Y’all best sit down and grasp the nearest steady surface right about now.  I have nothing in my noggin right now… NOTHING!!!!  Stop it, family.  You will refrain from making some smart aleck comment about how that’s nothing new.  Seriously now.  I really have nothing to talk about… which is seriously crazy since I can usually go on and on and on and on about pretty much nothing.  I’m sure there’s some great topic I could mutilate with my droopy wit and nonexistent charm… but that’s going to have to wait until I’ve refilled my brain back up with words and things that make sense.  I’ll go to Maverick tomorrow and stick my noggin under the soda fountain… Diet Dr. Pepper is how Madre got so smart.  I plan to foller in her footsteps!  Besides that I’m feeling a bit nauseous.  I think it’s from eating cheese that had been sitting out for 2 days before I finally put it back into the refrigeration system.  It was nastee… but I et it anyway because I unfortunately belong to the clean plate club… unless there happen to be crunchy lentils on said plate!  PASS!!

Also I’ve started practicing for my new circus routine, which includes one of those big bouncy exercise balls you can lay on.  I have all sorts of tricks… sitting… sitting some more… bouncing… rolling… and my favorite… sitting!!  Practicing has been scarce because I’m just so dagnabbed excited it holds my weight that I mostly sit there giggling and foaming at the mouth whilst… sitting!!!  Olympic event?  I should think so!!  I’ll let you know when Michael Phelps returns my phone calls.  Fingers crossed!

Happy Thursdee!







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4 responses to “Nothing…

  1. Avster

    I can help put something in your head for you? ~goes to read Whitney’s most hated songs list~

  2. Karen

    I really do think you should submit some of your photos to the HJ for the Cache magazine. They are really wondeful.

  3. Louisa

    Love the sunflower face – so pretty.
    I can see the glorious rain in that last pic….( says the person from MO who is in drought).
    Send some our way please!

  4. dessawade

    I have nothin in my noggin either to post

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