Mood Lifter? Take 2 Nature Pills and Never Call Me Again…

Due to the nature of my job, my days off from work are far and few between.  In the olden days of weighing 530 pounds when I’d have a day off, I’d spend the whole dagnabbed day sleeping intermixed with eating… with a dollop of drooling on the couch whilst watching the Food Network.  That was about as much energy as I could muster back then.  These days I always want to do things.  I use my obsessive planning skillz to make a list of said things I want to do… I like to do something active and outdoorsy… and I like to call up my best pal, Oprah and ask her for a loan.  She must have given me the wrong digits on accident since I always get the disconnected number message when I call.  THE NERVE, Opry!

This past Monday I had a day off… having worked the previous weekend.  I have been lamenting that I haven’t done a dang thing this summer… nothing summery at least… nothing just for the fun of it.  I’ve basically been sticking close to my daily routine… creature of habit… and slave to not enough time in a day!  My plan for this day off was to head up to one of my favorite places on earth, Tony Grove… do a little hike… do a little jig… eat a sandwich in the outdoors… take some pictures… and then just sit in my camp chair in the sun and foam at the mouth… or read, whichever came first.  Due to issues I won’t go into on this here blogging space, my plan to leave in the afternoon did not come to fruition… instead I left at 5:30 to make the 45-minute drive up the canyon… and I was pissed.  No… not pissed… I was madder than a skunk trying to escape a perfume-making factory.  I was mostly mad because I’d wasted a perfectly good day waiting around… and yes, I may have overreacted… but I treat days off like they are rare and precious jewels… and to have missed out on one, angered me.  That, and my control issue of obsessing over schedule… I don’t acclimate very well… just one of the issues on my 5 bajillion-page list of issues I need to work on.

I was tempted just not to go… show them!  But at the last minute, I sucked up my pride and drove on up.  If you’re ever feeling like you want to punch someone in the brainium… just go sit surrounded by breath-taking beauty and shut the heck up… by the time I left a few hours later, I felt like a whole world of anger had been lifted off my shoulders.  Next time I’m not waiting around… I’m just going and doing… and shutting up!

See that HUGE-mongous crow right there… there were approximately 85,000 of his kind flying around and cawing like it was a funeral procession.  My fear of birds didn’t help matters any.

Dude used this canoe to paddle out to within feet of 2 huge bull meeses (cuzzin Carl… where’s my meese-hunting lessons?!!)  Of course I was too whimpy to get close enough to get any pictures of the duo… but they did bathe in the grove for several hours.

Close your eyes and squint real hard like… see those two black-horned things to the right of the grey flat rock… them’s are my meeses!  I named them Fred and Barney.

Go toward the light!  😛  Gladly!  Thank you, Tony and your Grove for providing so much beauty and solace on a bad mood night.  Next time let’s get together for longer, k!?

Question of the Day:  Do you have a place in nature that makes you less grump-tastic?  




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8 responses to “Mood Lifter? Take 2 Nature Pills and Never Call Me Again…

  1. cl2

    I haven’t been anywhere this summer either. I used to go to Bear Lake at least once a summer if not a lot more–started when I was a kid as my parents took us. I love Tony Grove–but I hated it when the lake was drained! I need to do a few of those things this summer–and since I have the weekend off–maybe this weekend. I had the day off yesterday (and my days off are REALLY few and far between–more so now), I did “nothing?” I basically crash and burn (especially in this weather). Again, the heat just kills me! Isn’t it the end of July yet???????????? Come September!!! Can’t wait.

    • You are a fall/winter girl, Colleen! I like the fall, it’s the winter I can’t take… though, if every winter is like last winter, I won’t ever complain again! I hope you make it up to Tony Grove… it was beautiful. And definitely doesn’t get as hot up there as down here!

  2. Avster

    When are you going to learn that Oprah is not the nicest Illinoisan?

    Looks like a fun place to hang out! Did you do your jig? If not, I’ll come and do one with you. I hear it attracts owls.

    Generally hanging out in my garden is a cheery thing to do… but now… not so much.

    • Oprah is the richest Illinoisan… maybe you could borrow some money from her and mail it to me! 😛 As for the jigs… I only jig in my dreams… otherwise, people die off from shock. 😦 Boo on the garden happenings. That is so sad.

  3. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Do you have a place in nature that makes you less grump-tastic?

    Gorgeous pics, Whitney!
    What a beautiful place!
    The moose in the pic look black. The only ones I have seen were brown ( and they were in CO – no moose in MO ).

    My favorite place to go has to be out to our horses. When I ride them I can escape and just feel pure joy. I love to trailer the horses to some of the beautiful Conservation Areas around us too and soak up the joy I get from our horses and the gorgeous surroundings. We almost always see other wildlife while we are riding and that is always special.
    I haven’t trailered them anywhere this year ( so far ) just because of the insane gas prices and now the HEAT.
    I have a trailride in October that I am looking forward to and I only have to go an hour from home. Not bad!
    I am hoping the weather will be cooler and we will have gotten more rain by then also.

    • They were brownish-blackish meese! I can’t say I think moose is a very handsome animal, but they are sure cool to see! The trail riding sounds very fun and relaxing! I love becoming one with nature. I hope you enjoy your October trail ride… that sounds like the perfect month to go!

  4. Holly H

    I had a similar experience just last week. We were in Jackson and I was stressing over work (ie added workload and jobs I don’t think I’m qualified for). We went canoeing in Teton National Park (that wasn’t the mood lifter part, canoeing with my husband and two little boys is not the funnest thing in the world). Anyway, we found a little beach for the kids to play on and I swam out into the lake and just floated on my back for about 10 minutes. It was so peaceful and relaxing, and it totally helped calm me down and readjust my attitude. I think I need something like that about twice a day. 😉 I’d go swim in Tony Grove if I didn’t think I’d freeze to death.

    • I can’t imagine why canoeing with hubby and little boys is not on the top of your must-do list… how many times did you have to tell them to sit down!? 😛 There is totally something about just floating in the water that’s so peaceful! The twice a day thing sounds heavenly. When you find the magic fountain of money that would enable us to do that, you give me a holler!

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