Wicked To the Bone, DoDo…

I was totes Wicked this weekend… pretty sure I’ll be banned from any sort of heavenly place.  Friday, I headed to the big city to be Wicked… when we got there cuzzins Jen and her husband Seth had made the drive from Idaho… no Udaho… to be Wicked with us.  We were all Wicked.  Totes peer pressure if you ask me!

We were actually there to attend the traveling Broadway production of the musical, Wicked!  I had never seen it before.  I’d heard the music and liked a few of the songs, but it was never a LOVE kind of like… more of a… Oh, that’s a song kind of like.  Nothing like the way I adored every single song in the musical Les Miserables… but I had seen that musical on a hand full of occasions.

First set of business was dinner.  Madre had picked this place in the new City Creek great and spacious mall structure called Texas De Brazil… some Brazilian steak house.  Mmmmmm… vegetarian Brazilian cows!  She even made reservations.  We show up… entered in the wrong back door because we all live in hick towns… and then had to traipse all the way through the restaurant… everyone staring at us like we just hopped off the Beverly Hillbilly cart, to the front of the restaurant where a hostess would seat us.  We sat, someone brought us out rolls and water… and then a waitress chic came over to explain how the restaurant worked.  No menus… salad bar and meat… period.  That was when we asked the prices… dude… 42 bucks per person.  And I know it was per person because we asked if she meant that’s the price for the whole table.  I ain’t paying 42 bucks to eat a few lettuce leaves and glare at a bleeding piece of meat with a bell around it’s neck.  No how.  Cheap skate… through and through.  Also, poor as a field mouse and more used to paying $5.00 specials at the Subway.    Needless to say, we all left… stole some breath mints on the way out too for our inconvenience!  😛  Instead, we traipsed back across the mall to Kneaders, the sandwich shop… way more up my alley.  Good laws!

Anyways… Wicked.  The story of the witches in the Wizard of Oz… very creative… hilarious… fun… touching… and awesome.  I loved it… even if I did spend the whole 2-1/2 hours smelling the dude in front of me’s body odor.  An extra added bonus… the last time I went to the Capitol Theatre, I was a teenager… years ago.  I couldn’t fit in the seats.  I sat with my butt on the very edge of the seat for the whole production… miserable the whole dagnabbed time… trying to make myself smaller so the poor folks next to me didn’t die of claustrophobia.  It didn’t work.  The lady next to me left after intermission… she was way too squished with my fat blobules spilling out all sides of the seat.  I vowed I’d never go back to that theater again.  It was humiliating and I was scarred.  I was nervous going this time because of the seats… I don’t know why… I weigh considerably less than I did as a teenager… things would be different.  I wanted to cry when I sat in my seat with no issue at all… I even had room.  What a difference a few hundred pounds make… even if I’m not moving much right now… it’s still important to remember where I’ve been… because I won’t ever be going back there!  Mark my words, DoDo!

Wicked… see it if you ever have the opportunity… for certain.  Thanks to Karen for nudging me to go… even if I was scared of the seating for no reason.  😛

Question of the Day:  Have you seen Wicked or read the book?  Do you have a favorite song from Wicked?  





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18 responses to “Wicked To the Bone, DoDo…

  1. Diana Davidson

    Fun time and you look great in your photo! Congrats on the seat victory 🙂

  2. Karen

    Proud of you and glad you enjoyed it. My favorite song is For Good–duet by the two witches. For I am who I am today because I knew you. I really do like the show and consider it one of the five best. Les Mis is still at the top of the chart even after seven times.

  3. Avster

    Looking awesome as usual, Whit!

    I’ve never seen Wicked, but I know a bit about it. I’ve heard maybe one or two songs from it…

    Seriously, forty-two dollars a person! :O That’s outrageous! I wonder what tips are like working in that place… :b

  4. Nice pic of you and your Mom! I have not seen Wicked but it sounds great!

  5. Christie H

    Yeah slow losing is STILL at least not slow gaining….. an extremely important distinction! I love Wicked! We’ll be seeing it Aug 15th, so I’m glad to know it doesn’t disappoint! 🙂

    • Christie… I’ll just come to you to ask which musical to see because you have seen a ton! Enjoy it on the 15th. I might have to sneak along with you! 😛 That won’t be weird at all!

  6. Great post! I’ve been dying to see Wicked for awhile now. Is it taboo for me to ask how much the tickets were? I was going to feel guilty spending too much on tickets for myself. I really have been dying to see it though…

    So both my hubby and I served missions in Brazil – and we love Brazilian food! I’ve never been to that particular establishment though. Some of the steakhouses are super expensive – best to go there when you plan on eating a lot of food! Have you been to the local brazilian steakhouse, Gaucho Grill? I think for dinner it’s around $18 for the full rodizio, and for lunch it’s around $13. They have specials that are less where you can do a one trip salad bar, or full salad bar, or full salad bar with 3 meats. We love the grilled pineapple. I mean my husband literally cannot get enough of it. It is counted as one of the meats. So if you wanted to try it – get the salad bar with 3 meats. Choose the pineapple, parmesan roasted veggies, and parmesan fries for the 3 meats. I think those are the only things they bring around counted as meats that are not meat. They have a decent salad bar. Skip the beans though (since you are vegetarian) – they have beef and pork in them. And ask the waitress to bring some cheese bread. Yum!

    Sorry for the restaurant plug – it’s our favorite place and we hope it stays in business!

    • The tickets were definitely pricey… I paid at least $100.00… maybe a bit more! I don’t do that too often, but this one was worth the price. The 2 female leads could sang their heads off!

      I have totally been to Gaucho… but I did not know about the 3 vegetarian “meat” options!! I just got the salad bar and wasn’t that impressed because they gave me a small plate and told me I could only do one visit! Next time I’ll have to try these heavenly pineapples, veggies and fry thingers! Thanks for the heads up!

  7. kittywampus!

    Those Brazilian bbqs are awesome for meat eaters. It’s like a dim sum, but for meat. They give you a little colored peg, red & green. And carts come around to each of the tables with various meats. If your peg is red, it means you want food & the carts will stop at your table. Green means you’re done. Or taking a minute to digest until round 2. They have the typical chicken & beef etc, but they also have more unusual stuff, quail, venison, that sort of stuff. So kinda like a meat buffet, but they roll the carts to you, dim sum style.

    • The key phrase would be… “for meat eaters!” I’d venture to say I wouldn’t get my money’s worth as a veggie-bore! But next time I’ll just have to go with the carnivore’s of the bunch and let them have a hey day!

  8. Louisa

    Wonderful that you splurged and went out to a new play.
    CONGRATS on the NSV and the chairs – that was worth the trip right there!

  9. That sounds great! I personally loved Kneaders when I ate there last week for the first time. You look absolutely fabulous!! Thanks for taking some time out of your schedule to see me–it was so fun to visit with you Sunday.

  10. Just catching up on some of your blog posts. Love, love, LOVE Wicked! I have seen it 4 times now – in NYC, then SLC, then we drove to Boise last year, then we saw it in SLC again a few days ago. It is right close to the top of my list of favorite musicals of all-time (just edged out by Les Miserables, which I have seen about 14 times!). I love the song “For Good”, but “Defying Gravity” is great, as well as “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”. If you ever have a chance to see it again, please do! You will get so much more out of it the second time! I know the tickets are pricey, but to me there are few things in this life that I enjoy more than a fantastic musical that can bring me to tears.

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