Stop It, Chris…

It’s nearly 4:00 in the morning and I just spent my blog-writing time watching 80000 DVRed episodes of Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition and bawling like a two-bit hooker at a church service.  It probably didn’t help that the 2-bit hooker was experiencing friendly hormone hoarding with a major case of craunchitis on the side.  I’m also determined to hunt down the trainer on the above-mentioned show, Chris Powell and award him most inspirational phrase spitter outer.  Dude was spitting them out faster than a salad shooter on turbo speed.  Y’all MUST remember the salad shooter?  Laws almighty, hallelujah… put a carrot and a cucumber into that sucker and afore you know it it’s a right proper salad dish.

Anyway… he was shooting out inspirational phrases in all 3 episodes I watched… and I was bawling and the music was soaring and I swear I almost levitated off my couch indentation and soared with the eagle’s nest.   Boy must have a book of them suckers he memorizes or something because ain’t no way he just pops them out like it’s a regular sentence in his world.  Of course I don’t remember any of the phrases now… memory fades after 3 seconds up in this here joint… but there was one that stuck with me… hit me right in the bane of the existence and made me say ah ha aloud and it also kind of freaked me out a little because it’s a true statement and if it’s a true statement that would require a lot more bravery on my part than I’ve been giving the last little while… because I’m in this stallitis mode right now and I feel like I’m not moving forward and I don’t think I’m moving backward (though, there are instances where I feel like I am), I’m just standing in the same place… still as a stick in the desert… and I’m once again going through the motions of living day to day, but not really accomplishing anything… and that makes me sad… and frustrated… and hopeless.

What was the salad-shooting inspirational phrase?  Get ready… soak it in… and get over the sense of fear that’s gonna envelope after you’ve read it.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  

Scary, right?  I like my comfort zone… it has a couch and a blankie with tickles on it and I’ve fixed it up nice to suit my comfort needs… and last year I got out of it a lot… I had a LOT of firsts last year.  But now I feel like those “firsts” have tapered into old hat now and I’m making a new comfort zone with a huge brick wall around it and a moat and a dude guarding it named Marvin… I’m stalled… and that’s making me feel all kinds of familiar yucky feelings of yore.  Like the one where I made myself accept that my life would be lived weighing 530 pounds… forever and ever more… and I’d just have to get used to being that nasty chic who lived in the basement for the rest of her lifetime.   Nope… time to step it up.  That girl is not an option… ever.

Thanks, Chris… thanks a lot, you salad-shooting, 2-bit hooker, you!  😛

Question of the Day:  Have you ever seen Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition?  Thoughts?  



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13 responses to “Stop It, Chris…

  1. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Have you ever seen Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition? Thoughts?

    Yes, I have seen it.
    At first I didn’t like it much and thought it was unrealistic to have these people not work and live their life while incorporating in the healthy eating and exercise changes that were necessary. I don’t understand how they are going to make the proper adjustments and deal with their everyday stressors in this way.
    I am still watching it though.
    I do like Chris Powell.
    I do like his motivation and nugget phrases too.
    I like this season more than last – it seems like he is addressing more of the whole person and their emotional entanglements.

    • This season has been much better that way. I’ve noticed a lot of them do have jobs and do make it work… though there have been some who have quit/were unemployed when it all began. Chris Powell just seems like a genuine dude… he wants to help!

  2. cl2

    Yes–and I loved it. I’ve only seen one episode and it was this year. As Louisa referred to above–the one episode I saw, the girl quit her job to focus on her weight loss and getting healthy. I’ve always thought the way to lose weight would be to go to a weight loss place and only concentrate on that. Life gets in the way–setbacks for me often have to do with, oh, I don’t know, tending a giant dog alone in a state you know nobody in or raising 2 kids alone or even having to WORK. Eating allows me to escape–and when I’m down, I need my food. I’m not doing much this summer either, Whitney, and certainly not driving to Colorado! No vacations planned. I’m trying to walk again–want to get off diabetes meds. So–I’m venting to you. Yesterday was a bad day and I didn’t even binge that much. Bought some stuff, but I just wanted waffles! In reality, I’d prefer to eat waffles than donuts or whatever (or pancakes)–don’t ask me why. I hated them as a child. So–I’ll shut up now. So–what now?

