Parking My Butt In A City… Part 1

I invited myself along to Lindsay’s birthday present to Madre.  I’m getting more bold in my invitation skillz.  Every wo-man for herself… or get left behind and bittered and eventually end up living in a yurt in the wilderness gnawing on thistle and singing harmony with the voices in the noggin space.  That’s what I see in my future if I don’t start being more bold… overgrown weeded yurt living… toothless and smelling like a skunk done up and took a swim in the sewer treatment plant.  I paint the prettiest pictures, right?  Now… who wants refried beans?

So, I invited myself along.  Actually, I skipped out on the stay overnight part and then worked 3 hours Friday morning and headed up after that.  Of course I’d have to meet them inside the dressing room of the Centerville Tar-jay… it wouldn’t be fashionista express if I didn’t… and of course whilst I was waiting for them to finish their shopping adventure, I bought every hygiene product known to mankind because I have an illness.  Also, has anyone noticed that the plus size women’s section in the Target has like 3 items.  I’m not even joking around… THREE items and then it goes straight to maternity wear.  I picked out a T-shirt I thought I might buy… took it over to show the fashionista experts…

Whitney:  Can you see through this shirt?
Madre:  Hmmm… kind of… but it looks okay!

Madre has a problem with that… it’s either YES or NO!  Either you can see through it or you can’t.

Whitney:  Can you see through this shirt?
Lindsay:  Holy yes, you can.  I wouldn’t buy it.

THANK YOU!  I rest my case.

After Tar-jay and dropping off the peaches I had acquired on the fruit way at Lindsay’s house, we headed to this place called Classy Chassis Beauty Supply Salon and Gifts… aka HOARDER’S PARADISE.  I got claustrophobic they had so much stuff packed in that space.  Madre found her some new hair extensions:

I can totally see why this place is called Classy… we were trying to get her to do the Princess Leia look, but before I could get a decent picture, some older lady came over like she was a Kindergarten teacher scolding her young students for flicking boogers at the blackboard.  She had the stink eye down to a science.  Tsk, tsk Madre… FOR SHAME!  😛

Having been stink eyed on out of Classiness, we were off to Park City… a resort town just outside of Salt Lake City.  First stop… more shopping.  Can you tell there was a theme to this trip?  I don’t recall shopping so much in years… not since I was a wee bopper and was made to tag along to save on babysitting fees.  They controlled themselves pretty good.  I think they went to a total of 3 stores in an outlet mall filled to the brim with stores (time constraints are a wonderful thing sometimes).  I did find me some long-sleeved sweaters at the Gap Outlet for 12 bucks each.  That’s a deal, Vern.  And then I bought some shoes at the Skecher’s Outlet and some slippers at the Crocs Outlet.  Oh laws… Crocs have come a long way since they only made the ugly clog versions… and they’re waterproof to boot!  Plus, we got to see the native animal population of Utah:

Red, wearing a scarf, and a fashionista shopping addict.  Yep… we know how to grow ’em!  Don’t you forget it!

Part 2:  eating establishments and concerts on the lawn tomorrow!

Question of the Day:  Do you like to shop?  What store is your favorite to buy clothes in?  




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12 responses to “Parking My Butt In A City… Part 1

  1. Susan

    I tweeted Target a couple of months ago about their mix of plus-size and maternity. Not all fat chicks are pregnant, and not all pregnant chicks are fat, so why combine them? Target assures me they are looking into it.

  2. cl2

    I used to. Now, I only like to shop if I have something in mind that I’m looking for. It makes me depressed actually to shop. No specific store–just wherever I can find a deal.

  3. cl2

    I have to add–I like to shop in places like Ross–but, get this, I like to buy rugs. Those old rag type ones or weaved ones. I use the smaller ones for runners or tops for dressers–but I love rugs. Don’t know why!?!? I’m just insane.

    • Ha! That is an interesting tidbit, Colleen! I think we all have our most desired product award! Mine used to be CDs and DVDs… and then I got wayyyy too cluttered. So, I’ve really cut down!

  4. Avster

    Shop? Only for books or to ogle camera lenses.

    My favorite store to by clothes in is Peeps and Company. 😉

    Why oh why do I always have to be eating something when I read your blog? There’s always something that makes me go “ee… suddenly the food I’m chewing is tasting like what Whit is describing.” 😉

    You know what I say about Tar-gey. Expect less, pay more.

  5. dessawade

    Oh great Whit! Thanks for the most flattering photo. Good thing I have a sense of humor. That was a fun day!

  6. What a hilarious post! Any mu mus?

  7. Louisa

    I love the side ponytail extension – that was too funny.
    That red moose/moos-et with the scarf and shopping bag also cracked me up.

    Question of the Day: Do you like to shop? What store is your favorite to buy clothes in?

    I usually just check out Kmart for stuff I need.
    We had to buzz into a Walmart while we were in Iowa for the state fair and they had some cute enough stuff. I haven’t been in a Walmart in….years. Too much stuff made in China there. I prefer to buy USA or not to buy it at all.

  8. Deanna

    Shopping is a love/hate thing. It can be both frustrating and awesome, all depends on the day and what I am shopping for. Swimwear = frustrating. Shoes = fun. Jeans can be either, it all depends.

    Well, it used to be Kohls. They always have great sales. However, I can’t buy pants there anymore so I may have to change my mind on that one. Actually, I’ve had the best luck lately at consignment stores, like Turn Style.

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