Been There… Done That…

You know that awkward moment when you leave a 5-paged essay voice mail only to find out you’d left it on the wrong number?  D’OH!!!  I’m serious about the 5-pages too.  I got all rambley and started talking about idiotic things like pop songs and being afraid of teenagers… then I left my name and my dagnabbed phone number.  WRONG DANG NUMBER!  I’m so not answering my phone next time it rings!  It’ll probably be that stranger wondering which padded cell I am in.

Now that that’s off my chest!  Didn’t make the chest any lighter for crying outloud!  This past Fridee I had the opportunity to chat it up in person with one of my favorite weight loss buddies, TJ.  Y’all might remember TJ seeing as she posted her weight loss story on my blog a while back.  She had planned on coming down Utah way from Las Vegas to participate in the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay… that’s before her doctor put a damper on her plans by telling her it wouldn’t be wise to run it with her knee issues… stupid doctors anyway.  She came anyway to cheer on her other friends running the race and so we had lunch.

It’s awesome to commiserate about weight and the trials and tribulations of trying to lose said weight and the pressure of being a weight loss example and maintaining and continuing to lose and balancing the life and medical issues and basically taking out the tiny violin, playing it for 2 hours and having that other person know EXACTLY what you’re saying because she’s been through it too.  In a way it’s like a tribe of patheticsville on top of a tribe of conquering-ville on top of a tribe of struggling-ville all rolled into one little ball of AWESOME-VILLE.  And that didn’t make a hoot of sense, but that’s just because I didn’t want it to make any sense.  Of course I didn’t get any pictures… girl who lives with a camera in her hand at all times… and of course I probably awkwarded up the joint… but TJs been there… done that as well… so join the tribe, y’all!  Thanks for the commiserating session, TJ… even if I totally misled you on the pineapple-encrusted rice dish!!

Question of the Day:  Y’all… for the love of all things psychotic, please tell me you’ve left an awkward voice mail on the wrong number… PLEASE!  😛


PS – Y’all friends, if you wouldn’t mind clicking on this little link here and liking this here beautimous picture, it would really help out my talented photographer pal, Avster… plus it has carrot cake in it… with frosting.  I hear the cake got rained on, so I’m going to need to have a newly made piece… no offense, but the water from the heavens ain’t sanitary… despite what the heavens say!  Again, this link!  THANK YOU!




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14 responses to “Been There… Done That…

  1. Jen

    That’s funny. I don’t think I’ve done that before. Who did you think you were calling? I bet it is nice talking to someone who truly understands because they’ve been there too.

    • Jen… I have no idea who it was! I think it would be better if I did, though, because at least they’d laugh it off! The lady just gave me her number wrong… the last 2 digits were transposed! Stupid transposing!

  2. Avster

    I happen to think that the cake was blessed with holy water. :b

    I have called the same wrong number several times in a row… I didn’t leave a message though as the person picked up each time. :s Oops. I eventually threw my hands up in the air and gave the phone and number to a different person and they managed to call the right number on their first try.

    • Holly H

      For a couple of months I texted an old lady instead of one of my yw. Poor lady finally called me and asked me to stop texting her as she didn’t have a texting plan and it was charging her each time I sent one. I was a little embarrassed, especially when I thought back about some of the snarky texts I sent.

      • Bwahahahaha, Holly! That made me laugh. Poor old lady is right. I bet she never knew what hit her when you started trying to teach her how to text message!

    • LOL!!! That is a talent!! In my defense at least it was the lady who wrote down her number to give to me and not the other way around. She had actually given me the wrong number! Quality!

  3. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Y’all… for the love of all things psychotic, please tell me you’ve left an awkward voice mail on the wrong number… PLEASE! 😛

    I haven’t left a message like that but I have gotten my fair share…lol.

    Gorgeous pic!

  4. dessawade

    Oh yes, I have done that multiple times at work and mostly they just don’t call back because I am an insurance agent and nobody likes us.

  5. Deanna

    I haven’t done that….yet. Totally something I would/could end up doing though. That is great that you met one of your MFP buddies!

  6. Haha- I’ve done the whole leaving a voicemail at the wrong number before, but it was work related lol! As for getting to talk to another who understands is amazing. When we don’t feel so alone in our daily struggles- even the ones non weight related- they always impact our weight loss and it is extremely hard. So many people look to us for inspiration and motivation and it’s an amazing thing- but it is a lot of pressure- right now I’m having a really tough time health wise and haven’t been able to get any weight off lately.. but I know eventually it’ll start coming off again. Here’s to mis-dials, rabbling voicemails & continued healthy lifestyles! 🙂

    • AMEN, Laci!! We are humans and we aren’t always going to be perfect in our journeys… but sometimes it feels like that’s what is expected of us. A lot of pressure to handle. We’re just like everyone else trying, except we happened to get lucky in the middle and were able to hold it together for long enough to lose some weight!

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