    Is there a way to subscribe to comments on a continual basis instead of daily. I get tired of re-subscribing so I miss a lot of comments.

    • That would totally be the ideal way to get the weight off… only having to concentrate on that and that alone. Sadly, not many folk can do that… sending you walking vibes, Colleen. I know you can get off those meds… it will happen. We’ll hang in there and get there eventually… one day at a time.

      Re: the comments… the only other way I know is if you scroll to the top right hand side of this blog, there will be a orange thinger that says comments… that’s the comment feed. I’m not too familiar with how those work, but you can get all the comments in one place from there.

  3. Avster

    Nope, never watched it.

    I agree thought that sometimes life does indeed begin at the end of the comfort zone.

  4. dessawade

    That is a good statement. Chris Powell was on GMA this morning with a chic who started out at 530 lbs and lost 157. You have done better than that!

  5. jenny

    Whitney… why don’t you try out for the show? I love Chris. I like his approach. That he doesn’t beat you with a stick in order to build you back up. You could get the rest of your weight off….get that skin removal surgery…and get a $50,000 card to WalyMart…. sounds like a win/ win. I think it would be a great spin on the show…. How you’ve lost so much weight on your own…. you have a way to go.. but you’ve lost your mojo. Doesn’t that happen to us all? You hit that dreaded plateau… and then you start the up spiral. Two steps forward… three back. Alls he is gonna do is say no…. GO FOR IT!!!!!! Look at the gym equipment you’ll get to use! hahahahahahaha…….Go for the nutrition advice as well…. I think it’s time to shake things up a bit. For all of us. Praying for you!

    • You know what, Jenny… I totally thought of sending in an application at one time… JUST for the fact of the skin removal stuffs. I definitely need to have that done one day and that would be a great way. I don’t think I’d like the idea of having cameras around me 24/7 though. Scary thought. Talk about comfort zones. I did buy Chris Powell’s new book, though… He can teach me some things through that book, I tell you!

      • jenny

        I know what you mean Whitney about having someone follow you. It would be so humbling. But look what you do for all of us? I LOVE READING YOUR POSTS, look forward to them every day, and hate it when your out of town. I think you would be a blessing to all that would watch you. I think… you oughta go for it! Really… I put in the walymart card…as a funny… but I think he helps you with a food allowance… etc. and you could get that nutrition guru to teach you how to make those darn lentils! Then… you could teach us. Maybe… he would let you to blog about the experience…or after your done. DO IT!!!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL… YOUNG…. you have your life ahead of you! Get her done… get married and have those babies. All he is gonna say is no! Do the video…. write him a letter… send him a link to your blog so he can read your struggles. You have come soooo far…. and there is what …. 2% of the peeps who actually lose weight that keep it off? I’m the gal who is 5″1′ with about 20 more left to go. I have taken 10 off… and can’t seem to get the scale moving. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! So many of us are in the same boat… I’m not sure how much more you need to lose, but I think shakin’ it up some would be just what you need…. and think of all the cool equipment you would get to use in your own home. I think I’m gonna bug you till you do it just to get me off your back.
        Just Sayin’ 🙂

  6. I love reading your words of inspiration Whitney! I’ve never watched that show, or heard of Chris Powell, but that statement sounds right on to me! You are pretty inspirational too I have to say! I’ve been in that stallitis place for awhile now. Work and a few other things have got me stressed to the max and not feeling well at all. I’m not dealing with it that well. You always inspire me to keep trudging along and not give up. I guess in my mind, giving up really isn’t an option though. I keep trying to figure out how I can change my new ‘work and stress’ lifestyle so it works for me. I haven’t figured it out yet. I want to go back to staying home with my kids and cooking dinner for them and my sweet hubby every night – and crocheting for FUN! There was stress then too – but I guess I’ll always find something to stress about until I really change the way I deal with things. *sigh*

    You are super! Sending lots of hugs and good karma your way 🙂

    • Finding that delicate balance is the hardest thing in the world… especially when you have 50,000 things being thrown at you from all directions… kids… husband… job… church… etc., etc., it’s totally hard to make that you time. Thanks for being so sweet, Taralee and I’m sending you hugs and good karma as well. Hope you find some time to just kick back and relax too!

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