Leave It Up To Lucy-Fur…

A couple of weeks back, kitty Lucy-Fur went missing… and by missing I really mean she wasn’t where she usually hangs out in all the wrong places on all the wrong furniture.  It’s very rare that I don’t see her at all for a whole day… and so I got the idea that she must have joined the kitty circus and left town.  She’d be a great cat for the NBA circus… the thing has the longest limbs, body, and tail I’ve ever seen.  No fat… just LONGNESS!  I decided I best go searching for her… in the past when she’s disappeared she’s been stuck up a tree or eaten by a dog.  I ventured on down the canal bank with George Jefferson (the stray feral cat who follows me around mewing everywhere but whom I still have yet to touch).  We got quite a ways down the bank when I hear that all-too-familiar high-pitched mewing noise and I knew I had me a winner.  It was a loud, panicky mew… like she needed help and was just waiting for me to come and find her.  I couldn’t see her, but I could hear her.  It took me a while to find her… locked away in a freaking chicken coop thick with weeds as tall as I was.  I have no clue how she got into said chicken coop… the fence had that tight chicken wire around it and there were no open gates… she must have climbed up and back down the chain link fence because she is a dope!

I finally found a gate and was able to push it far enough to make a small opening… but like Lucy-Fur could see me amidst all them weeds.  She’s tall, but not like 6 feet.  So, I stuck my head through the little opening and I kept calling her name… and every time I called it, I heard her rustling through the weeds, closer and closer to the sound of my voice until finally I was able to reach out and grab her.  Oh, I forgot to mention… I’m like Super Woman in my spare time.

What did I learn from Lucy-Fur and her escapade?  Sometimes you need help… and that’s okay.  Life isn’t meant to be gone through alone.  There are friends and family to help in those times where we can’t see our way out of the weed patch.  If you need help… ask for it…  There ain’t no shame in it.

Question of the Day:  What mischief have you caught your pet in?  

Excuse the really flattering angle on this picture, but I always find this funny.  Lucy-Fur cannot sleep unless her nose is covered up in some way.  Usually she crawls up onto someone, sticks her nose in their armpit, and then immediately falls asleep… with her nose in their armpit… which is cool because I use 8 gallons of Secret (strong enough for a man, pH balanced for a woman, yo) but imagine if she had to sleep like that next to body odor dude/dudette?  EW!




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21 responses to “Leave It Up To Lucy-Fur…

  1. cl2

    Too early to think–my dog weighs about 6-1/2 pounds and he has to either live with an 80 pound lab or a 90 pound german shepherd. The lab is 10 years old, but the german shepherd??? Maybe 2. I have to rescue him when he eggs her on to chase him around the couch. He fits in her mouth.

  2. Lindsay

    aaaaahhhhh That’s so sad she got scared! Poor lucy, was she asking for me? I sure do love that lil girl! Glad she is safe!

  3. Avster

    Aww, that’s cute. When one of my cats is scared he’ll jump onto my lamp and tuck his head in the crook of my arm. It’s like “They can’t see my head, I’m safe!”

    That’s great that you found her! It’s ridiculous how they get stuck in places. Once they lose their bravado they’re pretty hapless!

    I think you’ve been seeing the adventures of Isabelle… she’s all full of burrs this morning. I swear it’s revenge for not sharing the raspberry cake with her.

    • Who got to pick those burrs out? My geezer cat used to come home full of burrs quite often and she hated having them plucked out. I’d recommend wearing gloves and a bee hat… Also, one of these days our armpits are going to suffocate our kitties!

  4. We’ve come home to our little guy having climbed on the fridge to get on top of the stove top fan, and unable to turn around to get down, got stuck. Who knows how long he’s been there some days, lol.

  5. Karen

    Love the message of asking for help. Don’t know how to survive right now without friends and family who are here some times without my having to ask. Just like you went out to look for the kitty. LOve the animals and the lessons they teach.

  6. Poor Lucy-Fur! I’m so glad you found her, she must have been scared. My cat managed to get her collar stuck on one of those old lawn chairs that had the webbing that was like a thin seat belt material. I came home one afternoon and heard a terrible yowling in the garage. I’m so glad it all turned out ok for Lucy-Fur. 🙂

  7. Louisa

    Question of the Day: What mischief have you caught your pet in?

    Oh gosh…our pets and various animals are always getting into some kind of mischief.
    One chick in particular, “Foghorn-leghorn”, keeps getting out of the enclosure.
    I call him “hawk-bait” because he is going to do it once too many…

    Our cat likes to ‘help’ my Dad’s old ( 14 yr old ) cat through the cat door too. Just a boost with her paw to the others backside…lol.

    Our 7 yr old cat has gained a lot of weight this year since having her bad teeth removed and now it is HILARIOUS to watch her try and squeeze herself through the cat door ( which has not gotten any bigger ). She does ok getting the head and shoulders through but has trouble with the middle. She has a hard time pushing her tummy through and can’t get any traction with her back feet because we have hardwood floors….LOL.
    One time the door closed behind the kids but it didn’t latch. The cat came upstairs later and when she started through the cat door, it opened and she was only half through. I laughed so hard at her pitiful mews. Like she was saying, “help”! She couldn’t get through or backup either way…LOL.

    My daughter’s horse will grab the feed bucket with his mouth and take it from you and then toss his head up and down so the grain rains down. Oh – he is a stinker!

    Just a few of the crazy antics that go on around here…

    • LOL!! The Animal Funny Farm! Watching the poor kitty try to get through the cat door has to be hilarious… poor little muffin. My sister has a huge-mongous cat, too, and it’s trying to watch him maneuver around things!

  8. If we leave the garage door open with one of the cars in it – our cat Zippy has decided his preferred place to sleep and hang out is on top of said door. We’ve pushed the button to close it a few times not realizing he was up there. I think he fell once as the door was coming down – poor guy. I wish he would find a better place to hang out! We try to keep the doors closed as much as possible so he can’t get up there!

    You do have a lucky cat – it shows that you really care for you to go looking for her and save her 🙂

    • Oh laws… those cats aren’t always the brightest critters. The fact that he keeps going back to the door despite having it come down and him falling sounds exactly like something Lucy would do!

  9. Susan

    One dog likes to get in a basket of warm laundry and roll all over it. Another dog likes to take all of the socks under the bed. But if Rose gets into something she shouldn’t, Gigi barks and “tells” on her. It’s like I have permanent 3 year olds.

    • HA!! Permanent 3-year-olds. That’s funny… especially that you have one who has firmly made her mark as the tattle tale! Maybe that’s what happens to my socks that go missing. I swear every time I do laundry, I end up with at least one sock that doesn’t have a mate!

  10. I, too, have a cat that enjoys sticking his nose in armpits for sleeping. He is also a cat that enjoys nosing around in my tote bags and pocketbooks for items he covets, like anything with a rubber band. The other cat goes around the house and steals soft, fuzzy things like stuffed animals, mittens, socks, etc. and leaves his “kills” near my bed.

    • I think our armpit cats must be related some way!! That’s funny! HA!!! The kills!! I guess that’s better than the dreaded dead mouse on the doorstep curse… although, I’m sure you’ve lost your fair share of socks!

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