And That Sucked…

Short one tonight, folks.  I just used up my blogging time spot treating the carpet for the last 90 minutes.  I cut my toe yesterday, put a Band-Aid on it, and it somehow fell off tonight when I took my socks off and I didn’t realize I was tracking blood all over the carpet until I had a trail 2 miles long!  I’m plain out of vodka too!  😛  Thank goodness I had my Melaleuca stain remover handy… to spot treat not to drink… who do you think I am… David Hasselhoff?  Stupid Band-Aid company!  I’m filing a formal complaint!


Basketball kitty, Lucy-Fur is judging you.  So far she don’t like what she sees!

Question of the Day:  Any spot treating product recommendations?  Also, anyone want to sign my Band-Aids SUCK ROCKS petition.  Yes, I’m putting my age down as 12… why do you ask?  😛 




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15 responses to “And That Sucked…

  1. cl2

    Did you get it out? The “ex” ruined the carpet in my TV room trying to get blood out by using bleach. Lots of bleach. No, he didn’t get the blood out.

    • Oh my laws, Colleen!! I can’t believe he just dumped a ton of bleach on the stain!! But I’ve seen that done in 48 Hours Mystery! They did come out… thank all that be holy!

  2. Avster

    !!!! I’d love to autograph your band-aid, Whit!

    I’ve found that Resolve works the best for cat upchucks…. it also worked well for the blood that Short’s creature left on the carpet. (My cats have decided that coming in my open window is the prime excuse to bring their kill in with them. :S )

    • I will send you my Band-Aid in the mail… watch for it! 😛 Also… ewwwww to the kill through the window. Knowing me, I’d probably put jail cell bars on the window if the cat started doing that! 😛

  3. Blythe S. Berger

    Good old hydrogen peroxide is one of the best things I’ve used for blood.


    I went to http://www.pinterest.come and did a search for stain remover – this is what I got.
    1 part Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (the original blue kind)
    2 parts Hydrogen Peroxide
    Mix together and pour directly on the stain.

  5. What a gorgeous picture! I do feel a little judged by Lucy, too 😉 I usually use the Bissell pre-treatment carpet product for carpet stains. It works pretty well.

    • Good ole’ Bissell! I will definitely keep my eye out for that. My toe is okay… I’m just a really good personal pedicurist! Sometimes I miss the nail portion and go directly to the skin portion. Hey… next time you’re down here, I’ll be sure to give you a coupon for a free pedicure! Now, I just have to get over my overwhelming hatred of all things feet!

  6. Oh, I hope your toe is okay! Sorry!

  7. As someone with a medical condition that affects the skin called Hidradenitis Suppurativa I know all too well how much Bandaids suck! They either don’t stick and fall off- or the adhesive gives me a flippin rash! I swear someday I will come up with better bandaids… cuz they really never stay in place!

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