The Four Levels of Eating…

I came across the following and thought it was interesting because who actually sits down to discover exactly why they’re eating when they’re eating?  For the love of all things holy, if you know someone who does this, I’m going to need their phone number so I can move in with them tomorrow.  Hope they like sleeping on the floor because I just called dibs on the bed.

Reading through each of the levels, I know that the majority of my 530-pound weight gain (twice) happened in levels 1 through 3… level 4 was not ever reached… ever.  But it does make sense as a cycle, too.  You start out at level 1, eating crap for pleasure, emotional eating, eating anything but the kitchen sink.  Of course, that kind of eating makes one sluggish and tired and draggy, bringing on level 2… eating for energy, but still not eating the right kinds of foods because you’re just shoving something in to feel less nasty.  One day you get fed up with the way you look and the way you waddle when you walk and the way you huff and puff and blow the house down every time you ascend the stairs, so you move on to level 3, the “DIE”T level… you’re trying to eat your way into recovery after being comatose in levels 1 and 2.  Soon, you get fed up with “die”ting, so you go back to level 1 and so on and so forth until you become bald from hair-pulling tantrums.  Level 4 is only reached when the common sense bone finally gives you a whap upside the head and you realize the only way to live is to use food as fuel.

If you’d have asked me several years ago, I’d have classified the 4 levels as 1:  Eating 2 cookies… 2:  Eating 15 cookies… 3:  Eating a whole bag of cookies… and 4:  Eating a whole witch’s cookie house from Hansel and Gretel.  You see, I wasn’t too bright back in them days.  Now, who wants a cookie?

Question of the Day:  Which of the above eating levels do you think you spent the most time in throughout your life?



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15 responses to “The Four Levels of Eating…

  1. Avster

    My teen years definitely level one. Now I’d say it’s a mixture of four, two, and one. :b

  2. Deanna

    I would say that I have spent the majority of my life eating in Level One sadly. I find myself there recently far more than I care to be. Now, when I can keep my stress levels down and/or learn to cope with them better, I’d like to think I spend most of the time in Level 4. Of course years ago, I spent a lot of time between Level 2 and 3 as well.

  3. kittywampus!

    That whole thing is awfully judgemental. “food is understood & appreciated as an instrument of personal healing & sharing with community” needs to meet my potato-gun, which would be an instrument of (mild) personal hurting & instant gratification.


    Question of the Day: Which of the above eating levels do you think you spent the most time in throughout your life?

    I think I have been in Level 1, 2,and 3 since I left home at age 17 until about a year and a half ago.
    Presently, I stay in Level 4 more than not which is huge P R O G R E S S.

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  6. jen

    Both 1 and 4. I eat healthy foods but also enjoy eating the good stuff for pleasure because it tastes good.

  7. Unfortunately level 1. I’m pretty sure I’ve never made it to level 4.

  8. Eating for pleasure, for sure!

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