes!  For anyone interested… here’s the tri-athlon training schedule from the WW magazine.

For Quick-Change Artist tips, here’s the link to the whole page scan.  Looks fairly easy, right?  Oh totally… said the girl who thought a half marathon would be a breeze!

Question of the Day:  Do you swim?  Have you ever done a triathlon?  Cache Valleyites… any recommendations for places a girl could go swimming?  




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29 responses to “Three Is Totes More Than One… and Two!

  1. Julie

    I swim at the YMCA. Ive done the mini triathlons and they give u motivation to train… And r very rewarding. If u r not a swimmer… You aren’t alone. It’s is mostly technique though and so doesn’t require as much training time as running or biking. If u plan to race in open water you’ll want to get some practice in open water. Lap swimming is very different (walls to push off and no waves to hamper breathing). Also some people get nervous swimming where they can’t clearly see the bottom… Or knowing fish r swimming around them, etc. Practice in an area that mimics your first race condition. Focus on taking advantage of your “glide” and less emphasis on quick movements. That will reserve your energy for the bike & swim. I’m excited for you!

    • Julie! I did not know you taught swimming. I’m so going take this excellent advice and probably have to ask you for some more, so you might want to run for the hills… STAT! I wish we had a YMCA around these parts… not so much!

  2. cl2

    Swimming–ha ha ha. I didn’t even dare wear a swimming suit when I was extremely thin. A thing about too much skin showing. I’m a rather cover yourself with clothing person. I did learn to swim some as a kid and in junior high. No–I haven’t done a triathlon and don’t plan on it. I KNOW you can do it, though. You’ve been working hard on the training already. Keep us posted. Don’t know where to tell you to swim around here!

    • I am SOOOO on your same plate of cover myself with clothing or die trying! It’s very nerve racking walking around with skin showing. I don’t even wear shorts! How did the drive home go, Colleen? I keep meaning to ask you!

  3. Deanna

    This is fabulous, Whitney! I can’t wait to hear all about your training and event as it happens. Do you already have a specific event in mind that you are gong to participate in? Is there one in/near your town in the coming months?

    I can swim, but I don’t do any swimming besides the occassional recreational swimming with my son. I belong to the Y as well. Great place to swim!

    • We soooo want a Y here… there isn’t one… but I always hear so much about it! I haven’t really researched the end result. I might just do it on my own and then maybe try to find one when I get the confidence up!

  4. Karen

    Go Whitney! Great goal and you can do it! Do you know any one with a private pool–this is not California.

  5. Avster

    Swim? More like drown! There’s something in the ol’ genes that makes it difficult for us to swim… my brother had to have a swim class in college and the instructor laughed at him for the first three weeks! He did end up learning how to swim and passed the class, but it took him quite a while!

  6. Natalie

    Skinny, fat, it doesn’t matter. I think women’s swim suits make you feel self conscious no matter what! I just get the frame of mind that I’m not the biggest one there, or the nastiest one there, and blank out the part of my brain that says I’m only wearing spandex covering parts of me. Go in walking like a fully clothed person in your mind and shut up the voices in your head! It’s one of those “just do it” situations. Feel sorry for the wobbly gobbly moms that have to actually run after children in front of people fast! There are always those! They are the ones getting attention, not you!

    • I hear you there, Nammy! I’m sure it’s intimidating for any sized woman to put on a swimsuit. It’s all about confidence and not caring what other folks are thinking in the end. I’ll get to that point eventually!

  7. dessawade

    Go Whitney! That sounds do-able. I could do all but the swimming part and you know why!

  8. You can do this! I do swim. I don’t live in your area, but pools around me have lap swim time for adults. I highly recommend wearing a regular swim suit with a pair of boy suit shorts over them. I think you get more support from the regular suit than you do from the tank top/boy short combo, plus the tank tops tend to ride up. I don’t know if you have Costco in your area, but ours had Speedo suits that were good quality, not to outlandishly cut for about $20 bucks earlier in the year.

    Good luck!

    • So going to have to check out the swimsuit and trunk idea… you are right that the tank top/t-shirt combo is bad because it rides up and restricts movement. I’ll have to buck up and forget about it. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Go Whitney!!!!! Great goals and you can do it!

