The Night The Mountains Were Pink…

The other night there was a strange phenomena during sunset time.  I was sitting out on the back deck at dusk… darkness slowly enveloping my little cocoon of comfort… like a fat kid at a cupcake factory… when a warming glow began emanating from the mountains in the distance.  Everywhere else was dark, but the mountains had this pinkish hue that gave me goosebumps.

That picture doesn’t give it one bit of justice… in real life it was vivid and breathtaking.  I went around to the front of the house to see where it was coming from… and saw this…

Again, the picture does not do it justice… but it was one of those moments I just had to be grateful to be alive and breathing and healthy… and home.  No matter if in the future I move far away, I’ll always be anxious to come back to my beautiful little valley surrounded by the majestic mountains.  Can’t beat it!

Question of the Day:  Where will you always call “home”?  

Have a happy weekend, friends! 



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6 responses to “The Night The Mountains Were Pink…

  1. cl2

    As you know–I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Colorado. Those weeks babysitting a day for 5 days/4 nights a week were very draining. I can tell you–nothing like dropping out of Weber Canyon on that long drive home. I’m not from Ogden–from Brigham City–but just being back in the place I definitely call home–it brought tears to my eyes almost every time. Anywhere between here and Brigham–definitely my home. I actually feel bad for those who have had to move too many times–who didn’t grow up in the same place and live there for a long time.

  2. cl2

    babysitting a dog that is–(typo above)

  3. Avster

    Definitely where I’m sitting right now! :b

  4. dessawade

    I think I will always call Victor home with Logan as a very close second. I love Logan especially in the summers

  5. Louisa

    Question of the Day: Where will you always call “home”?

    My family farm will always be home. It is vacant and for sale now…painfully sad.

  6. Susan

    I thought I would always call Friendswood home – where I went to jr and sr high. But after spending the weekend there last week, I don’t know anymore. My parents moved away in 2000 – to live near family in east Texas. I have spent plenty of time in ETX, but never lived there. I’ve lived in/near Fort Worth for 18 years, but it’s not home to me. Spent a few years in Denver and Kansas City, but it’s not home, either. It’s a strange feeling to not feel connected to any place. But given your views, I may be moving in with you. Gorgeous!

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