Par-Tay In Victor…

Last week, my family… meaning my ma, pa, sister Lindsay, BIL Shayne, and nephew Ethan (nephew Christian had Scout camp) went up to the home turf and bustling metropolis of Victor, Idaho and stayed the week in a cabin in the jungle… errr… wilderness… woods?  Notice I didn’t include my name in the group.  I unfortunately did not stay the week, but I did have the day off on the 4th of July, so in pops a grandiose idea in my noggin space.  Why don’t I drive for 8 hours that day just to attend a family barbecue for approximately 4 hours!?  What a great idea!!!  Tee hee hee hee heee… sorry… that may have been one too many hees.

That meant I had to get up at approximately butt o’clock in the morning to start my 4-hour drive.  Butt o’clock came and went and instead I got up at crack o’clock, which unfortunately is approximately 1-1/2 hours after butt o’clock.  Sue me… you try driving on 2 hours of sleep!  So, I left the house at around 8:15ish, dodged approximately 8 billion farming vehicles going 2 mph on the highway plus a gaggle of older folk strolling along like the speed limit was 15 mph in a 65 mph zone.  My favorite is the ones who think it’s fun to caravan side-by-side whilst going 15 mph in a 65 mph zone… because then they’re like taunting me.  SUCKER… can’t get around us now… join the caravan!  I don’t have road rage at all… why do you ask?

When I finally arrived at just after noonish o’clock, I immediately ran into possibly the biggest event Victor has ever experienced… and in a place with the population of under 1900, pretty much every single resident was roaming the Main street for the 4th of July shindig.  I had to go to the dagnabbed restroom.  I didn’t stop the whole way and now I was in trouble.  I hightailed it into their one and only gas station which was crawling with people attending the 4th shindig, only to find that the woman’s one-holer already had a line 5 people deep.  Much to my relief, the men’s side had no line, so I went in there… judge not lest ye be judged.  When I opened the door to leave, apparently every male in Victor got the memo that it was time to line up for the bathroom.  You should have seen the look on their face when I walked out the door.  LOL!!!  Weren’t expecting that fellers!

Coincidentally, a couple of my uncles and some of their families were also in Victor for the 4th, so we all gathered at the pointy cabin in the jungle for a barbecue.

It don’t look like much on the outside, but it was nice on the inside… on account of the fact that some rich folk from North Carolina own it.

Uncle Phil was the indoor steak cooker.  He kept assuring me that this steak was from a vegetarian cow, so it must be vegetarian meat.  I almost believe him until I turned my brain on.

Stay away from the man with the sharp fork and spatula…

Ethan became good buddies with cutie patootie baby Cruz (don’t worry JenJen… this picture is not a picture… it’s a witness protection program picture since I’ve obscured his face!) and also cutie pie 3-year-old Beau.

Cuzzin Jessica, cuzzin JenJen, Madre, and Lindsay.  Cuzzin Jessica on account of just turning 21 last week was the keeper of the moonshine.  I’m just saying!  😛

Some of the group chill-axing on the deck.  I left at around 8ish to make the 4-hour drive on home… which would have been cool and all, but I got stuck in Idaho Falls trying to get out without running over people attending the firework show… and then again in Pocatello.  Laws almighty… grown folk walking the middle of the streets like it’s cow crossing day at the dairy farm.  All in all I was glad I made the quick trip even if I did suffer a case of butt-sitting-itis.

Question of the Day:  Did you have a barbecue on the 4th?  What was on the menu?  

On the way home I did stop by Gramster and Grampster’s ranch when they all lived in Victor.  Madre likes to regale of stories of her youth at the ranch.

I’m pretty sure they didn’t have a big ole road going through it back in them days!



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16 responses to “Par-Tay In Victor…

  1. Avster

    ha ha ha Your comment about all the town in attendance sounds like my town!

    I use the single-hole guys bathrooms quite a bit… so much less waiting! But yes, it really does make one receive some raised eyebrows.