  10. jen

    How about swimming in your canal?

    • Oh Jen Jen… you must have read my mind and then I slapped you upside the head. The canal would be a FABULOUS idea seeing as I love mud, leeches, and people’s garbage! Call me when you install a big hot tub in your back yard!

  11. I know how to swim – but I totally swim crooked. I’d be swimming in circles if I had a big enough area. I’d have to get that fixed before I ever tried something like a triathlon. I have always signed my kids up for swimming at the aquatics center. I was worried about that cryptosporidium thing going around awhile back – when everyone was required to hyperchlorinate the water to try to control it. At the aquatics center they installed one of those UV filtration systems. My understanding is that they don’t have to use much chlorine and the pool stays cleaner. It’s been awhile since I researched it – but I was pretty concerned about my little ones at the time and that’s the conclusion I came to that would be best for whatever it’s worth 🙂

    Pretty exciting to be working toward a triathlon! You’re a better woman than I, that’s for sure! You’ll be awesome!

    • I soooo remember that whole cryptosporidium scare… and I so vowed I woujld never ever ever step foot in a pool again!!!!! Interesting to know about the filtration systems. Thanks for the tip, Taralee!

  12. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Do you swim? Have you ever done a triathlon? Cache Valleyites… any recommendations for places a girl could go swimming?

    You could totally do it! You already do the biking and walking, frequently. The swimming you will have to train for.
    Good luck finding someplace nice to do it.

    I love to swim but I hate the chlorine.
    My kids swim like little fish. They have been taking lesson every summer since they were six.
    They still love lessons even thoughtmost kids their age have already quit. I guess they think they know all there is to know.
    Not hardly, right!?

    My 14 yr old daughter is taking her last level of lessons over the next couple weeks. She wants to test for Lifeguard next. This week the staff have been testing her to see where her limit is. They haven’t found it yet. The instructor told her today that “she didn’t know quite what to do with her”. She could do everything they threw at her.
    I told my daughter to tell the instructor at tomorrows lesson that she wants to be trained to pass the lifeguard test ( the first time). So, drill her and make it happen!! My daughter said she thought that would be a good idea and maybe the instructor could think it out and have a plan for her for next week.
    Who knows…my daughter might even get to help out at summer swimming lessons if she makes a good impression. She is great with kids and she could get some experience and make some money too.
    We will see….

    • That’s awesome that your daughter wants to take the Lifeguard test and teach swim lessons!! She’s mastering the skill! I used to be quite the swimmer as a young’un. I’m thinking it might be like the bicycle thing… once you learn you don’t forget! Now to just get over myself in the gross water and swimsuit issue!

  13. That’s awesome! I saw a poster for a kid’s triathlon here in August and I thought “I should totally train for that with my kids”. Then I realized, “Oh yeah, my kids still ride bikes with training wheels and don’t know how to swim” Well, maybe someday 🙂
    I totally hear you on the whole wearing a swimsuit in public and germy pool water. If it weren’t for my kids, I would pretty much never go swimming.

    • HA!! The training wheels thing might be beneficial for we adults… see if you can borrow Spencer’s! 😛 It would be better if I knew they drained the pool every night, sanitized the water and then refilled it with water from a hypoallergenic plant in Cleansville!! Why can’t they do that!? 😛

  14. Adrienne

    Where do these wondrous events called ‘mini triathalons’ occur?
    I have no problem with the swimming and running bit, but the biking part would be my challenge – I seriously have a Calvin and Hobbes relationship with my bike. (I am in AWE of you biking daily!) I’m sure my ‘cruiser with flowers and removable basket’ style bike would be the cutest one at the event!
    You can do this Whit. Don’t sweat the bathing suit thing – get one that holds stuff in comfortably (aka ‘will not leave stuff hanging out mid stroke’) and go for it!

    • LOL!!! Bikes are scurry critters… but I can guarantee you your sweet flowery bike will be totes the envy of the town. Don’t you forget it!! Thanks for the confidence boost, Adrienne! Totally going to have to suck it up and just find a place to swim! I’m going to shop for a swimming suit this weekend! As for where I would find one of these… I plan on just googling mini triathlon Utah… there were a bunch of sites that had them listed!

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