Where the #*$#@$ Did It Go!?

This is a family blog (though I know approximately negative 8 trillion kids who would just jump for joy at reading such boringness)… I have kindly censored the above-mentioned blog title… I was really going to say, Where the CRAPOLA Did It Go?  But crapola is obviously a word I’ve had my mouth washed out with soap for… totes the truth.  And according to Ralphie from that movie, The Christmas Story… soap mouth washing totally causes blindness.  No wonder my eyesight is so sucktastic!

Sighhhhhhhhh… that was audible…  I actually did sigh really loudly whilst typing that word.  I sigh when I’m at a loss for words… and I’ve been doing it a lot lately.  I’m a bit frustrated with my motivation right now.  It’s pretty null and void… I’m finding more and more excuses to say to heck with the meal plan… and I feel like I have little desire to want to stay on said meal plan.  The exercising thing is still fine… I’ve made that a habit and it’s because I do things I actually enjoy.  Thus, the reason my strength training falls by the wayside more than not… and by wayside… I really mean wayyyyyyyyyy over there, around the corner, 50 miles to the West, and down that big dark pit near Mesquite, Nevada.  What happened to that girl of 2-1/2 years ago who didn’t obsess so much about every little thing she ate… the one who just moved more, ate less, and lost weight by the bucket load?  Where did she go?  Is it because now I actually know way too much crap and my constant obsessing is becoming stifling… bringing out my rebellious teenage streak?  I’d rather just run up and down the streets nekked and get that phase over with.  Sue me.  Also, wear blindfolds and close your curtains.

I’ve learned that when things become stale, it’s mighty beneficial to change things up.  I don’t know what this changing things up thing is going to entail… maybe I can spend 45 minutes per day giving myself a bear hug and patting myself on the back whilst reciting inspirational posters.  I’ll be sure to do that on the roof nekked… again… blindfolds are strongly suggested.  Maybe I need to back off the obsessing wagon or… or… I really don’t know what the answer is, but I’m going to think about it… and pray about it… and probably eat 2 cookies… and I’ll call y’all in the morning!  😛  Not literally, but you catch my drift.

In the meantime, I saw this crafty idea on Pinterest (I had branched out from my usual recipe finding one day) and I thought it might be a fun way to motivate… so I made them… with every noncrafty bone I have in my body, I made them.

Of course, the only way it would be motivational is if I could move some of them purpley rocky things from the pounds to go jar to the pounds lost jar.  For serious!  It’s looking way too lonely over there.  Siiiiigggghhhhh… onward and upward my friends.  Persistence is my motto and by crapola and high water I’ve persisted my butt off for years now… and I aim to persist until there’s no more persisting to be had!  Mark my words!

Question of the Day:  Do you have any motivation tricks?  Fun ideas, crafts, methods of butt kicking… but nice butt kicking?  


PS – 😦  Evil struck again.  Prayers and thoughts sent to the victims of the shooting in Wisconsin… what a sad, tragic day.  😦


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14 responses to “Where the #*$#@$ Did It Go!?

  1. jen

    You’ve gotten so crafty! Cute idea from pinterest.

  2. jenny

    Love the jars Whitney! So cute! Did you watch Extreme Makeover Weight Loss? Have you written that letter? Sent in that video? Praying for all of us to get back in the saddle, on that wagon…yada yada yada…and have a great week with success on the scale. You are not alone with this ohhhhh I’m soooo tired of it all… can’t it be off already? LOL Hang in there!

    PS… from one of the classics of all times….
    wait for it…..
    Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming… 🙂

  3. cl2

    No. I watched that extreme makeover last night, too. WOW! When he rode California Screaming at Disneyland–my favorite ride–I was teary-eyed. Hang in there, Whitney–you’ve come so far. I am far from where I need to be–but somehow in the last how many years, I’ve come down a lot. We tend to forget where we came from. Even my kids and “ex” are shocked when they see the old pictures. Maybe in the next few years, I can get down the next 35 pounds. I’d like to lose more like 60–but 35 is a good goal for someone my age!?!?

