Birthday Numero Cinco!!

Y’all there was a shindig with orange things at the house this past weekend.  I’d have invited y’all, but the place was sold out!  For serious!  Corbin turned 5 last week, so of course we had to have an orange shindig (his favorite color).   Before I go any further… who wants to explain to me where in the cream of crockpot stew the word, shindig came from?  What a stupid word… it’s basically saying I dug my shin and that sounds real painful-like… not some happening par-tay from Texas.

There was a cake… which was not made by me which means it didn’t have mushed up black beans and/or applesauce… but it also meant that the frosting was neat and orderly and you could read the writing on the top of it.

There were also presents and a lot of sugar…

Has anyone read the Skippy Jon Jones books?  So adoradable… even if you’re 25 (coughcoughLIKEMEcoughcough… stop it).

There was also an intense game of shoot the camera… note to self… buy a tripod.

But the best present of all said no younger sibling ever… a big sister… and I say that because I was the big sister!

But he really does shin-dig his sister!  Happy 5th Birthday Shindig, Corbin!

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite birthday cake flavor/frosting combination?  Shindig it up! 



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5 responses to “Birthday Numero Cinco!!

  1. Avster

    White cake with white frosting and some raspberries thrown in before the frosting goes on. Yup!

    I’d let Corbin, “Get this camera wet and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.” That works for my nieces and nephews. 😉

  2. 21ladybug

    I like a nice, moist yellow or marble cake with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting. Yum!

    Corbin and his sister are adorable! You take great pictures, too!

  3. So Adorable! And I LOVE Skippy Jon Jones!
    I’m pretty sure you don’t have to ask about the cake–Chocolate on chocolate, of course 🙂 Oh but my other favorite that just comes out once a year for my birthday is chocolate cake covered with caramel sauce, hot fudge, sweetened condensed milk, crushed up heath bars, and cool whip 🙂 I am nothing if I am not decadent 🙂


    That is a lot of orange…lol
    Good pics!
    Looks like Corbin loved his birthday.

    Question of the Day: What’s your favorite birthday cake flavor/frosting combination? Shindig it up!

    Well we are rather finicky around here about our cake. We don’t like store-bought cake or the icing that comes on top. ICK
    We also don’t like the waxy-tasting icing that comes in the tubs in the grocery store.
    No Siree, it has to be homemade cake and homemade icing or nothing at all.
    We are all so spoiled on the homemade that every one of us will pass up the store-bought cake & store-bought cookies with the fake icing on top when they are brought to potlucks etc.

    I think carrot cake or spice cake has to be my favorite.
    White icing is my favorite, hands down.

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