Hacky the Hedgehog…

Here’s a little math equation for you… what is the square root of the… see… I can’t even think of any dagnabbed math problems.  So much for that horrible calculus class I done took… horribly I might add.  The real problem is this… what happens when you have zero rain plus 8 trajillion idiots using forestry?  Times up… FIRES!!!  I’m sure the whole country is having fire issues.. but when you live in a fishbowl of a valley sandwiched between beautimous mountainage, you get what’s called the summertime/falltime inversion… or as I like to call it hack up a black lung by Christmas.  I won’t bore you with the scientific stuff (aka I have no idea the scientific stuff), but somehow the smoke from all the surrounding forest fires in all the surrounding states gets caught between all the mountainages and just lingers in the valley as a constant haze.  I ain’t seen the mountains since Independence Day!  😛  That’s a lie, but I’m an expert exaggerator… totally using my talent.  It’s like Smoky the Bear turned into Hacky the Hedgehog.

This past week it’s been particularly thick and icky and we’ve had what they term “red air” days.  Days where you aren’t supposed to go outside to exercise due to the horrid air quality… I always ignore that warning, and that, my friends, pretty much sums up why I’m so dang wackadoodle doodle all the day.  The smoke inhalation has damaged major brain cells.  I don’t think it’s reversible.  I’ve been out wogging (walking/jogging like a walrus) every night this past week and every night I’ve had to stop and try to catch my breath on account of the fact that it was like trying to breathe in a bowl of creamed corn.  YUM!!  Next week’s menu plan right there!  One cool thing in all of this, the sun always looks like a big ole ball of fire balls when it’s setting… which, let’s face it… is not as cool as blue sky!  Come back to me blue sky!

Question of the Day:  Have you had state forest fires?  Do you heed red air day warnings?  


The Apocalypse!  Also, you will notice that that truck seems to be coming right at me… Run me over, feller… see if I care!

Smogville… aka the place formerly known as mountains!



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11 responses to “Hacky the Hedgehog…


    Question of the Day: Have you had state forest fires? Do you heed red air day warnings?

    No state forest fires here in MO – thank goodness. We have been in severe drought all summer and under a no-burn-ban though.
    This is the first I have heard of “red air”.
    Makes sense though, so be careful Whitney!

  2. Avster

    Nope, no fires in my neck of the woods- which is good since I live a fourth of a mile away from a state park. :b

    Don’t ask me to help with your equation. I won’t do any better.

  3. cl2

    I don’t heed air warnings–it has been really odd to have that summer inversion. I’m extremely close to the mountains and it is just really odd to not be able to see them.

  4. Susan

    We aren’t having fires this year, but good grief we did last year. I think the entire state of Texas was on fire last year.

    Sadly, I heed those air pollution warnings. I have asthma and I’ve noticed that when I ignore them, I regret it. Fortunately, most of our bad air days are also when it’s too dang hot to be outside anyway.

    I hate math. I’m surrounded by really smart actuaries who understand it, but they still can’t dumb it down enough for me. It’s really the main reason graduate school scares the fluff out of me. I went back a few years ago, but quantitative analysis was the death of me.

    • I do remember last year when Texas had all those fires! Good call on staying inside with the asthma and the heat. That can’t be pleasant. AMEN about math. I barely made it through calculus… BARELY! I vowed to myself that would be the last of my mathetmatical career. I don’t mind algebra, but anything past that is horrid.

  5. Ick! Ick! Ick! That is probably the number 1 thing I don’t miss about Cache Valley–the air quality 😦 No fires here–the upside of high humidity ?

    • Oooo… look how smart you are. I never thought about the humidity thing. I don’t like humidity either, but I guess the grass is now greener on someone elses backpack!! And we have winter inversions to look forward to. Sure you don’t want to come down for Christmas!? 😛

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