Sleepover Par-Tay… Yee Haw…

I’ve officially ruined the cuzzin’s childrens.  My pals, Kayla and Corbin came over on Thursdee night for a much anticipated sleepover par-tay!  I remember sleepovers back in the olden days.  Someone always threw up on someone else and someone else always woke up bawling in the middle of the night and had to have their parents come and pick them up.  No… both of them were not me… but at least one of them was.  We always tried to stay up all night and then as a result the next day were cranks.  Maybe that’s my cranky issue these days… sleepover par-tay sleeplessitis.

First up was dinner… and I use the word dinner lightly… very lightly… like so lightly you might as well call it Sug-nar.  I may or may not have solved the wild banshee syndrome the next day?  You are welcome, cuzzins Angie and Ryan.


The candies went really well with the hot dog portion… if that were the only sug-nar they ate.  But no… there was soda pop…

Corbin did not drink any… I repeat… Corbin did NOT drink any.  I have to say… I did my best to stop the sugnaring… examples… I made my special sugar-free sour patch grapes… grapes washed and then rolled in sugar-free Jell-O… they were a hit…

Except that afterwards there were also creamies and S’mores… and then the sugar coma set in, so I had to take them on a field trip to get kicked in the head by a goat… I hear that totes reverses above-mentioned sug-nar comatosis.

There were also alpacas…

Yo… wut up, dude… LOVE the hairdo.  Oh, and a baby goat majig who had a par-tay trick… little pellets coming out of his nether regions continuously… do not eat the offerings… I repeat… DO NOT eat the offerings!

I will refrain from posting video of the other side… because the dude was NOT wearing diapers.  This is a family blog for crying outloud, Henrietta!  And then it was nighty night time… not before another swig of the ole orange soda pop… as if you could let something that delectable go to waste!!  Nighty night, Kayla and Corbin… next sleepover par-tay will include vegetables… PERIOD!  I have a feeling they will never want to come back for that one!  😛  Just a hunch!

Question of the Day:  Did you used to do sleepovers as children?  Do your kids have sleepovers? 



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5 responses to “Sleepover Par-Tay… Yee Haw…

  1. Deanna

    Yep! I loved sleepovers as a kid. My son has had a few sleepovers, all of which were with his best buddy. I have such a great time hosting them too. They always include food that is not ultra healthy, but the kids just love it. Pizza for dinner followed by a sugary treat! Then I’ll cook up some pancakes with syrup for breakfast. I wouldn’t want the kids to never come back, right!?

  2. Avster

    Nope, I never had a sleepover. My mother was mean.

    But ya know what? I never cared. I never wanted to sleep over at any of my friend’s homes. :b

  3. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Did you used to do sleepovers as children? Do your kids have sleepovers?

    I only slept over at my best friends house a few times. It was ok. They didn’t really DO anything or make it fun. We played some with her things ( but we couldn’t make a mess ) and talked but that was about it.
    I always had my friends and team-mates out to our farm. It was WAY more fun and lots more to do and we could get dirty ( matter of fact – we were expected to get filthy) and romp and play. My Mom would make big healthy meals and my friends loved the big family atmosphere around the table and the laughing or gross stories.
    If it was a big group, my Dad would make us a big bonfire and we would be out there for hours.
    We always had full access to the BIG fruit bowl on the kitchen table, pink lemonade and iced tea. They would let us stay up and watch tv / movies and my Dad would pop us popcorn. We always had to be up early ( so it was tough when you stayed up late ) and feed and clean all the animals. My friends were all expected to jump right in and do their part – and they LOVED it. My parents would give them chores too. Most times they were asking when they could come back over for a sleepover again by Monday at school.

    Yes, my kids have had sleepovers. I try and make them fun ( like what I had growing up ) so my kids want to have their friends over here a lot.
    Neither one has slept over at anyone’s house. They don’t want to. They always ask if their friends or cousins can come here…and I always say yes if we don’t already have plans.
    This past week my 14 yr old daughter went to Bible Camp for a week and that is the first time she has slept away from home – ever. She had an amazing time!

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