Do You Want A Mercedes With That!?

There are a couple of downsides I will take away from having gone to Vegas last week… numero uno… cigarette smoke makes me gag a maggot… stupid sensitive smeller.  And B.)  Upsell, upsell, upsell… and did I mention upsell!?  No matter where you’d go or what you’d buy, folks were always trying to sell you something additional.  For 10 bucks extra we could get a better view of the parking lot from a hotel room on the highest floor instead of the 4th floor.  The line for the “free” breakfast buffet that came with our hotel room was 800 years long… BUT if you bought a premium gambling membership you could get in the shorter line!  That makes sense… I gamble… let me count… just a minute… zero times in my lifetime, but let me get a premium membership so I can get in quicker to eat a hard/cold scrambled egg someone sneezed on!

One of my favorite upsells was when we went to MJ LIVE: A Tribute to Michael Jackson at the Rio.  We bought the cheapest seats… 20 bucks… not bad for a Vegas show.  Oh, and guys… the dude playing Michael wasn’t the REAL Michael… FYI.  Just thought I’d let you know!  Anyway, so we get our general admission seats and the usher whilst he was taking us to our section kept saying for 5 bucks each we could get a seat with a table right down on the floor… and there was a bowl of popcorn sitting in the middle of it!!  So, basically… 10 bucks for a small bowl of popcorn.  We turned him down and sat our butts in the back.  He kept coming over to ask if we’d changed our mind.  Nope, feller.  Enjoy your popcorn.  When the show started and the seats weren’t filled, he came over one last time and said he’d let us sit down closer on the white couches for free.  Just 10 minutes ago that would cost me 10 bucks.  Holding out is a good thing!  The feller playing Michael Jackson was named Michael Firestone… he was a dead ringer.  Voice wise, looks wise, and dancing wise.

He especially liked the famous MJ crotch move… now, I ain’t ever seen the REAL MJ live, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t do that move every other dance move.

For anyone who is bored, I took videos of a few of the songs… the above is my favorite MJ song of all time:  Man In the Mirror!  But here’s also a tribute to the Jackson 5 and Smooth Criminal for your boredom viewing pleasure!  Dude, I never did find out of Annie was okay?  For serious!  (You will only get that lame pun if you know the Smooth Criminal song!)

Happy Weekend, y’all.  I will be working all weekend and laboring on Labor Day… so enjoy some fun for me would ya’?  By the by… I will not be blogging on Monday.  See you Tuesday!

Question of the Day:  Do you like Michael Jackson’s music?  Do you have a favorite song?  



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6 responses to “Do You Want A Mercedes With That!?

  1. Avster

    Why stop with a Mercedes? I’d take a Stingray Corvette with that. :b

    I can’t say that I’ve really heard much of Michael Jackson’s music… not sure if it’s a result of the wrong era or no interest.

    For five bucks you might get me to listen to his songs. 😉

  2. Natalie

    You didn’t enjoy slipping some money everywhere into peoples hands to upgrade? I think i’d be terrible at that game, too!


    I think that constant pestering to upgrade would start to get on my nerves after about the 3rd time ( so not very long…lol).

    The MJ show isn’t one that I would go to see but that is just me.
    That performer you saw is really good though. I can’t imagine how many hours of watching MJ perform it took to perfect all the moves for each song. That would take some dedication, I am just saying.

    Question of the Day: Do you like Michael Jackson’s music?
    Do you have a favorite song?

    I like Thriller but that is about it. I like a few more by the Jackson 5 ( I’ll Be There & ABC ).

  4. Julie

    I love his music… thriller was a favorite! Makes me sorry to think about his life though. Rough childhood, turned into mental issues never dealt with. Mix that with money coming out his ears and you get a disturbed person.

  5. Those do sound like definite downsides to the trip.
    I’m not a big MJ fan, but a few of his songs do bring a whiff of nostalgia 🙂

  6. Lindsay

    Love Love Love MJ, I need to go to this since I missed out on his show! Hopefully the Michael Jackson Cirque De Soile (or however you spell it) will come to Vegas and STAY! I am crossing my fingers!
    We will miss you this weekend in Heber….Dont work too hard!

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