I’m toying with the idea of not blogging on Fridays… everyone is in par-tay mode on Fridee… and I’m basically burnt out and just writing stuff that sucks (oh no… it’s just Fridays… I guarantee you none of the other day’s topics suck  :P).  I’ll decide by next Fridee… and let you all know.  You know me and my decision-making non-skillz!  I’ll probably change my mind 8 billion more times this weekend.

** Look what I almost bought at K-Mart the other day.  The giganticest jar of pickles I done ever seen in my entire 3 lifetimes!  I also almost dropped the glass jar on the ground whilst securing this picture… which would have been pleasant for no one… but I could have gone bathing in dill brine.  Bring it!  I did not buy said pickles… you are welcome.  I once knew a girl when I was a little tyke who would eat dill pickles like they were candy.  She always had a pickley smell to her.  No matter what.  That turned me off from pickles for a few years, but I grew out of that phase… and if they didn’t have so much dagnabbed sodium, I could eat a pickle a day… keeps the dentist away… who wants to smell pickle breath all day?

** I meant to post the following picture yesterday for the birthday post… but I was kind enough to wait an extra day… you are welcome.  My dad had a Gilligan’s Island-themed par-tay at his assisted living center a few Fridays back.  Madre was supposed to dress up as the rich lady, Mrs. Howell?  I ain’t never seen Gilligan’s Island, so your guess is as good as mine.  This is what the real Mrs. Howell from the show looks like:

The elegant lady with the umbrella.  And this is what Madre’s costume looked like:

The lady in the Hawaiian Floral Shirt.  Just in case you couldn’t tell.  I gotta say… the wig freaked me out.  She looked like her mother, my grandma, had just come back from her weekly hair appointment at the beauty college.  Set and Fry the hair, please!  Sadly, when she went to the party she soon found out that she was the only one who had bothered to dress to the nines… most everyone else wore a lei and called it a night!   Pretty sure those gloves were also my severe hand lotion gloves.  Nice.

**  Shout out to mychildhood/teenagehood bestest pal, Alena, for taking some time out of her busy vacation schedule to meet up and go for a walk.  It’s always a blast to see her… and her poor eldest 8-year-old daughter who had to listen to us gab her ear off.  Such a well-behaved  and patient little cutie pie.  Thanks, Alena… even if you had to drive for 24 hours to get home!

** Lucy-Fur was once again sleeping on the chair she is NOT supposed to sleep on… cats… do they ever learn.  This is what she looked like when I first discovered her there:

Then I got to nagging and telling her she needed to get down and sleep on her kitty blanket… and this is the respect I received:

Covering her ears so that I would shut up.  THE NERVE!  See if I ever buy the good cat food again!  For serious!

Question of the Day:  Do you like pickles?  What are your favorite kind/flavor?




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4 responses to “Randomness…

  1. Karen

    Can’t stand the texture of biting into a pickle–there for do not eat them. Give second and third, etc thought to not writing on Friday. Still start the day with Whitney. Love that cat. They rule!

  2. Avster

    Yup, I like pickles. Dill pickles are my favorite, but from time to time I do enjoy a garlic dill pickle.

    ha ha Love the wig!

    Nooo! Don’t stop posting no Friday! I’d miss my first morning ray of light!

  3. jen

    I like reading your blog every day but I’ll understand if you’re tired of writing on Fridays. Love Dessa’s wig. Have a good weekend.

  4. Louisa

    Not a bad Mrs. Howell costume – too bad the others didn’t get into it. It would have been more fun.

    Question of the Day: Do you like pickles? What are your favorite kind/flavor?
    We can get these BIG jugs of pickles here too.
    We reused the big jug for putting change in for several years…lol.

    I only like dill pickles and I prefer the baby dills or midget size.
    We were invited to a BBQ and lake party 2 summers ago and I took a potluck dish and also a big jug of those same pickles. Wow were they ever a hit!!!

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