Harvesting Dirt Patches…

Planting gardens… joyous occasions.  All the people get together, hoe up the dirt and worms, throw in a few dried up crispy things, cover them up with more dirt, and then water them once a year (or twice).  Easy, right?  Apparently, not at my place.  We (okay fine… not really me) plant a garden every year… and every year we get a mish mosh of nothing growing from said plants.  I think it’s the space aliens infiltrating my noggin space who are jinxing it.   Or… and this is a less crazy explanation… with all the trees we don’t have enough sun in the yard!

This here picture was taken at the peak of harvesting season… as you can see reign in the plants!!!!!!!  Who wants some leaves?  Shred ’em up, throw ’em in a salad and no one will be the wiser… except for me… expert taste bud tester over here.

We did plant a small planter with a strawberry plant and it’s still yielding like crazy!  Okay, fine…  like a total of 10 strawberries all summer, but it’s the thought that counts.  I haven’t eaten one but I hear they taste just like strawberries!

Since the trees have taken over the sunshine… we go steal the neighbors’ produce… and by neighbors I mean people who live blocks away but in the same city.  Wut up, awesome neighbors!?  I do pay for it, so it’s technically not stealing, but it’s awful nice of them to share of their bounty since our bounty shriveled up like a grape in a sauna.  I’m sure some of you readers know which neighbor I’m talking about.  I also steal grape tomaters from my cuzzins, Angie and Ryan.  Thanks for hooking me up with my crack, you guys!  😛

I buy apples from them like it’s all-you-can-eat cake night at the Bingo club!  They have a different apple flavor every week and I have to try them all!

My favorite so far is an apple called Sweet 16… it has an unusual appley flavor with a hint of cherry in there.

Crispy and sweet are my two apple requirements.  That’s why I can’t eat Macintosh apples or apples that have been sitting in the grocery store softening up for half a millenium.  Such is the life of an apple connoisseur.

Question of the Day:  Do you plant a garden?  What vegetables/fruits do you plant?  



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14 responses to “Harvesting Dirt Patches…

  1. Julie

    Only tomatoes. We planted Plumcot trees. Half plum half apricot. Hopefully they will yield in a year or too. 🙂

  2. cl2

    No. I grew up as a farmer’s daughter–though we didn’t live at the farm. My dad was always coming up with something else for the children to do–we planted on our hands and knees blocks-long rows of cantaloupe. We picked corn for everyone who wanted to can it. We picked tomatoes. We hoed sugar beets for years and years. We picked up potatoes on our hands and knees–sold all this stuff in front of the house. We hauled hay. I don’t can. I don’t plant a garden. My neighbors have been giving me REAL tomatoes this year–not those substitutes they have in the store.

  3. Avster

    Yup. I do the flower garden and my mother does the vegetable garden. I help with canning and all that fun stuff. 😉

    For veggies we plant potatoes, beans, beats, tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, peppers, lettuce, radishes, muskmelon, watermelon, zucchini, and squash.

    For flowers I plant alyssum, cosmos, zinnias, gladioli, pansies, nasturtiums, marigolds, snapdragons… and… um.. more… and of course there’s the perennials that need care each year…

    You get more strawberries from plants that bear just once… but having strawberries year round isn’t bad either, you just don’t ever really accumulate enough to do anything with them- well,besides eat them. 😉

    • Well, I guess you could get out the cannon and shoot me a couple of veggie plants! Your flowers are always beautimous! I probably wouldn’t do anything with the strawberries if I got more because that would require me to do work!! Oh laws… the lazy disease!

  4. jen

    I love apples too! I wish I could come try all of those different kinds of apples. I love homemade applesauce too.

  5. dessawade

    Pretty new fallscape on the blog Whit!


    I too love the autumn background on your blog!
    Love the pics of the apples. So colorful!
    I am in love with Gala apples right now. They are big and crunchy and sweet with just a hint of tart – YUM

    Yes, I grow a garden. The kids & I love to dig and play in the dirt. They help me plant every year and they fight over who gets to water and they love to harvest everything too. Sometimes they are over-excited to pick my produce before it is quite ready or before I am ready for it…lol
    They help me plant flowers also. They help mulch and everything.
    They are helping me decorate for Fall/Halloween. I love it!! As they get older they can do so much more to help and they real get a lot of joy out of it.
    Such creative ideas also…and so resourceful! They amaze me.
    This year we had onions, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, basil, cherry tomatoes, cantaloupe, cucumber, and zucchini.
    We planted watermelon seedlings but with the drought – we didn’t get any.

    I grew up on a farm and I always liked the planting part of the garden but I admit I didn’t always like the harvesting. I liked the eating of the harvest though…LOL.
    I think it was just the large scale that I didn’t like so much.
    Although, my siblings & I made a lot of memories throwing green beans at each other ( they have a fuzzy outside and they stick to your clothes ) and any rotten or near rotten tomatoes at one another.
    We also liked feeding the chickens anything that was leftover ( they were good composters…lol ) and gathering eggs.
    I don’t garden on that scale so my kids still love to water, weed, and harvest….and eat ( lol ) and our chickens are for meat, not laying.

    We just planted two new flower beds full of bulbs and perennials. That is what happens when you are stuck at home with sick kids…LOL.
    I have flower beds all around the house and out by the road on either corner of our yard. My new beds are along the backyard fence ( it separates the yard from the pasture ) and along the south side of the barn.
    I plan to add more plants come spring because I love to have something blooming from spring to late fall.

  7. I love to garden. This was my first year doing my own though and it turned out sort of medium. I got quite a few tomatoes and green beans and a few peppers. I am still harvesting carrots and onions. However, the huge disappointment for me was that my zucchini plant died after only giving 3 or 4 zucchini–zucchini is my favorite vegetable. My mom always said you can’t kill a zucchini plant–well, I guess I proved that theory wrong. I guess there is always next year.

    • LOL!! There’s a first time for everything, including killing zucchini plants. I gotta say I’ve killed my share of nonkillable plants. It is totally a gift, Alena. Be proud! What a fun garden you got this year! Eating of the fruits of your labor is the best part.

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