Geezering My Way Through College…

I mentioned in a post months ago the one thing I was going to accomplish this year.  The one goal I had set for myself?  To start going to school again.  I usually say that I’m going back to school… every year, actually… and then the end of the year comes and I haven’t lifted half a pinky to get it done.  I think I mostly just said it outloud because that’s what people expected me to do.  And I wanted to do it, but I was always left wondering how in the world I’d be able to get it done.  The money, the time commitment, the fact that I’d be working full time as well… all of it scared the bajoobus out of me!  And more than that, I was just plain lazy… and old as the hills.  I didn’t want to find time to take the necessary steps.  My days were already filled to the brim… where would I fit it in?

As a cursory move, I did apply to get into Utah State University (USU) in April of this year… seconds before the deadline and with little faith that I’d get any further than the application… because, again, I’m lazy… and scared of the unknown… but mostly lazy.  A few weeks later I was accepted to USU and then I buried my acceptance letter and didn’t do anything more about it.  I got to kicking myself a week before the semester started… again, Whitney… you didn’t get in to see a guidance counselor… you didn’t sign up for any classes… you failed, once again!   I was so disappointed in myself… but I still pretty much did what I do every year… Eh well, too late for this semester.  Try again next.  And that’s just an excuse to do the exact same thing the next semester.

So, I sat myself down for a little talk… with the voices in my head.  I told myself I’d changed over the last few years… and the New Whitney would not let the opportunity pass… because the New Whitney got things done.  She kicked some butt to accomplish what she needed to and if she didn’t come out and take charge, the Old Whitney would just creep back in until she got so comfortable, she’d take up permanent residence.  Three days before the semester started, I forced myself to walk into the Undeclared Major’s guidance counselor’s office.  FORCED… and because it was 3 days before the semester started, the place was packed, but I stood in line… determined I wasn’t going to leave until they came and scraped my remains up with a life-sized spatula.  Three hours later, I finally got into her office… and she cussed me out for having not been in before today… told me there was no way I’d be able to find open classes.  Yada, yada, yada… but I was determined.  She gave me the low down of what I should look for class wise, how many credits I had so far (from when I went to school 8 billion moons ago… seems like anyway) and then gave me a tip to look for online classes because I’d be more likely to get into those this late in the game.

The old Whitney would have taken that information, went home, and took a nap.  The New Whitney went down to the computer lab, searched for classes, picked 2, signed up, bought the textbooks in the book store, and set up a payment plan to pay for the semester.  And even though when all was said and done, I had actually just signed myself up to be a poor miserly mouse with no free time, I felt proud and relieved and happy.  You go, girl!  Even if I’m 85, toothless, and carrying around a doll head with poked out eyeballs when I finally graduate I know that I’m taking steps to get there… and that’s all that matters.

My 6 credits this semester include Personal Finance (aka Family Finance, which I’m changing the name of because I’m a person… not a family) and Masterpieces of Music.  These online classes are much better than when I tried my hand at that world years ago.  They have due dates and syllabuses and it’s definitely not go at your own rate of speed.  I like that… it gives me something to work towards.  Classes started last Monday.  I’ve managed to turn in my first week’s assignments on time.  All this to say, I’m going to try to keep up blogging, but there may be days where I won’t have time… and further into the semester I may have to reevaluate and only blog a few days a week.  We shall see how well I’m able to keep up with everything.  Who needs sleep, right!?!?

Question of the Day:  Which college did you go to?  What was your major?  Any favorite classes I should take?  




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31 responses to “Geezering My Way Through College…

  1. kittywampus!

    University of Southern California…Fight On! Best class – Deepwater Cruising. Yep, sailing class. We sailed a yacht from Long Beach to Catalina Island, spent the night, then switched and took another yacht back the next day. The tests were actually quite hard so it was real work to get an A. Getting a B was easy though. Couldn’t really flunk the class, unless we sunk the boat. Runner up – Cinema 190. ‘SC has a major film school, and it’s LA after all.