    No… no BBQ on the fourth… I went to an aunts house and had a brat… the grilled chicken was tempting, but I just rarely have brats so I took a brat instead…. I don’t even remember what I ate for supper… maybe a hamburger?

  2. cl2

    Yes–had a BBQ–just hamburgers, etc. I used to love to go to Rexburg when I was “married” and visit his family with the little kids. I’m still very much welcome, just don’t make it up there much anymore.

  3. Diana Davidson

    Looks like a delightful place and super family! Worth the drive 🙂 We are fairly recent empty nesters with our “grown” children doing their own thing on the 4th, so we didn’t have a traditional 4th of July menu. Just went pre-fireworks to see The Orlando Cloggers. Just because I’ve never seen clogging. It looked super fun!

  4. dessawade

    Fun to reminisce with photos. It was a great week! Glad you made the trip!

  5. jen

    I was so glad you came and were able to drive safely. Was fun seeing you.

  6. I was a piggy on then 4th- but stuck with a turkey burger, some white chocolate dipped strawberries, unsalted corn chips low sodium guac…. but I did try a few bad things throughout the day… ahem 5 jager bombs… yea that’s me lol. The pool was so cold though! Out of curiousity- what kind of camera do you use, or do you use your photo program to edit the colors? They’re always so bright and vivid!

    • Mmmm… your dinner sounded delish… and I’m impressed that you had healthy choices in there with the unsalted stuffs and the turkey burger… and who doesn’t love strawberries dipped in chocolate! I totally up the colors with the free program, Picasa… I don’t do any other editing, but I love to up the saturation so it’s brighter! My camera is a Canon Elph.

  7. That looks like a great time! Way to get yourself on up there!

  8. Louisa

    Looks like it was a very nice time. The driving is always a bit much but the good times and family cancel out the butt-sleep-itis.
    It is a 3 hr drive + stops for me to go see any of my family…

    As for the 4th…
    Well, my Dh & son were in the 4th July parade here in our town just this morning. They washed and waxed and put some flags on the 1935 ‘B’ John Deere tractor to dress it up for the occasion. We went up to take pictures and catch some of the candy that was thrown. Not a big turnout of entrees in the parade and not a big turnout of spectators either. Not like in yrs past anyway. IT WAS A HOT ONE!
    My son saw his baseball coach and his family there. They were surprised and thrilled to see him driving that big JD tractor and my husband standing on the back waving to everyone he knew ( which is just about everyone …lol ).
    I got some good pics though. Got in some walking too.

    We didn’t have a lot planned for the rest of the day which was nice for a change.
    The kids played in the pool off and on.
    I defrosted hamburger to BBQ .
    I steamed cauliflower and melted cheese over it.
    Made fresh squeezed lemonade with ice anda whole jar of maraschino cherries ( YUM).
    I picked a big garden salad.
    I had a fruit salad made up. Good on a hot day.
    I made an orange jello salad ( with pineapple & mini-marshmallows ).
    I made up two loaves of homemade zucchini bread and two pumpkin pies.
    While the family is in the living room watching Andy Griffith shows and snoozing ( my husband ), I am busy in the kitchen today. It is relaxing for me though and I enjoy it.
    All in all it was a nice 4th.
    State wide ban on fireworks so no firework display like in past yrs but it was ok. The heat, wind, and drought is too severe.
    Yes, the idiot neighbors set off bottle rockets and roman candles. Found some of the spent bottle rockets in our yard and on our roof. {ugh!}

    • Sounds like a super busy and productive day. The food you made sounds scrumptious!! They banned fireworks here outside the big city limits… but we’re always in drought mode here in the desert, so I guess they just learn to deal with it!

      Awww… Andy Griffith… loved that man. Madre’s favorite show too!

  9. Liz

    Well, if I would have known you were in my neck of the woods I would have told you to come over and see my salsa band! It was beautiful weather that day eh?

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