No Thanks… I’d Rather Look Like A Fat Blob…

I worked all weekend and Labor Day, so had Tuesdee off.  I figured I better get the things I needed to get done for my classes at USU while I was available during business hours.  First things first… picking up my student ID card.  Heck if I’m going to pay an arm, a leg, and a uterus and not take advantage of the side perks… like staring at boring dissertations in the library.  I’m telling you… forget paint drying… that there activity is the new turtle stuck in a bucket of tar feature!

I figured I’d kill 3 birds with 800 stones and do some exersaucing as well, so I walked to school… which would have totally been no big deal at all, except that it was 96 degrees, walking up a steep hill, and I forgot the point of me walking up the hill with no shoes and no pants was to have my picture taken at the end of it.  Hello red beety face.  Just call me Rudolph-o the Red-Faced Redneck.  Oh lawsy gracious, brain waves… work for me here!

When I arrived at the student ID office, the lady asked if I’d ever had an ID before.  Apparently, I didn’t look 18… the NERVE!  I told her I’d had one 800 years ago.  She pulled it up on the computer and turned her screen to show me.

That’s not you!  Do you want a new picture?  I didn’t know not getting a picture taken was an option so I jumped on that like a broken-springed trampoline and said no.  I hate pictures of myself… I’m sooooo not photogenic.  My head is a big gob of a thing and I always look so goobery… like I’m staring at a piece of bacon in the distance.  Any time I have the option not to have one taken… YES MA’AM!  So, I told her the one she had on the screen from when I was 18 was fine… even if I looked like my head got slammed into a vice grip and then swolled up from an allergic reaction.  Another of her co-workers happened to be nosing her way over and was all like… Oh, you can’t keep that picture.  That doesn’t even look like you!  And I’m all like… why, because that chic’s face doesn’t look like she got stuck in a food fight at a beet eating convention?  I prefer not to look like a sunburnt rutabaga for the remainder of my college career…. it’ll be 50 years… at least!

They wouldn’t take no for an answer, so I sat my butt on the picture stool and got me a new picture… as if I need to answer questions every time I show it.  Is your face about to explode?  This isn’t you… you’re not red enough?

They were actually really sweet ladies.  Thank you, ladies for making my day… even if I am the proud owner of a slimmer, but redder-faced student ID card!

Question of the Day:  Do you like your student ID/driver’s license picture?  Why or why not? 




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18 responses to “No Thanks… I’d Rather Look Like A Fat Blob…

  1. No! Of course not! I think they have special cameras that make you look awful and that play up all your worst features (think blotchy skin, hairs out of place, etc.). Because I work in a public school, I get the pleasure of wearing one of those gems around my neck all day every day. In that one, I am particularly green-skinned and I wasn’t even feeling ill!

  2. Natalie

    My 11 yr old’s registration for middle school we decided to do the same thing. Bike to the school in 1000 degree heat. It was picture day and she got an ID to wear around her neck! Oh for pity sake!

  3. cl2

    Believe it or not–I like my present DL picture. I got it when I weighed about what I do now, but I had been walking 5 to 10 miles a day. Notice how that doesn’t necessarily make you lose weight unless you cut calories? So–I have the best DL picture I’ve ever had from 8 years ago. I get the red face, too. Makes me furious.

  4. Avster

    The photo ids that I’ve had taken of me were fine… but being super photogenic does help. 😉

    I do disagree with you a bit though, Whit. I think you have some photogenic genes. 🙂

  5. Lindsay

    Let’s see the pic!

  6. jen

    Glad you got a new picture even if it’s red faced. Are you enjoying being a student again? I enjoyed going back to school when I did nursing even though I was older than my classmates.

    • jen

      I forgot to answer your question. For the past few years I hated my drivers license picture because it didn’t look like me, my hair was a different color. Luckily this year my license expired again on my birthday, so when I renewed it I asked for a new picture. And for the first time ever in my life, the picture was fairly decent for an ID.

    • Jen you never take a bad picture… you’re one of those photogenic folks! It’s been kind of fun so far being a student. I’m sure I’ll change my tune in a month or so!


    Love the gorgeous outdoors pictures – preeetttyyy

    Question of the Day: Do you like your student ID/driver’s license picture? Why or why not?
    I loved my student ID – I was so tan, seventeen, fresh-faced, optimistic, and skinny…
    I still have it actually…somewhere.

    The driver’s ID I have now was taken before I started on my wt loss journey and efforts to get healthy so although I am tan in the pic and my hair is done – it isn’t very flattering.

  8. You are so funny! I can’t imagine liking an ID picture of myself.
    Love your pictures! Have you thought of majoring in Photography?

    • You are way too kind, Alena! I am definitely going to look into taking a course for credit, but I don’t think I could ever do photography… not enough confidence in ability… and job prospects!

  9. Diana Davidson

    Hee-Hee! I went to the Minute Clinic yesterday to get my flu shot. The nurse pulled up a copy of my Driver’s License on the computer screen. The one where my face is a round bowling ball. I was sooo happy it doesn’t look like me anymore!!!!!

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