    At Cal Poly Pomona, best class was Insects. More interesting than one would think. Major class to avoid – Wine & Spirits. Sounds like a great class, but it’s really a trap. Matching foods with wines is actually quite hard. And those School of Hospitality profs took it seriously!

  2. cl2


  3. Natalie

    Hurray!! You it despite yourself! I signed up for Biology, even bought the books at a small college near where I lived. After typing all my classmates applications for them a teacher said why aren’t you doing yours. Oh.. why hadn’t anyone told me that? Like my parents? So I did, shut my eyes and suddenly it happened. Despite my wanting to just float on into more High School, they don’t let people do that! What a shocker to wake up and find myself on campus with a campus job and loans. Then I got my books and calculator. The calculator chickened me out! I had no clue how to use it! I bailed. I took “liberal arts” and took all sorts of tests at the counceling center to convince myself of what I wanted to do. I never figured it out, really, no one actually expected anything of me! That was the hard part. Expecting things of my own self. Eventually I went to nursing school by default. You can’t go to school forever and not pick something employable. It was hard to get in, hard to stay in, and I took my state boards married with one 2 yr old and 6 months pregnant. Marrying made me pick. Someone else besides me was paying. And I wanted to have some employment possibilities because of the kids. It would have been so much easier the easier way. That would be the way where you know what you want and go straight for it. Pushing your own self when it’s just as easy to not aspire to anything is so much harder. It was a good plan. Only, I’d have done more if I had more pushing. If people expected more from me. That was a handy excuse. It’s so hard for me to push for my own betterment.

    • Go, Nammy, Go! I am amazed that you could accomplish the whole nursing thing with kids in tow. That is totally a job and a half right there. I agree on pushing for one’s own betterment. It’s sometimes hard to be selfish for once in your life!

  4. Avster

    College, what’s that?

    What? Maybe fewer posts? 😦

    Go Whitney! Keep rockin’ the awesome factor!


    Wow! Great big step Whitney! Good for you!!
    Question of the Day: Which college did you go to? What was your major? Any favorite classes I should take?

    I went to the University of Missouri. Graduated with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. I worked in the field several years before I met my husband and we decided to get married. I was working in a lab by then as an Account Manager. A few more years passed and we decided to start a family. Everything was paid off by then and I could stay home with our daughter. Later, our son came along. I worked in the public school as a Sub-Teacher part-time when they were tiny to see if I liked it for them to go to school there one day. I didn’t so we started looking into private schools and homeschooling. The rest is history…

    Favorite classes were Mythology, Photography, Pottery, and Self Defense…lol.

    • How interesting, Louisa. I remember liking the Psychology 101 class I took way back when. I’m sure motherhood is your most rewarding “major” anyway. Self Defense… now that sounds like a good kicking buttocks class!

  6. Kale

    You go girl! I loved college, but I am a studious nerd girl so it was my thing. There were so many classes I loved. I would suggest taking a literature class as it will open your reading horizons in ways you never knew existed. I also loved my bowling class. 🙂

    • I need some of your stuiousness, Kale! I’m totally a nerd, but my studiousness went out with my ADD issues! I’ll be sure to look into that literature class. I always say I need to find more time to read!

  7. dessawade

    Mom is REALLY proud of her Whitney! Keep up keeping up! You will be able to do it, no question and it will open up many more opportunities and vistas you didn’t think possible. I graduation from Ricks College ions ago in secretarial training. I don’t think they call it that anymore. Love you!

  8. Deanna

    You go girl! That’s great! I went to a community college the last two years of high school and got a general Associates of Arts degree. Nothing too exciting.

  9. Susan

    Congratulations! I’m excited for you. It’s a commitment, just like everything else you’re doing in your life. But since you handle all the rest with ease, you’ll be through this in no time with a degree to show off.

    I graduated from Texas A&M with B.S. in Political Science (waits for laughter to stop….). Most of my classmates went on to law school but I was broke and wanted no part of it! Some of my favorite classes were social policy and public policy classes. I think about going back to school for my master’s but I am afraid of the working full time, keeping house, working out….all the stuff you worry about.

