The Fridee Five, July 13th Creepy Edition!!

1.  A few weeks back we took our annual jaunt to Bear Lake to attend Juanito Bandito at Pickleville Playhouse… I blogged about it last year too.

The most entertaining part of this jaunt was the dude sitting 2 rows behind us with the biggest, most jollyful laugh on the planet.  Who am I kidding… he was shockingly loud, very distracting, and eventually annoying.  It was funny for the first 45 minutes, but then it got old.  I tried to capture his laughing moments on my camera, but every time I turned my camera on it was like he took a trip to the bathroom or something… and then as soon as I turned the thing off, he’d be right back to jovial guffawing.  It was rather freakish if you ask me… and you didn’t… but I mostly talk to myself on this here blog anyway.  This is the best video I got of the laugh and you can’t hear him as well as I could hear him sitting there… dude was L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G like it be drunk day at the pinata festival!

2.  This is where I found Lucy-Fur the other morning…

Sleeping somewhere she knows she is not supposed to sit… with a dagnabbed drinking problem.  WOE IS ME!!  I have to take my kitty to AA… either that or she is hinting that she would like a Teddy Bear head glued on her favorite alcoholic beverage for Christmas.

3.  This past weekend we had what we call in the Valley, The Cruise In.  Sounds like everybody drives around with their cruise control in the on position, don’t it?  Instead there are a bunch of car geeks enthusiasts who bring out their classic cars (fixed up and pretty… just because you have an 89 Buick don’t mean she’s a classic… I already checked) and drive them up and down Main Street.  They actually close down Main Street for the occasion and like the whole town comes out and sits on the sides of the roads and gawks.

Because Lindsay missed it this year and asked to see a video (there are 8 billion more, Lindser if you want to see more…)  Madre explains why she’s wearing an umbrella approximately 1:30 in.   We did sit on the wrong side of the road facing the sun and toasted to death for the first 40 minutes at near 100 degrees on the asphalt, but the sun then went behind the tree and we got some shade… so all was good on the delicate skin front.

This here is an extremely flattering pitcher of my monstrous forehead and squinty sun eyes and bad hair day, but I mainly posted it to show how well people obey the caution tape… don’t sit here sign.  We sat in front of the IHOP and they are obviously uptight about folk sitting on their dagblasted lawn.  Shows how much we care, IHOP!  For the record, they didn’t bring me out any pancakes… totes thinking about suing. Who’s in?

4.  Another fun tradition… on Sundee nights during the summer, they hold free outdoor band concerts up on the quad at the university.  You just bring your lawn chairs, sit under a tree (THANK ALL THAT BE HOLY, DELICATE SKINS!), and become one with the senior citizens!  😛  JOKES… there are all ages there… but mostly senior citizens… and I LOVE senior citizens… don’t get me wrong… my folks are senior citizens… I just thought I’d open my mouth and insert the foot portion of it.  Mark my words in 30 years when I become senior citizen status, some ignorant 30-something is going to make fun of me too!

Anywho… the theme for this week was patriotic songs… and durn it if I didn’t leave my clogging shoes at home.  I could have provided the dancertainment!  😛   In the above video they’re doing “Stars and Stripes Forever…” and ever and ever and ever more!

5.  Look what I found in the middle of the road whilst on my walk a few weeks back!  I think it’s a sign that I need to rewatch the ENTIRE “I Love Lucy” series or rot trying!   Finders keepers… losers weepers…

Oh… also… if this is yours, could you please bring me the other discs in the season.  Kinda getting tired of these episodes!  😛

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite patriotic song?  Favorite classic car?  Favorite I Love Lucy episode?  Does anyone know of a cat psychiatrist?  Lucy-Fur is a drunk.

Have a fantabulous weekend, cute friends.



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5 responses to “The Fridee Five, July 13th Creepy Edition!!

  1. Natalie

    I always thought I had a monsterous forehead. Come to look at it years later in pictures and I looked the best with my forehead showing. All my younger relatives are bravely showing theirs and it’s kind of cute that way. Who knows? It might be all in our head? Foreheads are in style!
    Love the 2 color shirt thing. I think your just getting cuter and cuter.

  2. cl2

    I’m really not a fan of I Love Lucy–but we have most of the series. My ex and my daughter love her–and that dvd may very well be one of her’s (not really). BUT my favorite episode, “Vita meata vegimin”–sure I’m not spelling that right. My daughter showed that one to me in some of the worst years of my life and I COULD RELATE. I need some of that stuff! I have been to the car show ONCE–and it had to be the hottest day ever in Logan that I attended. All I wanted to do was GO HOME and get out of the sun and the boyfriend thought we had to look at them all over and over and over again–and take pictures. Never been to the parade. I just don’t do summer very well.

  3. Karen

    The cat is a classic. Love it! She sums up the entire blog. Cute

  4. Love your cat picture! I think we sat in the same spot in front of IHOP for the Cruise In last year. Too bad we were a year off–we could’ve hung out. 🙂
    My favorite classic car is a corvette.

  5. Louisa

    Question of the Day: What’s your favorite patriotic song? Favorite classic car? Favorite I Love Lucy episode? Does anyone know of a cat psychiatrist? Lucy-Fur is a drunk.

    Funny Lucy!
    You can always count on her to make you smile.

    Classic car – has to be the ’71 Plymouth ‘cuda’
    I had a Jeep CJ7 back in college – metallic blue with a 4″ lift kit and big muddin’ tires and no top and a great sound system. Here is a pic of the plain-jane model.
    I would like to have a restored Jeep CJ in ‘corvette yellow’ & blackwith chrome trim one day…

    “I Love Lucy” is a great show. My kids love it. I think the one where she does the commercial for that Vitameatavegamin…lol. They always say ” are you un-poop-u-lar??” and can say quite a bit of the routine which cracks me up.

    I also like the episode when Lucy tries to raise chicks and hide an apartment FULL of them form Ricky.
    The one of her and the chocolate factory is another favorite.

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