Celine Dion’s Backitude…

You can totally tell you’re from the sticks when you show up to Vegas and immediately pose for pictures at all the slot machines.  I think it’s dagnabbed hilarious that they have slot machines everywhere you turn in that city.  As soon as we got off the plane…

Slot machines… at the grocery store… slot machines… next to the bathrooms… slot machines!  I’m about to invent a slot machine that pops up in the toilet stall when you flush… because that wouldn’t be unsanitary at all.  While I’m on the subject, someone needs to do away with those nasty toilets that flush automatically.  I like to get a head start out of the stall… that way I avoid getting too much public restroom bacteria.  EW!  I also have to laugh that Madre decided to wear a skirt to Vegas because it would be “cooler” and then she wears a sweater because it matched the skirt.  Only 110 degrees wearing eskimo gear!

We had a little bit of time to kill before lunch, so we stopped by Whole Foods because I’m a vegetarian and that place is like a vegetarian’s dream castle!!!  We also don’t have one in my city.  They had a whole wall of meat replacements.  Not that I’d ever shop there much because the cost of anything is your arm, your leg, and your first-born child… but it’s the thought that counts.

Plus they had my favorite magazine on display… front and center, yo!  😛  I advocate Whisks… I have a whole drawer full of them!

We then went to meet up with an MFP pal who lives in Vegas for lunch.  I’ve mentioned TJ on this blog before.  She took us to this dee-vine place called Paymon’s Mediterranean Cafe with a menu the size of my Godzilla-ish head… which is never so great for a person who has issues making decisions… but I managed!

So dang good!  Grilled vegetable kabob, rice (I swear that wasn’t a dog marking his territory), and hummus with homemade pita!  I wonder if they deliver to Utah because seriously… YUM!  It definitely won the best plate of food award for the whole week.  Since the last time I had lunch with TJ I got no pictures, I had Madre make sure to snap one…

Awesome quality… blue ribbon winner right there!  But I gotta say… this is definitely my most flattering picture… said the nonphotogenic monstrous headed chic!

I had to cross my arms because I managed to drop my whole dinner down my front.  I’m coming, Celine!!!!  Thanks, TJ for meeting us for lunch!  😀

We then headed to check into our hotel, which was actually in Henderson, NV… about 10 minutes from the Vegas strip… Green Valley Ranch, which I supposedly got a great deal for through Eversave.  Apparently, I didn’t read the fine print and the deal price did not include tax or resort fees… stupid fine print!  Plus, you have to tip everyone who touches you at these places.  That’s why I wore a space suit and a can of mace!  Stay away… I will not be tipping you!  The place was opulent… the rooms were just average.  I took a tour of the swimming pool and the grounds.  Hecka fancy, Gertrude!  I was totally out of my element.

They brought in a beach apparently.

I would have sat in one of those chairs, but again, I was wearing my space suit and my mace was melting.  I’m fast forwarding… this is getting long-winded.  Basically, we dinked around for a few more hours (Madre had a massage and I inhaled a room full of Marlboro), and then we were off to Vegas for the purpose of our trip… CELINE!

I’d seen Celine’s Vegas show… many moons ago and I had to sit in the handicapped section because I couldn’t fit in the seats.  It was a fabulous show and Madre and I always made a mental note that someday down the line we wanted to see it again.  Celine quit Vegas for several years after that… but then she made her triumphant return last year.

That’s why they had these posters all over Vegas… Get it… it’s her back and she’s back to Vegas.  I slay myself!  Let me preface this by saying… with a voice like hers, the concert is going to rock.  The format of the show was 180 degrees different than the first time I saw it.  The first time was a production… dancers, Cirque performers… there was so much going on on that stage, it was hard to see it all.  This show was a concert.  There was an orchestra and a band and moving stages and video and that amazingly big voice… but there was no extra.  We still thoroughly enjoyed it.  I got your back, Celine… fo sho!

Question of the Day:  Have you been to Whole Foods?  Thoughts?  Who would you consider to be the biggest voice?  



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20 responses to “Celine Dion’s Backitude…

  1. Gotta love vegas! lol I love whole foods, but I’d have to grow 5 million legs and arms to pay for it! haha I have shopped their sales though and they can have some good deals on certain items. I felt so lost everytime I went because I was just in the beginning stages of eating healthier lol I would love to have seen Celine!

    • Sales you say? I will have to keep a look out for those things. I’d drive the 90 miles to the nearest one for a good sale! You should have see Celine live on your bucket list! Definitely an experience.

  2. cl2

    Sounds like you had a good time. I’ve never been to Whole Foods. I don’t know who I consider the biggest voice.

  3. Avster

    Yup, I’ve been to a Whole Foods store. It was interesting… I liked the section that had bulk grains and nuts… and one just had to fill a bag with how much they wanted.
    The only thing purchased was a tube of arnica. I can’t say that I swear by it…

    That little beach made me laugh. “Lets go to the five foot by ten foot beach!”

    I don’t like automatic flushers either. They always go off before I’m done. :s

  4. dessawade

    Yes, I have been to Whole Foods and I like it but it is definitely a “green” thing. You can’t buy the usual toilet cleaners, etc. It has to be biodegradable. Celine is hands down the biggest voice!

  5. Karen

    Been to the whole foods in trolley square. You could do that one as often as you could afford it. My only complaint is no Pepsi! Do like to see the deli section, but hate the price at check out. In my next life, I am going to come with a voice and not always be the audience–even be in the choir.

  6. Looks awesome! And your food looks delish! I’ve never been to Whole Foods–I’m going to have to keep my eye out for one 🙂


    Great pics!
    Looks wonderful.
    HEY TJ!! How fun is that you all got to meet up and have nom-noms…?!
    Your lunch looked really good too.

    Question of the Day: Have you been to Whole Foods? Thoughts? Who would you consider to be the biggest voice?

    No, we don’t have Whole Foods around here. The closest ones are either in KC or St. Louis ( 3+ hrs either way ).
    No, I haven’t been in one.

    The biggest female voice still living is definitely CELINE. Love her. Wish I could see her in concert sometime.

  8. Faith

    I’m so jealous you got to see Celine in Vegas twice! I always wanted to see her Vegas show, especially the circus one. I’ve seen parts of that on dvd and it’s amazing. Every Celine Dion show is amazing. I’m glad I saw her when she was in Helsinki during the Taking Chances tour.

  9. V.E.G.

    Possibly, the song of “My Heart Will Go On”, it reminds me of Maurice R. “Frenchie” Gagnon himself of French-Canadian ancestry like Dion.
    It made Frenchie cry.

  10. V.E.G.

    The newest hero of French-Canadian origin was Maelyn Melissa Lind. Lind gave her life saving another woman. The song “My Heart Will Go On,” will reflect her heroism.

  11. V.E.G.

    Possibly, the song of “My Heart Will Go On”, it reminds me of Craig A. Pepin himself of French-Canadian ancestry like Dion.
    It made Craig cry.

  12. V.E.G.

    Her husband, Rene Angelil continued on his spiritual journey on January 14, 2016. Bonsoir, Rene. Well done, Rene. Rest in peace.

  13. V.E.G.

    Her brother, Daniel Dion, continued on his spiritual journey on January 16, 2016. Bonsoir, Daniel. Well done, Daniel. Rest in peace.

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