    I’m willing to sacrifice a few days of Whitney blogs as you pursue this goal. 🙂

    • Thank you, Susan!! That is way cool that you may one day do a master’s. Don’t doubt yourself, chica. You can totally do it if you want to. But, I’d only do it if you wanted to! Otherwise, it would just be a pain in the butt! 😛

  10. 21ladybug

    Congratulations, Whitney! You are not even close to being a geezer. I am more than a decade older than you and just recently graduated. When I went to the bookstore to pick up my graduation gown, the “child” working there assumed I was a teacher probably because I looked so old and wrinkly! By way of encouraging you, I’ll just add that I completed this degree while working full time and taking care of my 2 sons, husband and home! You CAN do it! Go for it!

  11. Karen

    Good job Whitney! I’m proud of you. I have lots and lots of credits but no BA. YOU GO!

  12. That’s awesome! I graduated eons ago from USU with a BA in apparel merchandising. They don’t even have that major anymore! I think I was one of the last to graduate in that. I started out in diatetics – but then organic chemistry didn’t agree with me and I decided that calculating calories and nutrients in meals for people all day might not be my dream….

    Favorite class was tennis! Next to that would be my costume history class. I still have the book for that one, I never could part with it. I would recommend taking a racquetball class 🙂

    • LOL… EONS my right foot, Taralee! It’s so funny how the job trends go, I am with you on dietetics. The nitty gritty can get really boring. I’m going to have to look into these “sporty” classes for credits! Kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

  13. Oh, Whit–Way to go! I am so impressed! Good luck getting back into the swing of things. You can do anything you set your mind to!!! Gorgeous photo! Oh, and please don’t carry an old doll head with it’s eyes poked out when you graduate–we’ll buy you a new one for the occasion 🙂

    • HA! When we’re 85 and I want my new doll head, I’ll just walk over to yours and the hubby’s room at the assisted living center since we’ll be neighbors! I also need to borrow your brain!

  14. Congrats & good luck this semester and more! I’m also going back to USU, 14 years after I took “just 1 semester off” after the birth of my 1st child! I’m starting my sophomore year now, and in the technical writing major. It is so scary! I was up till 5 am last night not able to sleep with all the worries… what if I fail, what if I can’t pass the classes, what if my grades aren’t good enough, what if I get kicked out of the major, what if I actually get a degree and can’t get a job with it, what if what if what if! Anyway I haven’t read the rest of your blog yet, just happened upon it from a friend’s FB, but thought I’d say congrats & we old geezers can do it! haha I feel really old too, and one thing that really made me laugh – I was telling a 20-year-old how I had to retake math 1010 because even though I took it before, if it had been longer than a certain amount of time you had to retake it. And he said “you mean they didn’t give you credit for the classes you took back in the day?” The back in the day really killed me! I mean I’m 35… not born in the 1800s! LOL

    • How coincidental! And I’m soooo with you on feeling way older than I really am!! 33 ain’t ancient! My personal finance textbook is going on about how if you wait until your 30s to start IRAs you’re dead in the water… thanks for that! Good luck! You can do it!

  15. Faith

    Congratulations, you have already accomplished a lot! Hope you will enjoy your courses! What degree are you studying towards? How many courses do you still need to take to get the degree?

    I’m kind of jealous since I don’t get to go back to school this spring, since I graduated last year. At least I will still take an online course in information retrieval, which I’m kind of excited about, even thou it’s a lot of work. For my degree I studied first Nordic Literature and then Translation Studies in Swedish. My favorite classes where Danish and Norwegian, because those classes really helped me understand those languages and because I took them with my best friends at uni and we had lots of fun doing the course work together.

    • That was a major accomplishment for you, Laura! As for degree, I’m still undeclared, but my goal is to set something in stone this school year… that way I can actually take classes that count towards it. I need to take one of those tests that tell you where you’d be best suited. The guidance counselor told me I had 35 usable credits from when I went to school before. I had more, but they weren’t eligible for transfer… and I need 120 to graduate. LONG road!

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