And The Heavens Opened… and We Were Sore Afraid… Part 2

That scripture is from the book of Whitney… as long as it is translated correctly, which it isn’t, so don’t try to look for it.  Part 2 of invite-myself-to-Madre’s-Birthday-Present-From-Lindsay Shindig follows.  After the outlet mall adventure, it was time for dinner.  We had decided to park the car near Main Street and then pick a place whilst walking up and down the street.  Madre and Lindsay had heard a lot about a place called the Eating Establishment.

Which is like the biggest copout when it comes to names… seriously… can’t think of anything so we’ll just call it what it is.  If I ever own a bar I aim to call it, Beer Here.  Short, sweet, and to the point.  No one has to guess what’s in my dagnabbed business with a name like that!

Apparently, way back when, Rachael Ray had a show on the Food Network… something about traveling to places and eating for cheap?  I can’t remember the name of it… according to Lindsay when she was in Park City with this show, Rachael totally went to this joint with her husband and they had breakfast.  Breakfast was over at 4… so we had to make due with the dinner menu.  I thought I was being all calorizing friendly by canceling my order of heart attack sticks and paying 2 bucks extra to get the fruit bowl instead.  Them’s are decisions of genius proportions right there.

Unfortunately, my veggie burger came with a whole loaf of swiss melted on the top of it.  Pretty sure a few cantaloupe chunks didn’t quite cancel that part of it out.  Plus, my 2-buck extra fruit dish was all mushy and tasteless.  I should have just dropped by the local Walrus World and bought me a whole dagnabbed watermelon for the 2 bucks.  I’m convinced our waiter jinxed us by talking about how cruddy it was earlier that day when he was riding his bicycle.  Jinxer!  And to think I tipped him proper!

After dinner… it was time to make the jaunt up the side of the mountain to Deer Valley up on the ski hill where we’d be partaking in an outdoor concert… the Utah Symphony performing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.   Of course this is where altitude sickness kicks in.  We live in a pretty high elevation back in Cache Valley, but Deer Valley is even higher… and so it takes a toll on the breathing… Huffing/puffing disease I call it… that and I got bad Charley Horses in my shins from the higher altitude.

I was under the impression this was a lawn concert… no chairs allowed… just blankets.  And I guess there was a section of just blankets, but Lindsay and Madre had chairs, so this was my view in the chair section:

My that lady sure has a nice pink coat.  One bonus… I could not have sat on the ground at 530 pounds.  It wouldn’t have been comfortable and there would be no way in hades I would be getting up without a forklift’s help.  I count the blessings for that.

My back rest was a leopard apparently…

My big ugly mug at the start of the concert… notice the blue, cloudless skies please.

Five to ten minutes later after the concert had started… (oh lawsy gracious… the flattering pictures just keep coming and coming!!)… yes that’s a gigantic rain cloud and them drops on Madre and Lindsay’s heads… definitely rain.   Most of the nation is having serious drought issues right now, us included.  This happens to be the 2nd time this entire summer that it has rained… and we happen to be out in the mountains.  I was basically sitting on a sopping blanket in a mud hole.  At intermission we couldn’t take anymore, so packed up the crap and hiked back to the car.  I will never be one to poo poo the rain in this drought… but maybe next time the rain clouds could give me a schedule of when the heavens will be opening.   Maybe I can plan to wear a space suit like the chic next to us did.

We made fun of her for her tarps and her ponchos and her waterproof blankets when there was blue sky.  Five minutes later, we wanted to move into her blanket space!  Smart lady that chica!  No worries… plans ruined… fashionistas in tow?  Let’s go to TJ Maxx!  That’s almost the same as a concert… except not at all!

Question of the Day:  What was the last outdoor concert/musical performance you went to?  

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7 responses to “And The Heavens Opened… and We Were Sore Afraid… Part 2

  1. cl2

    Chicago with the orchestra there in CO (but can’t remember the name of it) at Red Rocks by Denver, CO last summer–loved it. Absolutely beautiful place to see a concert. Sorry about the rain. Weather sure is interesting this summer.

    • Awww… that sounds like a blast, Colleen! I love Chicago’s songs! I still listen to a bunch of them. It is definitely interesting weather. I love how we have a summer inversion going on right now… from all the fires and such! Makes me feel claustrophobic!

  2. Avster

    ha ha The last outdoor pageant we went to was in Walnut Grove, MN. It’s been rained out all of three times in the past 35 years… and yup, that’s right, it nearly got rained out this year. :b
    They had to keep pausing… and pausing… and with lightning flashing they finished the pageant. :b

    I took Floyd to the car though as it kept spitting rain off and on… he gets nervous when it rains.

  3. The nerve that it would rain during your concert! And on the driest summer, I say that is just plain rude!
    I think the last outdoor concert I went to was about 11 yrs ago (may be the only one, actually) at Thanksgiving Point. About 2 songs into it, the power went out from a car wreck and that was the end of it. Quite a disappointment.
    I remember that show. “20 dollars a day with Rachel Ray”, wasn’t it? Two things I like, food and being cheap 🙂

    • Yes! I think that’s the name of it! I’m totes a cheap person who loves food too! Oh my laws… that’s the suckiest luck ever… the power going out during a much anticipated concert! Such a bummer!

  4. Louisa

    Question of the Day: What was the last outdoor concert/musical performance you went to?

    Must have been awhile since I can’t think of any recently….lol.
    I wanted to take Dh & the kids to The Muny before the end of the season but we didn’t make it.
    Maybe next summer…
    I have it on my list of summer fun things to do in a folder here on my desk.
    We listened to some music and saw a couple performances at the Iowa State Fair this week but they were just small stuff.
    Seeing Carrie Underwood in concert at the MO State Fair in 2006 comes to mind because although it was HOT that day, by concert time it was a lot cooler and threatening of rain. It all turned out though. FYI -This was before she hit super-stardom fame and my family has been a fan of hers ever since.

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