Can I Live In Your Garage?

Not to brag or anything, but I’ve always had an excellent imagination.  I’d get lost in it as a youngster… better than getting lost in the idiots who used to make fun of me on the playground.  I could be sitting in a boring class, but in my mind I was living in some mansion with dudes named Sven as bodyguards and an all-you-can-eat Fruit Loop bar.  Sue me… I wasn’t allowed to have sugar cereal as a youngster.  I always dreamed about Fruit Loops!

I brought out my imagination again these past 2 weekends whilst attending the home show in the valley.  Ten beautiful new homes, decorated to the hilt.

This girl can’t afford one, but she can pretend she already lives in the garage of one!  There were some “affordable” ones this year… and by affordable I mean affordable by someone who isn’t me… and only a couple of really over-the-top million dollar places.  A few pictures I took of the houses, follow:

I’m going to need some volunteers to come and help me steal this room please!!  All my favorite colors and butterfly pictures on the wall… consider me 6!

Madre especially liked this decoration.  She is a HUGE clock fan.  I thought it was okay until I thought of how insane all the ticking would make me!  This particular house was HUGE… one of the million-dollar homes and it had clocks everywhere!  They like to know what time it is.  For certain!

Oh, you know… just a regular day in my imaginative life… taking a bath whilst watching the football game!  They probably have raisin fingers at this house.

Earth to Lindsay… these 3 were the inside of the George Jetson Modern Home… all of their doors were like this… sliding hinge thing instead of swinging open.

These were on the kitchen counter at one house.  Plastic apples and oranges are so 2011… bring on the plastic cinnamon rolls, caramel apples, donuts, and brownies!  I would be craving these things day in and day out if I lived in Diabetic Coma Plasticville!

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say this may or may not have been what happened to the poor zebra at the petting zoo.  Officers, I have your culprit!

Question of the Day:  Have you ever imagined your dream home?  What’s the one thing you want in it that you don’t have now?  



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14 responses to “Can I Live In Your Garage?

  1. Susan

    I dream every time the lotto goes way up! My dream house would have a walk-in pantry, similar to the one on Barefoot Contessa’s show. I absolutely love to cook and bake, and love kitchen gadgets. That walk-in pantry would be so wonderful…..

  2. Avster

    Most definitely have imagined a dream home! Who wouldn’t?

    I’d love a gazebo… but not inside. 😉 I’d also love a huge wrap-around porch… can you tell I’m an outside person? :b
    Inside… I’d love a warm, cozy room full of books… and a large kitchen with lots of counter space and lots of cupboards. 🙂

    • Wrap around porch is TOTES on my list. There is this house I covet in this town with one of those porches. If I wasn’t so whimpy, I’d go sit on it one day. Hi… just trying out your porch! 😛

  3. Diana Davidson

    I’m longing for a big, wrap-around front porch. Ahhh…. Don’t see these much in our modern Florida subdivisions!


    How fun, Whitney!
    I love the Christmas Parade of Homes here in our little town.

    Question of the Day: Have you ever imagined your dream home? What’s the one thing you want in it that you don’t have now?

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I have!
    It is a big ranch-style, open floor plan, lots of rooms, lots of big bathrooms and walk-in closets. It has a nice big kitchen with lots of cabinet space, a dishwasher, big fridge & freezer combo, lots of counter space, and gadgets to make clean up easy. I love to cook & bake.
    It woud have a wrap-around porch/deck, exterior lighting and it sets on a gentle sloping hill so that the bottom level opens out into a gorgeous backyard.
    There would be a shaded patio off to the side for outdoor gatherings, grilling, and parties. It would all be dressed up with a beautiful lawn, flowering pots, fountains, a gazebo, trellises, and birdfeeders/birdhouses/birdbaths etc…

    I always wanted to have and run a Bed & Breakfast…can you tell?

  5. jen

    My dream home would have a big fenced in backyard for the dogs and the kids. And 5 bedrooms. I love the picture of the white kitchen. I like fruit loops too. Sometimes I sneak them at work.

  6. alena

    I could go for that jet tub with a Tv in view 🙂

  7. Deanna

    How beautiful! My dream house would have a kitchen with every gadet and a pantry stocked full of all those seasonings that you never have on hand when you have a recipe. LOL!

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