    • I so have to watch that episode. I think I have it DVRed. It’s true we tend to forget where we came from because we’re always focused on moving to the ultimate goal. Slow down and remember. Thanks for the reminder, Colleen! By the by… 35 is a great goal… and you’ve already lost way more than that, so I know you’ll get there eventually!

  4. Diana Davidson

    Do not give up! (I know you won’t). What continues to motivate me is making myself remember just how horrible I felt and looked at my biggest and reminding myself that WHATEVER it takes to keep from going back there is worth it! Oh, and by the way: You are work it!!!

    • For sure… giving up is never an option! This is a lifestyle here! Great idea to think back to how miserable we were at our highest… no way, no how does anyone want to go back to that!

  5. The jars look fabulous! I’m definitely in the same place motivationally, so I started reding a book called The Power Of Habit. Very insightful, you should check it out :).

  6. StrongHeart

    I really like your jars. I considered using small, smooth river stones. I thought that would be pretty, But I would need to find one of those huge pickle jars you spoke of in which to put my “Pounds to be Lost” stones. That was such a depressing thought to me that I did not do it.

    I had another thought I think I will share with you. Since I live near the ocean I have started collecting pretty shells when I go for a walk there. Since I need to lose OVER 250 pounds to be at a healthy weight it will take me a while to gather all those shells, but when this weight loss journey is complete I plan to do something with those 250+ shells. Maybe I will glue them to the base of a lamp or glue them around a 10 X 13 wooden frame that will one day hold a nice portrait of the slender me. No final decisions have been made, but I will do something with all those shells that will just look to others like nothing more than arts & crafts, but it will have a hidden meaning for me.

    P.S., I am open to suggestions but for right now I am just holding on to those shells in a Brandy Snifter 🙂

    • Ruby… I thought that too about having so many stones/pebbles in the pounds to go jar (I have at least 130 in there now), but then I thought about possibly doing it in 30-pound increments. Just have 30 stones in the jar and when it’s empty, you get a non-food reward… then start all over with 30 more pounds!

      What a great idea to collect the shells when you are out walking. You could for sure make some sort of craft or scrapbook using them to paint your success. It would be a treasure!

  7. Susan

    There are days that I think “I can’t eat another plate of spinach for dinner” or “sheesh, I just want that sandwich and don’t want to think about what I’m eating.” And – I did just that when I went to San Francisco in June. Promptly gained 4 lbs in 5 days.

    My motivation seems to have taken the summer off. I’m counting, but not religiously. I’m exercising, because I’ve prepaid for the trainer and the bicycle is too expensive to sit in the garage holding dust. But I’m playing with the same 2 lbs, and have been, since March. I just need to pull on my big girl britches and get moving.

  8. Louisa

    I like your jars, Whitney. Really cute idea. I would probably do like StrongHeart suggested and use smooth river stones. They are light and dark in color and look really nice when put together. I have access to two creeks and many smaller streams to find what I need AND get in some exercise while seeking them out.
    I know the kids would like to find some arrowheads, and that takes some time and patience. Kind of like finding a 4-leaf clover in a field of green.

    Question of the Day: Do you have any motivation tricks? Fun ideas, crafts, methods of butt kicking… but nice butt kicking?

    Motivation is lacking here …sorry.
    I just keep moving.
    I know my husband and kids think I am nuttier than a fruitcake but I signed the kids up for house/pet-sitting for 10 days. I thought it would be a good motivator to get me out of the house and huffing and puffing up and down the hills. These people the kids are sitting for, live on top of a ridge and I am not exaggerating. Billy goat country for serious! They have to take care of 2 cats and water 2 gardens and 3 big flower beds.
    The money they are earning ( $50 each ) will pay for 3/4 of their camp expenses for next summer. Yes, they BOTH want to go to Bible Camp next summer so I told them they need to save up to afford to go.
    Between this house/pet sitting job, the yard they mow, babysitting, selling their hand-made birdhouses, walking dogs at the kennel, and prize money, they should have it wrapped up.
    I know walking at the Iowa State Fair will be HOT and burn a ton of calories….that is coming up fast.

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