Summertime Refreshers…

It’s a miracle I’m still alive after having become an unmasterful chef… I’ve managed to slice, dice, burn, poison, trip, drop, kick, cuss, and smack my way through at least 8 of my lives.  If I was a cat I’d only have one life left.  The latest (aside from the chili versus cayenne kerfuffle) was using rotted flour that expired in the year 2005.  I just found it down in the “fruit” room and used it, which is SO unlike me because I swear they could make me the expiration date pol-eese and I could manage to put everyone in the world in expiration date prison.  I’m super strict about that.  Instead I insisted on making homemade low-fat/low-sodium tortillas Sunday evening with rotted flour and didn’t discover (even though it smelled to high heaven) that it was rotted until after I’d eaten half a tortilla… the whole time wondering why it tasted like the bottom of my feet after skimming cheese curds all day.  I’m having convulsions thinking about it!!  Despite all the idiotic things I’ve done, I have had more successes in the kitchen than failures (maybe it’s actually 50/50 or more like 40/60 or… it depends on the week!)  I find it kind of an adventure/challenge to take a recipe and calorize it up to fit my calorie needs.  Now, I ain’t saying anyone would want to eat most of the creations I’ve made… I’m just saying it’s been an adventure!

The latest favorite is not really a “meal,” but a low-calorie/no-sugar summer time refreshment.  I was hot as HADES the other day.  I’d spent the afternoon wearing all black, traipsing up and down the streets in the middle of the afternoon…  When I got home, I wanted a daquiri… and stat.  A.)  I don’t drink… and 2.) a regular virgin daquiri would have been 3 billion calories of sugar… not in my calorizing wheel house at that particular time.  Instead, I found this recipe on Pinterest… Haterz gonna Hate!

– One single pack of Crystal Light (made up as package suggests).  The recipe called for Raspberry Lemonade, but I didn’t have that flavor so made due with Pink Lemonade… I think it actually would have tasted better with raspberry lemonade.

– 2 cups of ice

– 1 cup of frozen raspberries

Get you a blender, throw in the ice and the raspberries and the crystal light mixed with water last.  Blend…

Ta da…  Instant heat relief!!!  This recipe makes like 3 to 4 good-sized servings and the only calories are what’s in the raspberries.  Totally going to make this again next heat stroke.  I think you could probably do this with pretty much any kind of frozen fruit… totes going to have to experiment.  Bottoms up, my pals!  Have a great weekend!  Stay safe in the kitchen!

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite frozen treat?  



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9 responses to “Summertime Refreshers…

  1. Avster

    I like the pudding pops… one takes a pudding mix and some milk, mixes it up, and pours it into freezer pops. Very tasty- especially the banana!

  2. cl2

    Now that is one I’m going to try. I think I can handle making it!!! It looks just like the wild berry smoothie I bought at McDonald’s this morning. I finally decide to go get some breakfast this morning–haven’t done that in months–and they are having some race . . . I thought that was in Logan–not Hyrum.

  3. Deanna

    Oh yum! That sounds great! i am going to have to try that one out. Thanks for sharing Whitney. Hey, how about sharing that recipe for the low sodium torillas too…minus the rotten flour. 🙂

  4. Louisa

    Another gorgeous picture!

    Question of the Day: What is your favorite frozen treat?
    Ice water is my latest favorite thing.
    It is so cold it will give you brain freeze! Seriously!
    It is so cool and refreshing and my kids keep swiping my cup. It is a tall cup
    ( holds 32 oz) a lid and a straw. I pack them cold water bottles but they suck them down and then come after mine. Grrr
    {at least they are drinking water}
    I am prepared in case I get bored with it one day. I have lemons and limes to slice up and put in my ice water to give it a little variety.

  5. Marie

    Oh, Yum!!!!!

  6. Kristin

    Looks good! One question though, how much water do you blend with it?

  7. Katbaran

    This sounds delicious! I have got to try it! Other than that, I’ve discovered Edy’s no sugar fruit bars. They are no sugar popsicles and they are heavenly!

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