Crack Salsa…

Big salsa canners up in this joint, y’all!  Every year in September we usually (me less than the rest of said family) get together to chop up salsa ingredients and cry over spilt onions.  Once you’ve had homemade canned salsa, ain’t no way to go back to that store bought stuffs!  That’s a lie, I do actually go back to the store bought stuff because I am not allowed to eat said salsa.  Reason:  I eat salsa regularly and if I used the canned salsa regularly, we’d be out by October.  It has to be eaten on special occasions… enshrined in it’s delectabilites.  This year Madre said to heck with the helpers, so she set out on a day she had off from work but none of the rest of us did (despite many offers from me to wait until Saturday when I could help) and made the dagnabbed stuff herself.  Twenty plus pints later and the house smelt like a Lynn Wilson Burriter factory.  The particular recipe we use is heavenly.  Ask anyone who has tried it.  I have yet to meet anyone who’s said… eh, I’ve had better.  I’ve even converted previous salsa haters to the wonder that is salsa with this recipe.  Y’all, those who’ve tried the famous Wade Family Salsa and would like to provide a testimonial, hit up the comments.   I’m not only a hair club member, I’m the club President!  😛

Wade Family Salsa Recipe
Yields about 23 Pints

1/2 bushel tomatoes
9 large bell peppers
9 large onions
2 bunches garlic
11 jalapeno peppers (leave seeds in if you like it a little hotter)

Peel and chunk tomatoes. Cut up peppers, onions & jalapenos and mince garlic. Add all together with:

1 c sugar
2 T Cumin
2 T Leaf Oregano
4 c vinegar
1/4 c salt

Cook down for about 4-5 hours or desired consistency. Cold pack pints for 20 min and quarts for 25 min. This isn’t very hot so you could add a hot pepper or two if you like heat. Enjoy!

By the time I got my butt off from work, she’d already canned and stored it in the fruit room, so this is just 2 of the 8 billion pints.

Mikey, I think she likes it (totes dating myself… 1980’s Life cereal commercial anyone?)

Question of the Day:  Do you can anything regularly?  

Happy weekend friends!  Enjoy yourselves… in or out of prison!




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6 responses to “Crack Salsa…

  1. Jacque

    OK I have to be the first to say that this salsa is amazing. I made sure I bid and won some at the family reunion auction. Of course is was gone in one sitting. I’m trying to somehow come down to your house and raid your pantry. I’m sure noone would notice. This year my only canning that I’ve had time to do is bottled raspberries and frozen raspberry jam. I’m such a slacker. I’ve got to find time to can some of this salsa. But I do have to say that I can a mean cherry pie filling. Too bad the birds ate all the cherries off my trees this year.

  2. Natalie

    Whatta woman! Thats what I want to do next year!

  3. cl2

    No. I’ve talked about my total aversion to gardening, canning, etc. It sounds really good, but it isn’t even tempting. I read that thing about cooking it down for 4 to 5 hours? Was that it? And thought “no way!” I think being a farmer’s daughter and being a single mother for so long–anything to do with the kitchen–I prefer to not have anything to do with. (I used to be the one who always cooked for the family–burnout bit time!)

  4. Avster

    Yup yup yup. Lets see… we can beans, carrots, peaches, apples, salsa, raspberry jam, tomato juice, stewed tomatoes, and beets. We blanch broccoli, cauliflower, corn, and peas. 🙂


    Look at how industrious your Mama is!
    So fashionable with those Bell jars for ear-rings too…LOL

    That looks terrific and thanks for the recipe.

    Question of the Day: Do you can anything regularly?
    I have never canned. I don’t know how.
    I freeze just about everything though…lol
    Most recently I found a site to freeze fresh herbs in olive oil so you can just pop them into your recipe and they are ready to go.
    Love that idea!
    Take a look:

  6. YUM!!! You rock Dessa!
    Confession–I have never canned anything.

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