Happy Fourth of Jewel-Eye…

So, it’s the Fourth of Jewel-Eye and America has survived another year… thank all that be holy my brain didn’t make something implode.  I’m keeping this extra short… SHOCKING… and just want to say that even through this election year when the country seems to be divided and at war with each other, remember that we are all human beings no matter which side of the topic we might be on… and that is more important than any political issue rocking the nation at any particular moment.  Come together, hold hands, and sing Kumbaya or I’ll poke your eyes out… 😛   Totes joking on the eye thing… that was wrong of me… I see that now.

In honor of the holee-day… a few of my favorite patriotic things:

Favorite version of God Bless America is definitely Celine Dion’s version… no contest!

Favorite version of the Star Spangled Banner… again… no contest… Whitney Houston’s Super Bowl Version…

Get back to me when you can sing it that well… and I might change my choices… don’t hold your breath, though!

Love this version of God Bless the USA… the 9/11 mix…

Here’s the best picture I got of the local fireworks tonight… it’s a beaut… put on your sunglasses!

You’ll notice the Dead End sign in the right bottom corner… thus, I call this piece, There’s a Ring of Fire Up My Dead End… I can’t be sure, but I think they call that hemorrhoids… again… that was unacceptable.  Who raised this neanderthol!?

Happy Fourth of Jewel-Eye, Friends!!  Have fun, eat watermelon, be safe, and for goodness sakes, stay away from the hot dogs!  Just trust me on that one.   

Question of the Day:  Do you have any big Fourth of Jewel-Eye plans?

PS… I will be taking the rest of the week off from blogging land… Thursdee and Fridee there will be no post, but come Mondee I’ll kick my butt into gear.  Mark my words!  Have a great weekend! 



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5 responses to “Happy Fourth of Jewel-Eye…

  1. jen

    Wish I could see you today. Maybe you will chage your mind abo.ut the shuttle

  2. Avster

    Just drying to stay cool! The temp is supposed to be in the 100s! :O

    Not sure if there are any fireworks either. My neck of the woods is in a pretty severe drought and the majority of towns have canceled fireworks due to fire hazards. :s

  3. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Do you have any big Fourth of Jewel-Eye plans?

    I enjoyed the songs you linked.
    All favs of mine too.
    I gave my son ( he is 11 ) my Lee Greenwood CD and he listens to it every night.
    He also loves my old Alabama CDs…lol.
    My 14 yo daughter has swiped my Celine Dion CDs…can’t blame her though. Good stuff there.

    Well, my Dh & son were in the 4th July parade here in our town just this morning. They washed and waxed and put some flags on the 1935 ‘B’ John Deere tractor to dress it up for the occasion. We went up to take pictures and catch some of the candy that was thrown. Not a big turnout of entrees in the parade and not a big turnout of spectators either. Not like in yrs past anyway. My son saw his baseball coach and his family there. They were surprised and thrilled to see him driving that big JD tractor and my husband standing on the back waving to everyone he knew ( which is just about everyone …lol ). Ian is their boy and he was jumping up and down and waving to get my son to notice him. Cute. Made his day when they waved and called out “HI” to all of them.
    I got some good pics though. Got in some walking too.

    Not a lot planned for the rest of the day. The kids have already been in the pool and will probably be back in a bit later.
    I am defrosting hamburger to BBQ later.
    I have a cauliflower I am going to steam and melt cheese over.
    Just made fresh squeezed lemonade with ice and maraschino cherries ( YUM).
    I have a big garden salad picked fresh.
    I have a fruit salad made and in the fridge for later.
    I will make an orange jello salad ( with pineapple & minimarshmallows ) as soon as the meat is defrosted.
    I am getting my ingredients together to make homemade zucchini bread and pumpkin pies also.
    While the family is in the living room watching Andy Griffith shows and snoozing ( my husband ), I am busy in the kitchen today. It is relaxing for me though and I enjoy it.

    I already cleaned out the chicken house ( yuck but it has to stay clean or the building up of the yuck is even worse ). The kids will have to go turn-on the sprinkler for the chickens here in a bit. It spritzes them and wets the grass in the pen which helps them to stay cool. Supposed to get up around 104 today. Craziness. I moved their pen under the tree for more shade and we do have some breeze – thank goodness.

    Happy 4th of July, sweetie!!

    • Louisa

      Not that I haven’t shared enough above…lol…but I did forget to mention we won’t be going to the local fireworks display tonight. It has been cancelled in all the surrounding towns and cities because of the drought, heat, and wind.
      We are sticking close to home b/c my idiot neighbors will be setting off fireworks non-the-less.
      We aren’t going to lose our home over their stupidity…that I can assure you.

  4. Hope you are having a great long weekend 🙂
    It is too hot here to do much of anything. Your pictures, made me feel like I was there 🙂

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